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THIS TOO SHALL PASS By Dr. Alhasan Sisawo Ceesay, MD
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Pain or difficulty we encounter does come to an end. There is a bright future than than abode. One clings to the breath despite knowing it beckons the end of life. There are devastating effects our... More > challenging encounters betraying our ability to fight to build our future. Have no fear for the cumulative benefit of these challenges does make better worthier persons. Our existence shall pass but we must aspire to leave a worthy legacy. Never allowing challenge to overpower you or your goal in life. Share life by considering yourself lucky to overcome fear. Be positive contributor to the self and society. Stop worrying about loses or the past. Know that those who care will always be there for you. Believe me, difficulties are a blessing in disguise. Live life full by being kind to self and it will transmit to others. There is no easy or soft path in life but brace up for a turbulent world. I besiege you to have faith in humanity through hard work.I Write to raise funds to build Njawara village hospital.< Less
Poems from the Sprawl By Mark Charron
Paperback: $9.00
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Mark Charron is a new voice, a writer from New England just starting out fresh and bright, and this, POEMS FROM THE SPRAWL, is his debut work, a collection of poems written from and about the... More > suburbs. "My intent with this was to marry Frost with Corso..." And by honing such diverse styles across these pages, Charron blends together a bold and at times personal portrait of the experience of growing up and coming of age as a late-20th-century all-American boy of the suburbs. Along with Poems from the Sprawl, this anthology includes four other volumes of his earlier poetry, spanning from adolescent punk-brat songs of love and protest to stories of redemption and change, from the carnal to the spiritual, and other backstreets. Through it all is wove a young man's tale, one both of looking back to where one comes and out to where it's all going in the end. This book contains five volumes: 1 Poems from the Sprawl 2 Porter Daryl's Poems 3 Farewell Frat Row 4 The Choirboy 5 Morning Story< Less
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Life is full of ups and downs. What’s important is you do not know how to give up. Instead, you try to see the bright side of light and perceive life in a positive way. You have to understand... More > that your perception about life has a great impact in your well-being and health. Being positive will help you eliminate negative self-talk and take control of your life. You will be able to see life with all the possibilities instead of the obstacles and worries that it offers. Let this book provides you with everything that you need to learn about being positive. With this product, and it’s great information on being positive it will walk you, step by step, through the exact process we developed to help people get all the info they need to be a success. In This Book, You Will Learn: - Be Positive Resolutions Basics - Understand What Brings You Down - Understand Who Brings You Down - Get The Mindset Of Winning - Take Care Of Your Body - And so much more!< Less
Labor & Industries & Secret City Files "Fight & Win" By Kal Keller
Paperback: $22.51
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Labor & Industries has been pushed under a bright light with photographs, graphs, secret legal red tape, giving you the means to stay ahead of the State. State Government, right or wrong will... More > always be in your employer's corner. Learn about the wringer, the torture and denials inflicted upon you by the state of Washington and why. You become suspects, treated as if injured employees are liars and fruads. After reading Washington State Labor & Industries & Secret City Files How to Fight & win you will have a positive chance of receiving your Award and medical coverage for your work related injury. This book will assist any person anywhere in the United States injured on the job, use this book to keep your Attorney honest. Remember that you are replaceable and powerless to your elected and appointed Officials. Stealing from injured workers their ability to fight and win while filling their own pockets with your tax dollars. It is not to late to win your L&I compensation case.< Less
27 So I Tapped It Back By Timothy Mead
eBook (PDF): $19.66
The only question worth bothering with (because it’s entirely USELESS and is not even INTENDED to serve any actual purpose) is still there, bright as a button and twice as snagged; what IS... More > ‘consciousness’? When, if, whenever you get to the end of THIS stage of purgatory, you will know as much as I do about what is what and whether pigs have wings; you’ll know that consciousness, otherwise known as ‘subjectivity’ although that’s not QUITE the same thing, is a VERY NEAT TRICK. A SMALL, LOCAL, TRICKY little trick that takes ‘point contact with something’ and parlays it into EVERYTHING WE HAVE. And no spoilers here; keep reading, keep turning over the pieces, keep making THE BEST PICTURE WE CAN. It’s there, if you keep going: a version of the world that embodies all the things we wish it wouldn’t: accidentalism, pure solipsism, absolute lack of meaning or significance, mindlessness, SPIRITLESSNESS, the inexorable progress of Time towards Oblivion. What’s not to look forward to? What’s not to LOVE? …< Less
