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The Wonder Bra By Carolyn Wolfe
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The Wonder Bra
The Anatomy of the Bra By Laurie van Jonsson
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Want an insight to how a bra works technically, or simply want to know your demi cup from a full cup? Whether you just want to understand more about the bra, or want to design your own lingerie,... More > this book gives you the answers. It has a detailed breakdown of the components of the bra; including a list of international websites where you can buy lingerie materials. It also questions whether the design of the bra as we know today is out of date? Written by Lingerie expert Laurie van Jonsson who wrote “How to become a Lingerie Designer”. This edition looks closely at the bra and draws on her experience from thirteen years in the industry to try and explain the technical difficulties shrouding the bra. Knowing first hand how daunting and confusing it is to understand how a bra works, at the end of the book, established Lingerie Designers were asked the following question. “What aspect of designing a bra do you find most technically challenging?” You may just be surprised by their answers.< Less
Claire's Bra By Gabriel Wilson
eBook (PDF): $6.99
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10 page (8 image) set where the farm girl Claire reveals her sexy lingerie
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Colleen's Bra By Gabriel Wilson
eBook (PDF): $10.99
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Next up in the bra series, is the lovely Colleen! Colleen:"I'm breaking the 4th to let you know I've been waiting forever and a day for this moment. Won't come and have some fun with... More > me?" contains a text version and a non-text version. 22-pages total full color (Colleen:"colour.!")< Less
Picking a Nursing Bra By Gladys Rose
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Having a baby may be the most exciting time in a woman’s life, well worth the bodily changes that can prove troublesome at times. One of those changes begins in the first trimester of... More > pregnancy, when most expectant mothers outgrow their pre-pregnancy bras (right along with their non-maternity jeans). If you're having to buy new bras during your pregnancy, you might as well buy nursing bras and maternity bras at that time. Nursing bras might not fit immediately after birth, when your breasts are swollen, but they'll fit at some point in your breast-feeding career.< Less
The Bra and Panty Auction By Denny Huebner
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A humorous story about how I made money from a Walmart lingerie clearance sale.
Is Your Bra Killing You? By Chuck Messinger
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This book tells how and why women should be concerned that their bras are actually ruining the shape and beauty of their breasts from wearing bras too much. The link that bras are to breast cancer.... More > Bras are a HUGE detriment to women's breasts! God designed breast muscles to hold up breasts on their own. Bras just weaken those muscles, causing the "sag" that women are so afraid of. It was not God's intent for women to wear bras, and millions of women are dying from too much bra wearing that makes the link to breast cancer possible. Eliminate this link by stop wearing bras today. The author tells you how....Join the rebellion to end women's suffrage over men's desire to control women thru what they wear underneath their clothing! There is no medical reason for women to wear bras. Thus, bras are only for unneeded support. A waste of time and money. Burn your bras today.< Less
Build A Better Bra By Sabrina Bellydancer
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Learn to build a costume bra from scratch or retrofit an existing costume to suit your personal shape. With over 20 years of costuming experience and training from some of stage and screens most... More > acclaimed costuming masters, Sabrina shares the secrets of getting a great fit every time. Her internationally acclaimed workshop, "Build A Better Bra" has been presented at international costume and CosPlay events such as San Diego Comic Con and numerous bellydance festivals. Now you can own the full instructional course in book format, to use at your leisure. An easy to follow guide walks you through every step of the construction, from conception to finishing hardware. This book will teach you everything you need to know about building a sturdy and attractive bra base.< Less
How to Grade a Bra and Brief By Laurie van Jonsson
Paperback: $18.21
Prints in 3-5 business days
Everything you need to know about size grading in the production of a Bra and Brief.

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