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Handedness & Speech: Brain Plasticity & Evolution By Kenneth Provins
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Reviews research on the origins of handedness in the context of Darwin's theory of evolution and considers the development of functional asymmetry of the brain for hand usage and speech as a result... More > of plasticity of the nervous system.< Less
A Neurodynamic Theory of Schizophrenia By Robert Miller
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An integrated theory of "schizophrenia" is presented, based on properties of axons interconnecting the cerebral cortex: Rapidly-conducting axons are replaced by more slowly-conducting ones.... More > This premise accounts for many features of schizophrenia, at psychological and biological levels. The theory is compatible with the "stress-diathesis" model, the neurodevelopmental hypothesis, and the dopamine theory of psychosis - but incorporates much additional evidence. Two, almost separate bodies of theory are involved, one explaining psychosis in terms of transmitter dopamine, the other accounting for non-psychotic traits in terms of axonal properties. A key question is: "Why are people with the non-psychotic trait abnormalities also prone to episodes of psychosis?" An answer is based on the premise about axonal conduction. Psychosocial causes are accepted, along with genetic ones: Psychosocial causes promote psychosis in predisposed individuals, without contributing to the basic constitution for schizophrenia.< Less
The Evolutionary Theory of Sex By Sergey Geodakyan
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What do we need two sexes for? What is the evolutionary significance of this phenomenon? What is the nature of the differences between the sexes? What is sexual dimorphism and what does it mean? How... More > is it connected to other life phenomena? New evolutionary theory of sex differentiation developed by Dr. Biol. Sci. Vigen Geodakian has the answers. It provides a scientific justification for the existence of men and women, and the evolutionary roles that they play in family and society. The book is intended to scientists, teachers, students, and other professionals working in the fields of biology, medicine, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and many other related branches of science.< Less

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