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Unbelievable Benefits of Calcium and Magnesium: The Magical Body Benefits of Calcium and Magnesium Revealed By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Free Calcium Benefits From Calcium Foods Calcium is one the most active minerals that works in your body to keep your alive. It gives your bones solid structure and is involved in muscle... More > contractions with magnesium. By knowing as much as you can about calcium and magnesium and applying this knowledge, you give yourself a chance to live a better and longer life. Calcium and Magnesium are prime minerals that are active in trapping body acids. The can give you an alkaline body. This single benefit that these minerals provide you should motivate you to discover how you can best use these minerals to create an alkaline body An alkaline body is what you should strive for, if you want to be free of disease. But both these minerals give numerous other benefits that you should know about. Click on the buy button now, and start today with the right dose of calcium and magnesium that your body needs to prevent a variety of illnesses.< Less
Using Calcium to Stop Illness: Discover How to Use Calcium for Superior Health By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $6.97
In this calcium e-book, discover why you should be concentrating on increasing calcium in your diet. This e-book explains in detail on how calcium is digested and absorbed. There are certain body... More > processes and habits that you have that can block the calcium you eat or the supplements you take, from being absorbed. When you block calcium absorption, calcium is expelled in your urine or feces. Calcium is considered a super mineral. It is involved in hundreds of body chemical reactions and is involved the every aspect of your body functions. By knowing what diseases are caused by a calcium deficiency, you can prevent these diseases, by eating the right foods and supplements. If you already have these diseases, then it is important that you start on a calcium diet. Now is the time to get straight on calcium. CLICK on the BUY button and get started on your calcium diet.< Less
The Powerful Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium: Create An Alkaline Body with These Minerals By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $8.78
If you want to have good health all your life, then you need to know how sodium, calcium, and magnesium work in your body. With this knowledge, you can adjust your eating habits to eat those foods... More > that provide the highest and best levels of these minerals. You can increase the supplements you use to target specific diseases and to keep your body alkaline. You should know which supplements to use for these minerals and amounts to take. When you have a lot of these minerals in your body, you will have an alkaline body and less illness. Getting the right amount of sodium into your body is critical for cell function, nerve transmission, and acid elimination. And the sodium to use does not come from table salt, but from food. Calcium also is major player for an alkaline body. It works with magnesium to keep bones strong and maintain a powerful body. Take action now to get this information, which when you use it, will change the way you live and feel. Click on the buy button now.< Less
Vegan Pregnancy Diet: With Fiber Protein Calcium Folate Vitamins Beta Carotene Enriched: 120 Vegan Recipes By Busy Mom's
eBook (ePub): $2.99
If you're a vegan, and you're pregnant you'll want to take supplements that supply vitamin B12, iron, and folic acid. (Until you read nutritional information of recipes). Supplements do not replace... More > a healthy diet but rather ensure that a woman is receiving enough daily nutrients. Vitamin supplements work best when taken as part of a healthy diet and not as a substitute for a healthy diet. Even if you are not vegan it is advisable to have few vegan salad and light meals in a day to have balanced pregnancy diet. This book will help you understand importance of healthy diet to make informed decisions about what you’re feeding yourself and your unborn bundle of joy! All the recipes contain detail information about Calories, Beta carotene, fiber, Cholesterol, protein, fat, saturated fat, Folate dfe, Calcium, sodium, Carbohydrates, Total sugars and vitamins Also great attention has been given to saturated fat (which are bad fat) Each recipes have healthy Fat: Saturated fat ratio.< Less
Anemia Pregnancy Guide: Delicious High Iron Prenatal Nutrient Rich Pregnancy Recipes: Get Your Proteins-Fiber-Calcium-Iron-Folic Acid-Zinc-Vitamins (A: B1: B2: B3: B6: B12: C: D: E) By Jessica Carter
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Too much overdose prenatal vitamins can be toxic in a synthetic form, so it is best obtained from a healthy diet rather than supplements. Get all your daily prenatal vitamins needs through... More > diet: NUTRIENT RDA Protein 71 mg Calcium 1,000 mg DHA 200 mg Folic acid 600 mcg Iodine 220 mcg Iron 27 mg B12 6 mcg Thiamin/B1 1.4 mg Riboflavin/B2 1.4 mg Niacin/B3 18 mg Pyridoxine/B6 1.9 mg Beta Carotene 770 mcg) Folic Acid/Folate 600 mcg Vitamin C 80 mg Vitamin D 200 IU Vitamin E 15 mg Zinc 11 mg All the recipes contain detail nutritional information about the same.This book will help you understand importance of healthy diet to make informed decisions about what you’re feeding yourself and your unborn bundle of joy!< Less
Selecting the Right Nutriments By RC Ellis
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Vitamin Vitality Ultimate reference to vital nutrients for our body
Everything You’ll Need to Know Vol.33 Vitamin-C Recipe’s By RC Ellis
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Even if you take a vitamin C supplement, such as a multivitamin containing a synthetic vitamin C, it is still important to eat foods with real vitamin C. Real Vitamin C contains other components that... More > synthetic C doesn't have, such as bioflavonoids, ascorbic acid and rutin, among others.< Less
Thyroid Newsletter -- March/April 2007 By Mary Shomon
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Special 16-page issue features an in-depth story on "Thyroid Medication," including how and when to take your thyroid medication, taking thyroid medication at night, the impact of a... More > high-fiber diet, calcium, if you miss a dose, interactions with vitamins with iron, remembering to take medication, optimum time and conditions for thyroid blood tests, hot temperatures and the effect on thyroid drugs. Other stories include: * Special Report from Dr. Holtorf: Endocrinological Assessment and Obesity Treatment * Study Finds High Arsenic Levels in Kelp Supplements * Thyroid Surgery Update * Allergic and Autoimmune Disease Linkage * Ordering Your Own Thyroid and Hormone Testing * Free or Low-cost Health Coverage * Disability Insurance * Thinking You Got a Workout May Make You Healthier * A Healthy Chocolate Brownie? * 12 Tips for Your Annual Physical * Spring Allergy and Sinus Alert< Less
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The Backyard Herbalist By Dandelion
eBook (PDF): $4.85
Did you know Your backyard contains a bug repellent more powerful than DEET, a source of calcium more readily used by your body than expensive supplements, a life saving liver cleanse and tonic... More > ... a fast acting anti itch agent, anti-bacterial compounds for scrapes, cuts, bites and stings, and an effective treatment for PMS? For millennia, physicians, wise women and native healers have been aware that substances found in common plants can ease pain, heal illness, and promote optimum health and longevity. The knowledge of how to identify, harvest, and prepare these plants has nearly become a lost art. Now, in The Backyard Herbalist's Guide, an experienced woods woman teaches YOU how to unleash the power of plants and create potent healing agents in your own kitchen using common backyard weeds! Even if you live in the city, you can find what you need easily and for free.< Less