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5:2 Diet: The 5:2 Fast Diet Tried & Tested By Sam Milner
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Watch over my shoulder as I test out the 5:2 fasting diet with a range of interesting experiments The intermittent 5:2 fasting diet is a great way to lose weight and keep it off. Those who follow... More > this diet eat fewer calories two days a week, which causes their body to burn fat for fuel. If you're new to fasting, you may be wondering how it works and what to expect. The 5:2 Fasting Diet Tried and Tested is based on my personal experience with this weight loss plan. I've tested the 5:2 diet for three non-consecutive weeks. Find out whether or not the 5:2 fasting diet works Read about my personal experience with this diet Get meal plans and snack ideas Tips for quick weight loss Discover the pros and cons of the 5:2 diet This book will help you figure out whether or not this diet suits your needs. Read my story, create your own menus, and watch the pounds disappear!< Less
10 Pounds, 10 Days: How I Lost Weight Fast By Chris Miller
Paperback: $10.95
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You know you want to lose weight. If anyone came up to you and said they lost 10 pounds in 10 days without going on some kind of crazy diet you would be skeptical to say the least. But I'm here to... More > tell you, “That is exactly what I did!” 10 Pounds, 10 Days is my personal story of rapid weight loss. Using Low Blood sugar exercise and taking advantage of the Afterburn effect I was able to maximize calorie burn throughout the day, even long after I had finished exercising. Chances are you have been putting off losing weight for far too long. Sharing my weight loss success story is an easy way to see if what worked for me could work for you. I am glad I accepted the challenge, it has changed my life and made me a much happier and more energetic person. My only hope is that you see the same results after reading this book.< Less
Home Truths for Fat Blokes By Mel Lewis
eBook (PDF): $5.67
Home Truths for Fat Blokes is about a Fat Bloke who wants to recapture the ability to buy clothes off the shelf, of someone who is embarrassed by being Fat and wants to improve his life. An ordinary... More > Fat bloke who was told by a doctor that unless he lost weight and got fitter, his life was likely to be cut short.Home Truths includes food examples, food calories and ideas for losing weight as followed by the author who lost 2.5 stones (35lbs) in two months. Most of all it contains some Home Truths! The author, Mel Lewis said: "I didn't start out intending to write about my experience, it just sort of happened. After passing the story around, they got very excited - with words like "funny, sad and informative" being used to describe the story. So I thought, why not expand on that and give the story to everyone." A unique, amusing even sometimes sad insight into what it's like to be very Fat.< Less
Top 10 Weight Loss Myths By Olivia Barnes
eBook (PDF): $5.45
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Weight loss myths are everywhere you look and they can be detrimental to your health as well as the goals you have set for yourself. This report will tell you about 10 such myths that can sabotage... More > your weight loss efforts! From this report, you will learn: - Cutting down tremendously on calories means that the pounds will drop off quicker. - Being strict and depriving myself of foods is good - Say goodbye to all foods that are not deemed as healthy - Eating foods late at night is more likely to pack on the pounds. - Eating between meals is a dieting no-no. - All fat is bad for my health and for my weight loss efforts. - Skipping meals, especially breakfast, will help me in my fight to drop pounds. - Dairy products should be taken out of my diet completely. - Willpower is the most important weapon in the fight to loss weight. Read more at< Less
Hotgirl Diet By Ezina LeBlanc
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Have you looked at other fit women and wondered what it is that they have that you don’t? Her confidence. The way that she wears last years fashions yet still looks like she just stepped off... More > the runway. She is always in shape. Men can’t stop looking at her. She never seems to notice because she is too caught up telling her story or just doesn’t seem to care. She’s hot and everybody knows it. Actress, model, actress, yogi and musician, Ezina will share all the “Real“ secrets to getting a “Hot Girl” body. She explains how to avoid the calorie, fat gram and carb counting. How to bypass excruciating time consuming and expensive exercise routines and still achieve lasting results. This is not the latest fad diet but a diet for real women of any age that just makes sense. Hotgirl Diet takes you through a series of steps to figure out your optimal sustainable eating plan.< Less
Paleo Diet: The Practical Guide to Paleo Diet By John Paleo
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Have you been trying all diets known to men but none of them worked? Do you want to lose fat and keep it off? Do you want to stay fit, healthy and full of energy while dieting? Paleo diet is the... More > answer. Paleo diet is NOT a fad diet because paleo diet is THE diet proven works by nature for thousands of years. Paleo diet is not a starvation calorie restricted diet. Paleo diet is a simple, enjoyable, healthy and it works Paleo diet focuses on consuming the right type of food in a non-strict way Inside you'll find -what you can and can't eat -how to cheat the right way -planning your paleo diet without stress -paleo diet on a budget -some simple paleo recipes -you'll even find some FAQs for paleo diet lifestyle This paleo diet ebook will definitely help you in enjoying your new found lifestyle in a practical manner.< Less
Juice Feasting: Personal Development for Smart People By Steve Pavlina & Rastislav Penčík
eBook (ePub): $3.10
What Is Juice Feasting? That isn’t a typo. Juice feasting isn’t quite the same thing as juice fasting. On a juice feast, the goal is to drink enough fresh juice that you aren’t... More > restricting calories at all. In practice that means drinking at least a gallon of fresh juice per day. All these juices must be made fresh, so nothing is pasteurized. However, it’s okay to make a day’s worth of juice in the morning and then drink it in batches throughout the day. It can be a bit labor intensive to make so much juice. I estimate it will take me 60-90 minutes per day, including prep and clean-up. But that isn’t bad because time is gained by not having to eat. I can drink my juice while working at my desk if I want. Starting today, I’m kicking off a 92-day juice feasting experiment. This means that for the next 3 months, I won’t be eating any solid foods. Instead I’ll be consuming lots and lots of fresh fruit and veggie juices... This book is composed of the articles from Steve Pavlina's website.< Less
1000 Facts about Comic Books Vol. 2 By James Egan
Paperback: $8.42
Prints in 3-5 business days
Deadpool is terrified of cows. Batman had a brother. Spider-Man has teamed up with the Transformers. The X-Men is a rip-off of The Doom Patrol. Captain America was the first superhero to be... More > rebooted. The Flash can burn 1.6 billion calories in a minute. Hulk quit The Avengers after the second issue. Mogo is a superhero who is also a planet. There is a pig version of Iron Man called Iron Ham. Joker has killed over 2,000 people. Magneto used to be an Avenger. Lex Luthor joined the Justice League. Professor X carries a gun at all times. It’s illegal to name your child “Superman” in Sweden. The Punisher has teamed up with Robocop. Stan Lee has created over 600 Marvel characters. Marvel weren’t allowed to tell stories about werewolves until 1971. A part of Doctor Doom’s armor is made of the cross that Jesus died on. Wonder Woman once battled an evil egg.< Less