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A Garden Party for the Dead By Stephen Reardon
Paperback: $16.82
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When the guns finally fell silent in France on Armistice Day 1918, those who had survived the Great War came home in their thousands, most within weeks or a few months. They left behind them along... More > the Western Front, a swathe of almost complete devastation, over 300 miles long and up to 20 miles wide. In this forsaken landscape remained the corpses of many thousands of the dead,some in makeshift graves,some still waiting to be found,others who never were. Into this unimaginable wasteland comes Edward Dereham, tormented with guilt for being denied his earnest wish to fight. Now, as the war ends, he has found a role for himself with the Graves Registration Directorate, now part of the newly-formed Imperial War Graves Commission. Abandoning a tangle of impossible love and dubious wealth he would rather forget, in England, Dereham finds purpose and atonement in the ruined killing fields of France.< Less
Vintage Stage Divas - Early Photo Portraits (PDF ebook / slideshow) By Babette Abbeywood
eBook (PDF): $3.99
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A star-studded visual parade featuring legendary Edwardian beauties and Victorian female artistes - stars of the performing arts - opera, theatre, early movies of the silent screen.... such as... More > Josephine Baker, Mata Hari, Lily Langtry, Cavalieri, Otero, Cléo de Merode, Geraldine Farrar, Pola Negri, Madge Lessing, Marie Studholme, Gaby Deslys, Greta Garbo, Lily Damita, and famous French actress Sarah Bernhardt... an ebook album of 150 early photo portraits and dramatic scenes. Many of these pinup images are taken from early picture postcards, some autographed, which acted as souvenirs and promotional publicity materials. This unusual and highly collectible photo album includes tasters from our sister titles. In PDF ebook format, with optional rolling slideshow functionality! Of interest to all collectors of theatrical nostalgia, or anyone inspired by the dramatic arts.< Less
Edwardian Actresses - Vintage Portrait Album / PDF Slideshow By Babette Abbeywood
eBook (PDF): $4.95
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Over 100 vintage photo portraits, souvenir postcards and publicity shots of famous actresses from the Edwardian era. Stage stars, variety artistes and music hall legends - the leading ladies of the... More > 1900s and 1910s - compiled into a collectible ebook / slideshow anthology. Features English, American and French stars, including the Dare sisters Phyllis and Zena, Ellaline Terriss, Gabrielle Ray, Nina Sevening, Marie Studholme, Phyllis Terry, Gaby Deslys, Gladys Cooper, Mabel Love and amazing vintage fashions. With optional rolling slideshow functionality and random transition effects between each nostalgic image. For all thespians, fans of the Dramatic Arts, period costumes and theatrical memorabilia - it also makes a great alternative to a screensaver. Also includes tasters from other titles in our ebook series. Formatted in Landscape / Widescreen format (16 x 9 aspect), optimized for laptop / HDTV screens!< Less
Vintage Stage Beauties (PDF Photo Album / Slideshow) By Ben Acton
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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A digital scrapbook of early photo portraits featuring some of the prettiest lady actresses, and dancers from the late 19th and early 20th century stage. Many of these images are taken from early... More > picture postcards, which acted as souvenirs and promotional publicity materials. Glamorous girls, glitzy fashion costumes... many in hand-tinted color. Over 150 images! An unusual and highly collectible photo album of beautiful artistes from the Burlesque era. In PDF ebook format, with optional rolling slideshow functionality! In presentation mode this e-book makes a novel alternative to a screensaver. Enjoy a night in the front row at the theatre, on your computer screen, anytime and anywhere! Of special interest to all collectors of theatrical nostalgia and memorabilia. This unusual and highly collectible photo anthology also includes tasters from other titles in our ebook series. Formatted in Landscape / Widescreen format (16 x 9 aspect), optimized for laptop / HDTV screens!< Less
100+ Vintage Actresses - Photo Portrait Album By FishesEye Publishing
