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Building Up Self Confidence By V. T.
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Are you lacking of confident? When talking, you always feel lower than your peers? Don't worry, you are not alone. This ebook compiles tons of tips guiding you how to slowly build up your confident.... More > It'll explains why having confident is important, and unlock your mind to naturally build the confidence in you. Read through this ebook, make notes and start working on yourself. Follow the steps and soon, you'll see a change in yourself. Get this ebook right now!< Less
Building Core Confidence By Stanley James
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We are facing times of uncertainty and change where it feels like our very lives hang in the balance. But this timely piece helps us to tap into the very core of who we are in order to discover a... More > level confidence that we've never experienced before. A dimension of confidence that can't be broken or shaken. Building Core Confidence proves that there is a direct connection between confidence and personal performance. The high calling and purpose that God has called the body of Christ to has not changed in the midst of such challenging times. So this book provides wisdom and revelation as it pertains to the confidence God desires us to walk in. You will be able to keep your balance on shaky ground and continue to make bold steps toward your purpose and destiny!< Less
Build Confidence Journal By Alicia Young
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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Has being unemployed effected your confidence? Do you need more clarity to decide what to do next? Would you like a plan for a career doing what you love? Then this 20 day guided journal is for you!
How To Build Confidence In 5 Minutes By Jobxray .com
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"Personality development is a science, an art, but confidence is a state of mind. There is a lot you can do enahnce your confidence… (More tips and answers at"
Better Sex through Confidence Building By John Dugan
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Confidence is key in so many areas of life, including attaining the goal of better sex. Maintaining a good-looking and healthy tool can help boost a guy's confidence in bed.
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Can you think of any memorable talk or presentation you have ever attended? It is sad to know that most of the presentations are easy to forget, especially when the main reason behind the... More > presentation was to communicate something to you. But if you remember these four basic things, then be assured that your verbal messages will be understood and remembered for long. Though these things may sound somewhat obvious and deceptively simple, they are of immense importance.< Less
The Confidence Factor By JUI MING CHANG
eBook (PDF): $3.55
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In This Book, You Will Learn: - Why Humans Need To Be Confident - Answers To Lack Of Self-confidence - 10 Tips To Boost Self-confidence Instantly - Adjusting Your Belief System To Unlimited... More > Confidence - Your Body And Self-confidence - And so much more !< Less
Effortless Confidence By Andrew Nicholas
Paperback: $15.04
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How can I be more confident? How can I overcome my fears? What's my purpose in life? People around the world ask these very same questions, and for good reason. You would almost certainly want to... More > be more confident, enjoy better relationships and become more valuable at work. This book well help you to answer these questions, to inspire your life long dreams, and to give you the motivation to make them a reality. For those with an open mind, a limitless curiosity and a sincere desire to become the confident person they were always supposed to be, this book is stunning.< Less
Confident You By Eve John
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If you’ve ever wanted to become the “confident woman” you see in others and finally (!) live the life you deserve, then welcome, this book was written for you! “Confident... More > You, Top Women Self Confidence Boosters” is a transformational experience for everyday women who want more control and power in their lives. You’ll discover… • How to break through the fear that is holding you back • What to do when you are criticised in your life • How to be a woman that is focused and achieves things others don’t think possible • The #1 way to banish that negative inner critic fast • Insider tips to building confidence and action steps you need to become more confident now and for the rest of your life Author, Eve John, has included proven methods for developing self-confidence, including action steps so the lessons take root and grow within you. You’ll be inspired by the stories of successful confident women as Eve walks you through her very own process for becoming a confident, empowered woman.< Less
Communicating Confidence Inside & Out: How to Build Confidence, Be Assertive and Succeed! By Ric Phillips
eBook (ePub): $7.85
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When you build your confidence, you build success. In order to communicate to others confidently, you must first have self-confidence. This ebook trains you to assess your current confidence level,... More > find out what's holding you back from achieving your personal and professional goals, and leads the way to confident, assertive communication by giving you direction and examples of the fastest ways to gain confident communications. You will study excellent verbal and non-verbal communication techniques to help you finally be a confident communicator at work and in your social life! This ebook guides you to understanding the world of confidence and how you can become a confident, assertive communicator by improving yourself first.< Less