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стая без изглед By Лейла Абас
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In her first collection of poems "A room without a view" Leila displays deftness of skill in evoking emotions through her writing. Leila Abbas is a young and talented Bulgarian poet. A... More > graduate with a degree in International Economic Relations from Sofia, Leila has always had a restless conscience which has made for a trying life. Though she has changed careers intermittently, she has never steered away from her love for writing. Her passion speaks of a bright future. Leila is also a skilled artist whose paintings are as complex and as powerful as her poetry.< Less
Gandy and the Cadet (Polish) By Austin Mardon & Catherine Mardon
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What happens when a joyful dog named Gandy meets an interesting cadet? Following Gandy the basset hound, we are introduced to a boy named Charlie who comes from a not-so-bright home. With the help of... More > Gandy and his unique owner, Barney, this special cadet’s life is changed forever. Co się stało, kiedy wesoły pies nazwany Gandy spotykał się z interesującym kadetem? Pies Gandy zapoznaje nas czytelników z chłopcem nazwanym Charlie, który pochodzi z niezbyt szczęśliwego domu. Z pomocą Gandy i Barney, jego wyjątkowego właściciela, życie tego kadeta jest nieodwołalnie zmienione.< Less
Невидимый Мостик By Корней Брусков
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Невероятная история о любви. Here I am, naked,... More > standing here on the edge I'm clean, I'm bright, and if I feel something, That is a deep, deep behind the heart, Barely Teplyaev, constant joy deafening silence. I make the first move. And I go. But this is not me, it's all right, That is one of only a single nothing that goes for anything, and just sounds chord soundlessness music, Triads love peace, and faith. And the apparent falling apart, turning into a fine crumb, And crumble I feel like that was me Crumbles and mixes the golden sand harmony of the universe. And as if emerging from the sea to the shore, I'm out Air stronghold of heaven, and I feel it. And update it in the sun glare beam of light ..< Less
Cosmic Winds - A Fantasy Novel (Greek Version) By Tanya Ferris & Τάνια Φέρρη
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Six more minutes, and Automatic Birth would be a fact: The full development of an embryo inside an electrodynamic lung and its precipitate growth to the age of thirty, within a time span of nine... More > months. The Superhuman, as he was temporarily called, was expected to be a perfect psychophysical entity -thanks to the proper combination of chromosomes and the control of nucleic acids during the formation of the unicellular fetus. This was one side of the plan, which was named "New Polity" by those who knew, and promised a bright future for Mankind. The basic idea was the biological improvement of the human species and it could be achieved with DNA manipulation. Soon the earth would become a paradise of Superhumans, who would have very little in common with ordinary mortals. Of course, for the time being the plan “New Polity” could be revealed to a limited number of persons only, since the first measure it demanded was the significant decrease of the human population...< Less
La Catarina Amarilla By Hugo Martínez Vega & Estela Vega
eBook (PDF): $1.21
(30 Ratings)
La Catarina Amarilla es un libro con pequeñas rimas infantiles. Está pensado especialmente para los tiernos amantes de la naturaleza que comienzan a leer, así como para los... More > más pequeños que gustan de escuchar cuentos en la voz de papá o mamá. En estas páginas encontrarán además coloridos dibujos hechos por un gran experto en observar catarinas y otros bichos. Una excelente forma de acercarse a las palabras y despertar el amor a la lectura. "La Catarina Amarilla" (The Yellow Ladybug) it's a cute softcover book for the very young. The book is brightly colored and has easy to read text in Spanish wich is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and culturally rich languages.< Less
The One-Tree Grove - Chinese By YeShell
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"It reveals social and cultural aspects of life in rural China - something that most North Americans ... don't have a clue about," said Ms. K. Green. "It has been the first time for... More > me to read a novel so sincere, simple and so fully detailed about China," a female reader from Vancouver commented. "This story give insight into the political, educational and economic climate in China in 1970s," Ms. Henriette Toth said. Meinia was a pretty village girl living in Xishuangbanna, China. Just after her graduation from high school, she was appointed accountant of her village. Responding to Chairman Mao's call, five members of Zhiqing (city high school graduates) came to her village. She and other villagers did their best to help the Zhiqing. But these Zhiqing inflicted huge and lasting hurt and pains on her and the villagers, ...... Filling with songs, and full of wisdom of an oriental culture, this is a bright love story for all readers.< Less
