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Great Names In British Aviation By peter dancey
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Many books have been published over the years detailing the history of the British Aircraft Aviation Industry including this authors British Aircraft Industry Since 1909. But during researching the... More > latter it occurred to this author that very few concentrated on the pioneering engineers and aviators that made it all possible in particular the many developments that lead to the modern military and civil machines as we know them today. Unlike the Soviets whos airplanes carry the original designers names in Britain this was not the case but the company name was and is still used. This ebook and its complementary volume pays tribute to these men that made it happen.< Less
British Army 1956 Wargame Rules By John Curry
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British Army Tactical Wargame (1956) These wargaming rules were restricted until recently, when they were released into the National Archives.  Operational set of rules for fighting large... More > battles 1945 - 1970  Can be played with card counters on standard 1: 50:000 Ordinance Survey Maps  Includes rules for tactical nuclear weapon strikes  Based on current military experience of World War II and the Korean War Detailed tables on hard to find information such as: o for tactical movement, casualties, engagement lengths, etc. o battle planning times o engineering tasks o night battles o effects of tactical nuclear weapons This version includes: • Proposed updates to the rules to help modern wargamers play the game on a single table top • Includes the 1952 British Army ORBAT • Introduction to the strategic situation It is published as part of the History of Wargaming Project at< Less
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British commercial vehicle enthusiasts tend to concentrate their interests on the old “heavies”, like AEC, Foden, Albion, ERF, Leyland or Thornycroft, but Morris Commercial in the light... More > to mid-range of the commercial vehicle market, produced more vehicles from their works, which were the largest dedicated commercial vehicle works in Britain at one time, than the combined output of some of these “heavies” put together... As an apprentice at Morris Commercial’s Adderley Park works I was never told anything about the fascinating range of vehicles produced by the company in the past, apart from conversations with some of the “old-hands” when the name Soho, or Foundry Lane occasionally cropped up... With these opening introductory words the author takes us into a part of British engineering history in a book which is a treasure trove of unique photographs and technical drawings with nearly every page offering multiple photographs and drawings along with the accompanying text.< Less
War Bike: British Military Motorcycling 1899-1919 By Martin Gegg
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This is the story of British Military Motorcycling from the pioneering days of the 1890s until the end of the First World War. Using original War Office documents contemporary reports and... More > photographs the Author guides the reader though the evolution of the Despatch Rider as a vital cog in the military wheel. Read how a pioneer cyclist developed the concept of the Despatch Rider and took on a cautious War Office immersed in the transition from horse-power to mechanised transport. The author moves from the historic backdrop of Brooklands Circuit to the barren landscape of the military Front, telling the story of those men and women volunteers who took their motorcycles to War for the first time. Old Bike Mart Says: "Well Written and Historically accurate, Warbike is a great read for anyone interested in the history of motorcycling and the motorcycle's vital WW1 role"< Less
Scotts of Greenock - An Illustrated History By William Kane, Vincent P. Gillen
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An Illustrated History of Scotts' of Greenock, Shipbuilders & Engineers, Founded 1711. Based on the Tercentenary Exhibition held at the McLean Museum & Art Gallery, Greenock, in 2011
History of Aston Martin By Dawn Martin
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The Aston Martin is the English alternative to the Bugati and Ferrari. The company was founded in 1913 by mechanical engineer Robert Bamford and wealthy Lionel Martin. The two had met in 1905 as... More > members of a cycling club and progressed during the Edwardian era to classic trials and hill climbs. From its beginnings to the present day, this book traces the history of the company as well as the infamous cars.< Less
The History of Woad and the Medieval Woad Vat By John Edmonds
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A short history of the techniques used for indigo dyeing from woad before the introduction of synthetic dyes. John Edmonds is a retired engineer who has researched and recreated the textile dyes used... More > in Europe from 500 BC to the 19th century. The ancient methods using woad and imperial purple have been of particular interest. In 2003 he was awarded the Open Prize for the Presentation of Heritage Research at the British Association's Festival of Science.< Less
A30 Challenger Tank A Technical History By P.M. Knight
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The A30 Challenger was devised during 1942 as a means of mounting the powerful 17 pounder anti-tank gun on the chassis of what was intended to be the British Army's next Cruiser tank, the Cromwell. ... More > The subsequent development programme was subject to a degree of controversy as to the role and efficacy of such a vehicle, and, in the event, only 200 machines were ordered. The first examples did not see action until August 1944, and even then they were often viewed only as "stop-gaps" until the arrival of the A34 Comet. However, there were those, especially among its design team at Rolls-Royce in Belper, Derbyshire, who came to believe that the Challenger represented a missed opportunity to provide the Army with an unprecedented combination of firepower and mobility. This book examines the story of what would be an innovative and successful, if somewhat rarefied, tank and its subsequent development as a self-propelled anti-tank gun.< Less
A15 Cruiser Mk.VI Crusader Tank A Technical History By P.M. Knight
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There can be few tanks that have proved as controversial in their deployment as the Crusader, a tank that was invested with high hopes on its entry into service in 1941. This book investigates in... More > unprecedented detail the issues that impinged on its service life. Drawing extensively on original archive sources, a new perspective is drawn on both the employment of the tank itself, and on British tank development of the era. The complex story that unfolds encompasses many interwoven and sometimes contradictory threads, allowing the author to reach both perceptive and surprising conclusions.< Less
HERBERT AUSTIN His Wolseley Years By Norman Painting, John Brindley
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This book, effectively, rewrites the early years of Wolseley history. Written from previously unresearched Company records it dispels some of the myths, misconceptions and hearsay which had formed... More > the “established history” of the Company for over 100 years and places on record the overwhelming contribution Herbert Austin made while managing the Wolseley Company. HERBERT AUSTIN: Racing Car Driver Engineer Mechanic Machinist Designer Manager< Less