Dream Repair Shop -- Balm for Hearts, Souls and Funny-Bones By Chas Ridley
Paperback: $11.95
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Are your dreams shrouded in clouds, battered by life or by a monsoon as in the cover photo? Would you rather they be clearly visible in bright sunshine? Dream Repair Shop is a collection of prose... More > and poem reminders that dreams help each of us be more of who we are, that sometimes our dreams can benefit from a bit of polish or a thorough overhaul. Come on in, and bring your dreams! The book begins with “Dream Stealers” and moves through 49 more pieces to wind up with the thoughtful “Never Forget.” Along the way we travel with Chas through laughter and tears, friends and family, dreams fulfilled and dreams not yet lived. Chas Ridley has written since she could hold a pencil. She writes of life as she knows it, and especially of transitions — joys, sorrows, changes, children growing up, children who don’t grow up, relationships, business. She lives much as she writes, with enthusiasm and embracing variety. Her other books include "Maggie's Questions About Heaven."< Less
Living Outrageously - Stop Living a Boring Life and Start Living Outrageously By Dave Thompson
eBook (ePub): $3.14
STOP LIVING A BORING LIFE AND START LIVING OUTRAGEOUSLY Are you staring down the barrel of a job (or life path) that you know is going to suck? Dave reveals how: - To quit the job you hate, and... More > fly to Texas on 4 days notice to set a world record for eating chocolate biscuits while crowd-surfing. - To shed society’s expectations, and go find your outrageous path; even if no one around you understands. - To never stop exploring, and find out what you are capable of; in whatever pursuit that stirs your soul. - To be a high-achiever, crush your goals AND experience all the peace, beauty and fulfillment of being a human “being” on this planet. - To heal the past, let go of limiting stories and step forward into a bright, fun, exciting future. Revealing insights and distinctions at every turn, Dave’s hilarious story-telling style will entertain and inspire you to bring more outrageous into your life. Read this book, and become the Samurai of your own life.< Less
New Thought Common Sense and What Life Means to Me By Ella Wheeler Wilcox
eBook (ePub): $9.34
Concentration of thought, unswerving purpose and intensity of feeling are what brings results in this life...We remember those people because they were vital influences in the world; they felt,... More > thought and lived intensely. Ella Wheeler Wilcox was perhaps the most widely read American poet of the 19th century. Enormously popular and often controversial-her collected Poems of Passion caused an uproar with its allusions to female sexual desire-the warm sentiment and bright optimism of her writing endeared her to millions. Her sprightly personality shines through in this volume of her essays on the early New Age philosophy, by which proponents sought to harness a mystical pan-religious spirituality for health and happiness. In her inimitable breezy voice, Wilcox discusses the value of learning not to be easily offended, how not to let misfortune weigh down the soul, the "high calling" of parenthood, and much more. Cheery and cheering, Wilcox's thinking is just as pertinent today as it was a century ago.< Less
How to be yourself and have fun, living life with purpose and passion By Jody Hill
Paperback: $12.99
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Can you imagine waking up every morning passionate, ready to begin a new day? Being happy to face the day, every day as you walk out your door? Can you imagine feeling powerful, you know today is the... More > day you will conquer the world simply because you know who you are and you can? Nothing dares get in your way! What if money started appearing, magically? What if you started receiving answers to nagging questions you couldn't find solutions to before? You know so deeply who you are that when people see you, they give compliments on how beautiful you are, how bright you look today and how calm and peaceful they feel around you. They then stand in awe as your every step is filled with confidence and peace. In the next few pages you will learn step by step how to find your purpose and passion. I promise you that people have done it. You will read about real people who have been where you are and now enjoy living with passion, full of purpose and having fun along the way.< Less

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