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Ultimate Muscle Building Program By Muscle Guru
eBook (PDF): $15.61
The Ultimate Muscle Building Program is a simple yet highly effective program for building muscle quickly. The book will lay out a proven routine for you to follow and give you the number of sets and... More > reps to preform. The book is short and to the point so you can get started as quickly as possible.< Less
Build Shirt Busting Muscle By D Johnson
eBook (ePub): $1.25
What if I told you against tradition and what may seem like common sense, that the best way to get big fast is to actually train much, much less, but with total effort and focus? That this method... More > has been developed and followed since the late 1960's, is more akin to a science than an art form and some of the top bodybuilders of all time have been its advocates? Here's Exactly What You'll Get: + Learn Why This Is The Most Effective Form Of Training For Mass + Discover The Most Important Thing In Training + Quickly Get Results By Incorporating These Workouts + Eat To Grow - Nutrition Overhaul + And Much, Much More..< Less
Weight Loss and Building Muscle Fast By Zahid Digi Books
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Discover How To Lose Weight And Build Muscle Fast! What many don't realize is that to enjoy the maximum weight loss two 15 minute cardio workouts 3 to 4 times a week, combined with some weight... More > training or resistance training for 2 to 3 times a week will result in maximizing your weight loss. The best fast weight loss combines exercise with reduced calorie intake. It will provide you with the quickest results. As you build muscle, you'll it takes more calories to maintain that muscle and so you'll lose more fat. Inside this ebook, you will learn some of the following: + What the Expert Say About Losing Weight Fast. + How to Quickly Get Lean. + The Secret to Lose Weight and Build Muscle Fast. + 4 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight Fast. + From Fat to Slim in 5 Easy Steps. + Build Muscle, Lose Fat Fast and Feel Great + And much, much more...< Less
Body Fat Breakthrough: Lose Fat Build Muscle By Peter Kornfeld
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Body Fat Breakthrough: Lose Fat Build Muscle is a practical introductory guide to help you gain the tools to get skinny permanently. Peter Kornfeld helps you understand why you need fat, the... More > different types of fat, and how to make better choices that are going help you hit your weight loss goals quickly, gain energy, deter disease, and live your life with your glass half full! FAT KILLS – Don’t let it steal from you! *UNDERSTAND the different types of fat *LEARN how much fat you need *KNOW where to get good fat *GAIN CONTROL of your fat and life *SUCCEED in reaching your weight loss goals and stay there Body Fat Breakthrough is the tool you need to get slim, healthy, and happy. Let's get started!< Less
Bicep Muscle Growth Guide By Cameron Hall
eBook (PDF): $3.14
Our Bicep Muscle Growth Guide- the scientifically proven, trialled and tested Arm mass building specialisation e-report is exactly that! If you want to stretch your sleeves and turn heads every time... More > you go to the beach then this is the guide for you!< Less
Bicep Muscle Growth Guide By Cameron Hall
Paperback: $20.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Our Bicep Muscle Growth Guide- the scientifically proven, trialled and tested Arm mass building specialisation e-report is exactly that! If you want to stretch your sleeves and turn heads every time... More > you go to the beach then this is the guide for you!< Less
Natural Muscle Mass By Mario Fanzolato
eBook (PDF): $19.95
Gain weight by significantly increasing lean muscle mass in record time... without the use of drugs. This e-book covers every aspect of natural muscle building in detail, offering only practical,... More > easy-to-follow advice. The customizable weight training programs alone make this e-good well worth the price. My name is Mario Fanzolato and I'm the author of 'Natural Muscle Mass (The Complete Guide)'. I only weighed 120 pounds at the age of 20 and until today have gained close to 90 pounds of lean muscle mass naturally. All of my knowledge and experience is in this e-book. It's the only source of information you'll ever need to achieve incredible gains consistently, safely, and quickly.< Less
Gaining Weight the Healthy Way: The Energy Boosters Guide to Gaining Weight and Muscle By Lena E. Gabler
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Are you fed up with people calling you skinny? There are many reasons why people fail in their effort to gain weight and add muscle mass. Through this eboook, you will learn that improper diet is one... More > of the common reasons for failure. Find out the right workout routines or building muscles and why lack of commitment and consistency are also the reasons why people fail in gaining weight. This eBook has been designed to help you: 1. Practice good, safe diet and exercise plans. 2. Put on weight the healthiest way. 3. Eat the “right” foods to bulk up. 4. Remain healthy throughout the weight-gaining process. (And this process will be slow, as you don’t want to put on weight too quickly.) 5. Change life habits that are contributing to your thinness. What are you waiting for? Learn how to gain weight safely and effectively! Get it now.< Less
Super Calf Secrets By Dennis Weis
Paperback: $14.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The following, 102 page, Book is the most in-depth overview of the best and most relevant advice regarding calf training and development. The information was gathered from over 5 decades of... More > experimentation, personal experience and kinesiology studies. Contained within the pages of this Book are plenty of comprehensive training strategies and logical intensity progression routines (purposely presented to be learned quickly and as easily as possible) for building standout calves which will exhibit size, shape & strength. Every muscle mass enhancer and ″how-to’s″ known for building fresh new muscle on stubborn calves are revealed. Enjoy the journey! Be the one who always has the answers. TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION BY ORDERING the (fully comprehensive) 102 page Book: The Lost Files For Championship Calf Development, Re-Discovered!< Less
How to Lose Weight By Next Week With 3 Easy Steps By Michael Cimicata
eBook (ePub): $1.29
Hundreds of people sign up for gym memberships every day with hopes of losing weight as quickly as possible; however, the truth of the matter is that they are not educated enough to build muscle or... More > lose weight effectively! This ebook is geared towards providing people with enough information to start getting healthy and shedding pounds by the beginning of next week. It breaks down all of the information into a 3 step process, and provides the reader with information on how to: -Do an effective 20 minute workout at home without using any equipment -Lose weight without changing what they all -Do an effective workout at the gym with the equipment that is available In essence, it is an all-in-one guide to a slightly smaller waist by next week that has been broken down into 3 steps!< Less

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