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Burden By Aaron T Stephan
Paperback: $10.00
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Aaron T Stephan, Chris Burden
Burdens By Benjamin Kopp
Paperback: $10.00
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What better way to experience humanity than to join it? How great of lessons could be learned if the supernatural became natural? Nearly every religion mentions an Almighty with subordinates, whether... More > they are other gods, deities, Sons of God, angels, or spirits. Several religions have suggested these beings came to Earth in ancient times and lived among mankind. So what keeps them from coming back today? Or, is it possible that after living among us in ancient times with their powers, they chose to live among us as purely human? They would surely gain a true sense of free will, but what they stand to lose may be far greater.< Less
The Burden By Stephen Franklin
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Walter Greenburg, his wife Morgan, and son Thomas all have normal, happy lives. However, when they move into a new house, things start to get worse and worse. As soon as they step into the house,... More > Walter even notices the house doesn't feel right. Paranormal things start to occur; people get shoved around, doors slam, and things begin to fall over, yet it takes a turn for the worst when Thomas is possessed by a demon named Groncor and forced to jump out of their window, resulting in death. At least that’s what everyone thought until the family found out he was kidnapped.< Less
Burdens By Iuliana Voronkov
Paperback: $3.50
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A little compilation of things that have happened in real life.
What I Have Learned So Far? By Lee Burden
Paperback: $9.81
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This is the large print version of a little book about all the things that I have learned about autism over the last 25 years. Many parents enjoy the lectures I give and they tell me that I inspire... More > them. I hope this is true and that I can inspire you.< Less
What I have learned so far By Lee Burden
Paperback: $11.42
Prints in 3-5 business days
A little book about what I have learned from autistic individuals over 25 years.
The Archer's Madness By Daniel Burden
Paperback: $14.14
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Something really bad is coming. End of the world bad. And the only one who can stop it is the Archer. But he's dead. After the climatic battle with Mr Grieve, he traded his own life that of one of... More > his best friends. But then against all odds he wakes up in a strange place, almost the same as the one he left behind but somehow different. It is here in this other world that the Archer learns the terrible fate that awaits everything he knows and loves, if he doesn't get back home to stop it. This sets him on a thundering course to oblivion, the entire world rests on his shoulders and not everyone will make to the grand finale of The Archer's Trilogy< Less
The Archer's Playlist By Daniel Burden
eBook (ePub): $8.51
You're just about to finish high school, the rest of your life is sprawled in front of you like a road map without any sign posts, you are madly in love. Only to have the person you love ripped from... More > your grasp by a... ghost living under a tree Now thats just not fair! And take it from me, things only get worse from there. A quest to find your first love spirals into obsession and destruction, delving deep into the hidden past of one of England's greatest myths, meeting friends, enemies and lovers. Learning to be comfortable in your own skin, and be comfortable wearing a home made costume as you prowl the night with a bow and arrow, searching for that girl you used to know...< Less
The Archer's Triumph By Daniel Burden
Paperback: $19.73
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Archer's Triumph continues the story from The Archer's Paradise, but also brings the whole story from Playlist, Sequel and Madness to a dramatic close. This is the last adventure for David... More > Archer. After a quiet eighteen months, and rapidly approaching his 30th birthday, the Archer has hung up his bow and quiver, the county of Elkswood no longer has need of his services. But then again, there is always an apocalypse of two just around the corner... In helping an old friend, he is drawn back into the world of magic, monsters, mayhem and near death experiences. The stakes are higher than ever before. Involved in a plot that stretches not only back to David's school days but all the way to World War 2, this final volume in the epic five novel saga brings the action and excitement up to whole new level.< Less
The Archer's Sequel By Daniel Burden
Paperback: $20.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
BIGGER! FASTER!! STRONGER!!! Well, our nameless hero is none of those things. Trying to recover from earlier catastrophes, he retreats to the Greek island of Sanmythos for some rest and... More > relaxation. He finds neither, drinks too much, sleeps with beautiful women and ends up battling a vicious smuggler. Predictably this ends in disaster. He returns home to a world full of ghosts and woe. His past, present and future are colliding. Forced to pick up his bow and try once more to be a real hero, the Archer will meet new friends and lovers before dealing with the ultimate opponent... Death himself.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60