eBook (PDF): $3.75
Leading ladies, stars and supporting actresses, soubrettes and comediennes from the stages of Paris and London, from the Belle Epoque and Edwardian eras. A digital collection of well over 100... More > nostalgic images, ideal for collectors or fans of theatrical history. Artistes including Delmares, Arlette Dorgère, Rejane, Geraldine Farrar, and Marie Studholme, Robinne, Louise Derval, Cavalieri, Phyllis Dare, Cécile Sorel, Lise and Méaty Fleuron, Gabrielle Dorziat, Martha de Villers, Zena and Phyllis Dare, as well as famous stage beauties of their day, including Mabel Love, Nina d'Asty and Ellaline Terriss. Many of these ladies , including Otero, Liane de Pougy and Cléo de Mérode were also also part-time courtesans, mistresses of famous or wealthy men. Many photos taken by the famous Nadar and Reutlinger studios. Also includes free tasters for some of our other recent titles. This luxury PDF edition comes with "parchment effect" paper background to give it the authentic look of an antique photo album!< Less
Souvenirs of the Moulin Rouge, Paris! - Vintage Photo Album By Babette Abbeywood
eBook (PDF): $2.99
A collection of famous chorus line showgirl portraits & other souvenir ephemera from Paris' legendary Moulin Rouge theater, compiled in PDF format. Dozens of beautiful women artistes in colorful... More > and sexy stage costumes from yesteryear. For all fans of theatrical and dance nostalgia - a digital scrapbook of vintage photo postcards and reviews from the Golden Age of French music hall. This collectible ebook edition comes with tasters from other Performing Arts and Visual History titles, plus optional rolling slideshow functionality!< Less
Cléo de Mérode, Classic Stage Beauty - PDF Photo Album / Slideshow By 0dette Abbesse
eBook (PDF): $2.99
A photo tribute anthology to one of the first great stage stars of the Belle Epoque and the early 20th century, the French dancer Cléo de Mérode. Renowned for her elegance and beauty, a... More > close contemporary of other artistes such as Sarah Bernhardt and Mata Hari, Mérode became an icon of the Edwardian years, the new modern age. Famous for her oriental dances, infamous for her private life, she was much photographed and featured in many art nouveau era posters. This ebook brings together many of those images, old postcards, prints, playing cards, in PDF ebook format, with tasters from some of our other Vintage Performing Arts titles, plus optional rolling slideshow functionality!< Less
The Cosmic Jest: The Joke’s On Us By Mark Romel
eBook (ePub): $6.36
Salman Rushdie wrote, “DC: Washington is being taken over by DC: Comics.” The world is increasingly understood as a comic story, involving superheroes and supervillains. Confusingly, they... More > are often one and the same. Donald Trump is the superhero for conservatives and the supervillain for liberals. Heroes and villains are now shapeshifters. They no longer reflect a common narrative. Their heroism or villainy depends on where you stand in the culture wars. Next time you go to watch a superhero movie, imagine what it would be like if the superhero kept “flickering” into his opposite – the supervillain. Would you be able to follow the story? Whom would you be rooting for? Wouldn’t the plot be all over the place? You wouldn’t understand anyone’s motivation. The story would be pure chaos. Welcome to the Cosmic Jest. Read this book if you don't want the joke to be on you.< Less
Burlesque Act - Vol. 1 By Michele Stuppiello
Paperback: $10.61
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Ho voluto ricreare, in questa serie di immagini, il “brivido” sottile di un vero e proprio act burlesque, documentandolo, in ogni sua fase, attraverso l'occhio attento della mia... More > fotocamera. […] Ho proposto alla modella di procedere ad una performance […] senza ricorrere a nessun artificio particolare, ma solamente cercando di essere se stessa con la sua personalità. […] Ho intitolato questo volumetto “Burlesque Act - Vol. 1”, perché mi piacerebbe proseguire con la pubblicazione di ulteriori plaquette come la presente, impostate secondo la stessa logica, ma ovviamente declinate ognuna in maniera squisitamente soggettiva, in relazione alla modella ritratta. (Estratto della presentazione)< Less
QueriDITA By Ricardo Llamas
eBook (PDF): $3.39
Una entrevista con la artista de "Burlesque", icono erótico y "fashion diva" Dita Von Teese

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