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Mostly BS By Ej Sidhu
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This debut novel by Ej Sidhu is a compilation of his life work and contains his shitty opinion, a timeless book review, and photos that describe his incredible life.
B.S. Ideas By Shannon Sankar
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Learn how B.S. Ideas, a Virginia-based marketing & advertising firm can benefit your business.
WUSHURICHARD'S: The Language of BS By Richard Clark
Paperback: $10.50
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This is a book that'll help you to understand your language hopefully a lot better before trying to judge others on theirs and their use of words
Benign Flame - Saga of Love By BS Murthy
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As Roopa’s father couldn't help her become a doctor, she marries Sathyam, hoping that he would help her cause, but when he fails her, feeling used by him, she insensibly seeks lesbian solace in... More > her friend Sandhya’s embrace. Later, losing her heart to Raja Rao, Sandhya’s husband, she finds herself in a dilemma of love, even as Sathyam’s friend Prasad woos her to distraction. Unfolding the compelling saga of Roopa’s love and loss, governed by the vicissitudes of life, this 'novel' nuances man-woman chemistry on one hand, and portrays woman-woman empathy on the other. Who said the novel is dead; 'Benign Flame' raises the bar.< Less
Stories Varied By BS Murthy
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'Stories Varied' is about women's dilemmas in the Indian social milieu accompanied with unique denouements. While 'Ilaa's Ire' contrasts woman's lot of the day with her eminence in the Vedic Age,... More > '201' Qualms" depicts her predicament, torn between personal loyalty and citizen's responsibility. As "?" addresses woman's marital stress in an alien land, 'Cupid's Clue' is about her acting on rebound in her native place. Even as 'Autumn Love' lets woman discover the marital void in her life, 'A Touch Affair' makes her amenable to her man's other woman. Just as 'Love's How's That' inflames woman's old flame, 'A Hearty Turn' brings her innate lesbian leanings to the fore. If 'Love Jihad' bridges lovers' religious divide with a secular plank, 'Tenth Nook' creates her marital gulf on the materialistic ground. While 'Eleventh Hour' is about woman's lust for love, 'Twelfth Tale' underscores her zest for power.< Less
Puppets of Faith: Theory of communal strife By BS Murthy
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This novel thought-provoking non-fiction that examines how the Musalmans tend to be the victims of the Islamic psyche, shaped by the proclivities of their prophet, vicissitudes of his life, attitudes... More > of his detractors and the credulity of his followers, which the mechanism of their umma perpetuates. Besides analyzing the psyche of Muhammad and the submission of the Muslamans that tend to shape the Islamic ethos of separateness, how this could possibly govern the Muslim psyche is scanned with “I’m Ok – You’re Ok”, the famous work of Thomas A. Harris, with their religious creed from Roland E Miller’s “Muslim Friends–Their Faith and Feeling”, as the probe. This book is for those who wish to be aware of the follies of their faith and the foibles of others to lighten the burden of dogma and reduce the baggage of prejudice postulated in its thirty-four well-structured chapters.< Less
Cat Out of the Bag By BS Blair
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A story of losing one's temper. Warning: includes the word "Fuck". A lot
Prey on the Prowl: A Crime Novel By BS Murthy
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Who could have poisoned Ranjit the realtor, Shakeel the Inspector, Pravar the criminal and Natya his accomplice? Well the needle of suspicion tilted towards Pravar that was till he perished with his... More > mate, but then who was the one? Could it be Radha under the scanner for her role in the death of her husband Madhu and his mistress Mala, Pravar's sister? Or was it Ranjit's spouse Kavya, who owing to Stockholm Syndrome, takes to Pravar her kidnapper. As these deaths by poisoning puzzle Dhruva, Radha, who worms her way into his life, avers that Kavya had the motive and the means to kill her spouse, her paramour and his wife besides the cop. However, reckoning that when the ill-motives of the natural suspects to commit a murder are an open secret, someone with a hidden agenda might be tempted to use that as a camouflage for his subterfuge, Dhruva begins to look around for the culprit.< Less
Entirely Random Orderly Stones By Cj BS
eBook (PDF): $3.12
The product of 15 years of hurt, reflection, doubt and desire, Colin James B Savage (his poetry moniker is CjBS) has produced this easily accessible, yet emotionally combative work. It documents the... More > journey from 'animus to persona' that each us faces. Now entirely remade, this is not a second edition, but a progression on the first, including CjBS's most recent wordcrafts.< Less
Animus v Persona By Cj BS
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The original, extremely simple predecessor of 'Entirely Random Orderly Stones', this collection was a minor hit in small poetry circles in London. That encouragement led to the production of this... More > book, the culmination of assorted napkins, post-it notes and loose leaf that I had scribbled emotions, thoughts and dreams on for nearly 17 years. Welcome, and thank you.< Less