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Refactoring Legacy Applications Using CakePHP By Chris Hartjes
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Have you ever wanted to start using the CakePHP web application framework, but were wondering about it's use in the real world? As an experienced developer who is familiar with CakePHP, I decided to... More > put together a book that can help people out. The result is "Refactoring Legacy Applications Using CakePHP". With any web application framework, the most common questions are usually "how do I do X?" where X is usually a concept that is pretty common to web development work. I felt that the best way to show people how to move an older legacy application over to using CakePHP was to do exactly that. The book is a case study showed how I refactored an administrative application used in my simulation baseball league from a spaghetti PHP mishmash over to a well-structured CakePHP application.< Less
CakePHP Unit Testing: Accelerate Your Developement By rrd
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I wrote this book for the following audiences: 1. People who have programming skills and want to improve the quality of their code. 2. People who have heard about unit testing but are still not... More > clear what it is or how it works. 3. People who love CakePHP and want to take advantage of what it offers. People who have spent a lot of time searching for bugs after a 3rd party upgrade. The examples in this book use CakePHP, but the first half of the book is not framework or language specific. I hope unit testing and the ideas presented in this book will help you as much as they’ve helped me.< Less
855163 By Nong Hung
eBook (PDF): $149.99
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Building PHP Applications with Symfony™, CakePHP and Zend® Framework

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