Chaos & Chaos By Sergey Stepanov
eBook (ePub): $5.99
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Tops of the Russian poetry. "Chaos & Chaos" by Sergey Stepanov, Russian poet: grandiose book about a man in the epicenter of the Universe! Sergey Stepanov's verses affirm the triumph of... More > the human soul, which has awakened to the knowledge of truths, over the chaos of the world and the chaos of the inner world of man. Sergey Stepanov's poetry is a bright and resonant voice in the literature, full of piercing lyrics and philosophical insights. The book "Chaos & Chaos" by Sergey Stepanov: this poetry is forever!.. "Хаос и хаос" – звонкая книга Сергея Степанова о человеке в эпицентре Вселенной! Стихи Сергея Степанова утверждают торжество пробудившейся к истинному познанию человеческой души над хаосом мира и хаосом собственного Я. Поэзия Сергея Степанова – яркий и звучный голос в литературе, исполненный пронзительной лирики и философских прозрений. Стихи Сергея Степанова словно освежающий вихрь возвышают душу над суетным и меркантильным! "Хаос и хаос" – звучная поэзия Сергея Степанова: останови в себе хаос!< Less
The Wasp On a Honey Drop By Sergey Stepanov
eBook (ePub): $0.00
(1 Ratings)
Tops of the Russian poetry. "The Wasp On a Honey Drop" is incredibly attractive book by Sergey Stepanov, a collection of the most notable poems of recent years. Inspired, bright, piercing... More > poetry of Sergey Stepanov finds fans in different countries!.. Poems by Sergey Stepanov seem to awaken the soul and attract readers surprisingly ringing and subtle beauty, expressive depth of thought. "The Wasp On a Honey Drop" by Sergey Stepanov: this poetry is a faceted diamond!.. "Оса на медовой капле" – неимоверно притягательная книга Сергея Степанова, сборник лучших стихотворений последних лет. Вдохновенная, яркая, пронзительная поэзия Сергея Степанова находит поклонников по всему миру! Стихи Сергея Степанова влекут своей удивительно звонкой и одновременно тонкой красотой, выразительной глубиной мысли. "Оса на медовой капле" – изящная, искрометная книга о том, что волнует и тревожит человека в непредсказуемом, прекрасном и одновременно трагичном мире! Книга Сергея Степанова "Оса на медовой капле": алмазная поэзия!..< Less
The Lightning Strikes In Eyes By Sergey Stepanov
eBook (ePub): $2.99
(1 Ratings)
Tops of the Russian poetry. "The Lightning Strikes In Eyes" by Sergey Stepanov – lightning poetic insights in this book for its beneficial light is extracted to life sprouts of... More > spirituality and bring ozone in the atmosphere of a human being. Composition that is excellent! Joy that is excellent! Excellent spirit! Sounds in center! Sergey Stepanov – the renowned poet in their own nation. He is the author of two dozen great books. His poems differ in bright metaphors and well-aimed images. Mr. Stepanov was called the poet of the nation in 2011 by visitors. He was awarded one of the major literary awards in his country. "Гроза в глаза" – в этой книге Сергея Степанова молнии поэтических озарений бьют на каждой странице! Стихи Сергея Степанова своим благотворным светом извлекают к жизни ростки духовности и привносят озон в атмосферу Бытия. Поэзия Сергея Степанова – грозовой вихрь, наполняющий душу чувством полета. Книга Сергея Степанова "Гроза в глаза" – свет мысли: очнись, – подставь лицо ветру Времени!< Less
Art of the Feel By Sergey Stepanov
eBook (ePub): $2.99
(1 Ratings)
Tops of the Russian poetry. "Art of the Feel" by Sergey Stepanov – a book about the subtle perception of the world through the prism of great poetic talent. Composition that is... More > excellent! Joy that is excellent! Excellent spirit! Sounds in center!.. Sergey Stepanov – the renowned poet in their own nation. He is the author of two dozen great books. Works of this poet differ in bright metaphors and well-aimed images. Sergey Stepanov was called the poet of the nation in 2011 by visitors. He was awarded one of the major literary awards in his country. The very best verses compiled by the poet in 2016 year were incorporated by this book. Enjoy reading! Книга Сергея Степанова "Искусство чувствовать себя" – это искусство тонкого восприятия мира сквозь дар поэтического прозрения! Стихи Сергея Степанова – бьющий источник глубокой мысли, яркого наслаждения словом. Поэзия Сергея Степанова – стихи и книги, с которыми не расстаться. Стихотворения как густое сплетение живых образов и метафор. Соприкоснись с искусством!< Less

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