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Weight Loss and Building Muscle Fast By Zahid Digi Books
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Discover How To Lose Weight And Build Muscle Fast! What many don't realize is that to enjoy the maximum weight loss two 15 minute cardio workouts 3 to 4 times a week, combined with some weight... More > training or resistance training for 2 to 3 times a week will result in maximizing your weight loss. The best fast weight loss combines exercise with reduced calorie intake. It will provide you with the quickest results. As you build muscle, you'll it takes more calories to maintain that muscle and so you'll lose more fat. Inside this ebook, you will learn some of the following: + What the Expert Say About Losing Weight Fast. + How to Quickly Get Lean. + The Secret to Lose Weight and Build Muscle Fast. + 4 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight Fast. + From Fat to Slim in 5 Easy Steps. + Build Muscle, Lose Fat Fast and Feel Great + And much, much more...< Less
Fast Muscle Growth By Dennis Weis
Paperback: $37.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Fast muscle growth program, learn how to build 5 to 6 pounds of muscle in only two week, full workouts and diet.
Build Shirt Busting Muscle By D Johnson
eBook (ePub): $1.25
What if I told you against tradition and what may seem like common sense, that the best way to get big fast is to actually train much, much less, but with total effort and focus? That this method... More > has been developed and followed since the late 1960's, is more akin to a science than an art form and some of the top bodybuilders of all time have been its advocates? Here's Exactly What You'll Get: + Learn Why This Is The Most Effective Form Of Training For Mass + Discover The Most Important Thing In Training + Quickly Get Results By Incorporating These Workouts + Eat To Grow - Nutrition Overhaul + And Much, Much More..< Less
Mass Muscle Building In Minutes By Sven Hyltén-Cavallius
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Looking To Pack On Muscle Quickly? Exposed! Build Shirt Busting Muscle Like You Never Thought Possible In Mere Minutes! Discover how you too can build mass muscle in only minutes Six day a week gym... More > sessions lifting weights lasting nearly two hours followed by marathon cardio. Complicated split training programs, twice a day training, Olympic lifts, German Volume Training. I've had the pleasure (and sometimes the misfortune) of trying them all in my quest for the perfect workout plan. What if I told you against tradition and what may seem like common sense, that the best way to get big fast is to actually train much, much less, but with total effort and focus? That this method has been developed and followed since the late 1960's, is more akin to a science than an art form and some of the top bodybuilders of all time have been its advocates?< Less
How To Bulk Up Fast - A complete guide to building muscle By Danny Calder
eBook (PDF): $4.62
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By learning how to control the natural processes within your body, and manage how it gains weight; you can learn to bulk up fast, even if you've had trouble gaining weight in the past. Featuring:... More > Advice on nutrition and how to calculate your daily calorie needs, a sample workout program, which exercises to do and which to forget, advice on how to plan your meals, why you might not be building muscle and what you can do to fix it, and tips on managing your body to maximise your gains. If you've ever wondered: what your calorie requirements are, how much you need to eat to bulk up, what your body need to grow fast, why you aren't gaining even though you are working out everyday; then this is the ultimate guide for you. 'How To Bulk Up Fast' is a complete guide to building muscle that teaches you to manage your workouts and nutrition to maximise your gains.< Less
Intermittent Fasting: Shortcut to Build Muscle, Lose Fat, and Easy Weight Loss By Brian Adams
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Finally - Get the Body You Want with Intermittent Fasting! Are you tired of diets? Have you tried eating a big breakfast or many small meals each day? Are you still not meeting your weight-loss... More > goals? When you download Intermittent Fasting: Shortcut to Build Muscle, Lose Fat and Easy Weight Loss, you will learn the science that debunks common diet myths. Do you want to reduce your calorie-intake? Would you like more time and money? What if you could give your body exactly what it needs to lose weight? Intermittent Fasting: Shortcut to Build Muscle, Lose Fat and Easy Weight Loss teaches you to cut calories - and the time and money you spend preparing meals. This diet also increases your sensitivity to insulin, and gives you better growth hormone production - both of which make weight-loss much easier. Does even the idea of fasting make you anxious? Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea of fitting it into your schedule? Are you concerned about safety, and explaining your new diet to others?< Less
The Extreme Cuts Experiment: Intermittent Fasting Secrets to Build Muscle and Burn Fat By Brotherhood of Iron Publications
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The Extreme Cuts Experiment is a no-nonsense science based system created by Master Body Performance coach and author of The Manifesto of Mass and Ripped to Shreds, that will turn you into a walking... More > anatomy chart! You'll learn why eating breakfast is going to keep you fat - Forever! Why high rep training is going to shrink your muscles faster than Kryptonite takes away Superman's powers! Eating six meals a day and wondering why your fat levels are going up and not down? Here's the reason! Three body issues that are happening to you right now that will keep you fat until you die unless you fix them - here's the secrets! Using the body-changing, life-changing power of intermittent fasting combined with decades of on-hands experience with the world’s best. The Extreme Cuts experiment will shock you with how fast it can change your body composition. Fully Revised, this best seller is better than ever!< Less
Complete Bodybuilding Guide to Lean Muscle Fast By Mariana Correa
eBook (ePub): $9.25
GET THE BODY YOU DREAM OF! LEANER MUSCLES! CHISELED ARMS! SIX PACK ABS! A TONED TORSO! STRONGER LEGS! 60 Days to Achieve the Muscle Definition you’ve been looking for through an Extreme... More > 8-week program to build muscle, gain definition, and sculpt your entire body. - Includes over 100 bodybuilding exercises with illustration and tips for proper form. - Intense 60 Day muscle definition and strength training body-part-specific routines and full body routines. - Fast and easy to make Protein Shakes to aid your body in muscle definition - Tips on bodybuilding supplements - And a whole lot more! Imagine all the extra great things that will come from training: you will have more energy, be healthier, look better, be more confident and know that you're improving your body and mind every day...< Less
Build Flat Abs Home - Lean & Strong Muscles By Katherine Y. Henderson
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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Discipline is what’s lucking in your daily workout routine, good start with lots of energy but lose courage before results are obtained. Well you are not alone, almost every person whose had... More > results you are trying to obtained had challenges with little help alone the way. Looking at your role model, you wonder if they spend a night in the gym. There’s only so much a woman can do, achieve more from home with these simple moves at your free time, no gym equipments required. The workout moves are also recommended for pregnant women and new mothers and only takes 28 minutes to complete all moves. You are required to spend not less than 3.5 minutes on each move, gradually adjust time to improve your results. If you wish not to follow pre-time, rep count is added to all moves which you may also increase with ease. Patience and discipline are very vital to the success of the entire program. Working out often helps you control junk food cravings especially if you have a sweat-tooth.< Less
5 Foods That Can Build Mega Muscle By Bouzid Otmani
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Don’t Buy Another Muscle Magazine Or Expensive Supplement Until You Read EVERY Word Of This Short Yet Powerful Kindle Report! In this short, yet powerful, Kindle report you will learn: - 5... More > Foods that help building muscle fast. - Exactly what the "Anabolic Window" is and why you NEED IT To Build Muscle! - "Nutrient Timing" the most important aspect of Building Muscle - Find Out Why Low Fat Diets SUCK for Building Muscle - Why Low Fat Diets KEEP You Fat - And much more...< Less