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Ten Days in Britain with Grandma By Tracy Carriere
eBook (ePub): $4.99
A holiday recorded with humour, warmth and candour. Be prepared to laugh out loud at the sometimes ironic, often quirky and always fascinating facts and details of each new experience.
Hardcover: $19.75
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THE KINGS & QUEENS OF ENGLAND BRITAIN is a great book full of info on the kings and queens of england and britan. with pictures of each royal..
The Devil In Britain and America By John Ashton
eBook (ePub): $3.99
To my thinking, all modern English books on the Devil and his works are unsatisfactory. They all run in the same groove, give the same cases of witchcraft, and, moreover, not one of them is... More > illustrated. I have endeavoured to remedy this by localizing my facts, and by reproducing all the engravings I could find suitable to my purpose. I have also tried to give a succinct account of demonology and witchcraft in England and America, by adducing authorities not usually given, and by a painstaking research into old cases, carefully taking everything from original sources, and bringing to light very many cases never before republished. For the benefit of students, I have given—as an Appendix—a list of the books consulted in the preparation of this work, which, however, the student must remember is not an exhaustive bibliography on the subject, but only applies to this book, whose raison d’être is its localization. JOHN ASHTON.< Less
An Easy Guide to the History of Britain By Joan Green
Paperback: $21.87
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This remarkable book is the story of the British people and their nation. It is a book to fill in the gaps between the bits we learned at school, a reference book to keep handy when you read other... More > history books or novels. It is about the Scottish, the Welsh and the Irish who have their own cultural differences, but who share a history – a common descent, language and value system. We are linked together by choice as the British, but how many of us know how the link came about, or how we arrived at what we are? It used to seem natural to be proud of our heritage, but we have recently become uncomfortable about it, apologising for who we are and ignoring how much we have achieved that is good. We are a nation whose system of government and way of life is envied and copied by much of the world, but we are sometimes told that nationalism equals racism and pride in our Britishness is bad. Why should that be?< Less
Billy Beckett in the Battle of Britain By George Loew
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Billy Beckett, a test pilot in the not too distant future, is attempting to fly faster than the speed of light. As he approaches the 'light barrier', he is thrown into a time warp and find himself in... More > the midst of the Battle of Britain.< Less
Britains Last Passenger Jet By peter dancey
eBook (ePub): $5.50
After many years gestatation the BAe 146 finally emergeded at BAe Commercial Aircraft Division at Hatfield in the late 1980's. As the "Whispering Jet' no one foresaw at the time that it would... More > be Britain's last passenger jet aircraft< Less
Britain's Experimantal Aircraft By peter dancey
eBook (ePub): $6.19
Britain's Experimental Airplanes carry a unique 'Raspberry Ripple colour scheme, this illustrated ebook depicts many of the types used by the test and experimental establishments over many years from... More > the Vickers Varsity to the Panavia Tornado and the BAC 1-11 Eurofighter radar test plane. In full colour for the modellers< Less
The Devil in Britain and America By John Ashton
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Within this work lays a case by case account of the works of the Devil and witchcraft in both Britain and America. The authour feels that a comprehensive study has not been done and writes what... More > actually happened in certain cases and gives testimony to the horrors of both truth and lies when it comes to the Devil and witchcraft.< Less
Suicide in Medieval Britain By Fazila Derya Agis
eBook (PDF): $5.00
This study analyses the wealth, occupations, age, and gender of the people who attempted to commit suicide in Medieval Britain. Moreover, these suicide acts were investigated legally, and written... More > records were kept. These records shed light on the personal and societal reasons for suicide and present some methods of committing suicide in Medieval Britain. These personal reasons include madness, leprosy, et cetera, and those societal reasons include poverty, moral restrictions and the consequent moral deviations from these moral values, such as nuns or priests who had lost their chastity, et cetera.< Less
When Britain Feared None By Manny Granillo
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WHEN BRITAIN FEARED NONE covers the organizational structures of the British Army from 1940 to 1945 at the Divisional level. Covering most combat organizational configurations, WHEN BRITAIN FEARED... More > NONE allows gamers and historians to get a handle of how the British Army structured themselves to win the war with Territorial, Commonwealth and Dominian forces. Covers Airborne, Artillery, Armored formations & more! Breaks down the command structures into their respective parts Aides in understanding the rapidly changing organizations Vehicle and Aircraft lists Combat Analysis of actual historical performance Period strategies and commentary from the front An overview of all the Major nations that contributed to the war effort! Complete Scenarios included Extensive Orders of Battle for certain Theaters to aide in scenario creation< Less

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