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The genealogy of the Burley or Burleigh family of America By Charles Burleigh
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NTRODUCTION. Dear Friends and Relatives : — Justice to myself and others has induced me to present this work in its unfinished state. The compilation has occupied a period of six years... More > of labor, carried on through discouraging words from some, and with little, or long-delayed, aid from others. Surnames originated about 1500 a.d., and middle names were not universally used much previous to 1780. Men were named from their father, or from some peculiarity of person. If a man named John had a son Peter, he would be called Peter Johnson, his son would bear the name of Peterson. If he was deformed in any way, the name indicating his deformity would be used as a middle name, as Peter Hunchback Johnson. Our name is an ancient one, having originated in England. It may have been derived from Burler, a dresser of cloth, Burly, boisterous, or compounded from Bur, Burgh, elevated, and ley, meaning un- tilled ground; viz.< Less
The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island By Cyril Burleigh
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How to build a primitive bow By Jamie Burleigh
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In this 17 page booklet you will learn how to make a bow in its simplest and most beautiful form…the self bow. I live in the northeast and so I will go over many different types of trees that... More > I have used personally that thrive here and you will usually find all over the u.s. Along with this booklet and the minimal of hand tools you will have the “know how” to help you build functional tools for shooting, hunting, or just learning primitive skills at your own pace. Included are some great tips that were passed on from some respected elders and family that I am sure will carry you far in your primitive bow making journey!< Less
Failure Analysis of Materials Textbook By Thomas David Burleigh
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"Failure Analysis of Materials Textbook" is written for the materials or metallurgical engineer or student who wishes to increase their skill and expertise in failure analysis. The book is... More > designed for a fifteen-week semester, with the following chapters: 1: Introduction to Failure Analysis, 2: Fractography, 3: Advanced Fractography, 4: Overload Calculations, 5: Non-Destructive Evaluation, 6: Metallography, 7: Corrosion, 8: Glasses & Ceramics, 9: Polymers, 10: Fasteners, 11: Heating & Cooling, 12: Welding & Casting, 13: Wear Failures, 14: Reports & Legal Implications, 15: Wrap-Up & Conclusions. The case-studies are presented from Professor Burleigh's own files, from his students' reports, and also from well-publicized disasters. The field of failure analysis is a multi-discplinary field, requiring a broad knowledge base, and expertise not only in materials and mechanics, but also in people skills and imagination.< Less
Drawing & Telling Bible Stories By Thomas David Burleigh
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Everyone loves hearing a good story. Even better than a told story, however, is one that unfolds before your eyes. I noticed that if I read a story from the Bible, the children in my Sunday school... More > class were often not listening. However, if I told the story while drawing it out cartoon-style, on a large sheet of paper taped to the wall, the kids were riveted to the story. These are the drafts of the Bible stories that I used to teach the children in Sunday school. I would start the drawing with the background, hills or buildings in the first panel, and then I would add the characters in the foreground as they are introduced to the story. This idea for drawing the Bible stories while telling them is from a book I read many years ago. I have not been able to find that book again. Therefore, I am providing these sketches in hopes that someone else can use them. The stories are listed in the same order as they are in the Bible. Kids of all ages benefit by knowing the Bible stories.< Less
Soccer Myths & Strategies By Thomas David Burleigh
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This booklet describes soccer myths, and also the important soccer strategies. This booklet was born out of frustration. It is written for the parent/coach of youth and high school soccer. I... More > started playing soccer when I was a freshman in college. After four years, I was appointed captain/coach for the junior varsity team, and also for the soccer club. We did not drill. We simply scrimmaged every day from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Since I started playing late in life, and I lacked a lot of ball handling skills, so I tried to make up for it by playing smart. In the last forty years I have played on many teams, hundreds of pick-up games, and I have coached my own kids (all six of my kids have played on various soccer teams). I have been frustrated by what I have seen done and by what I have seen coaches teaching the young players. I am trying to instruct the players and the coaches on how to play soccer and have fun at the same time.< Less
The Painter in Oil; A Complete Treatise on the Principles and Technique Necessary to the Painting of Pictures in Oil Colors By Daniel Burleigh Parkhurst
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BOOKS of instruction in the practice of painting have rarely been successful. Chiefly because they have been too narrow in their point of view, and have dealt more with recipes than with principles.... More > It is not possible to give any one manner of painting that shall be right for all men and all subjects. To say "do thus and so" will not teach any one to paint. But there are certain principles which underlie all painting, and all schools of painting ; and to state clearly the most important of these will surely be helpful, and may accomplish something. It is the purpose of this book to deal practically with the problems which are the study of the painter, and to make clear, as far as may be, the principles which are involved in them. I believe that this is the only way in which written instruction on painting can be of any use. (From the Preface) Get Your Copy Today!< Less
Ingalls Descendants By Arlene Ingalls Schrader et al.
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More than 16,000 names have been added to Ingalls family history through this 464-page supplement to Burleigh's 1903 Genealogy and History of the Ingalls Family in America. Contributions from more... More > than 450 Ingalls researchers include 20th century descendants as well as new information for many of the earlier lines. This genealogy collection is the cumulative result of more than 20 years of correspondence from Ingalls family researchers to Arlene Ingalls Schrader. The book preview includes the surname listing.< Less
Who Cares If George W. Bush Destroys the Free World: This Guy Is Funny! By Rob Loughran
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This book explores the latest Iraqi/Bush Joke Cycle
Stitched Up! By House of Horror
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Stitched Up! Here we have 12 stories of stitched up flesh. Some funny, some horror and some with meaning behind them. Zombies, Frankenstein, operations gone wrong, this book will have you doubled up... More > in laughter as well as reaching for the quilt to hide under. Featurng stories from such authors as, Nate Burleigh, John Arthur Miller, Theresa Ann Newbill and Brian Rosenberger< Less