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Voters in Tennessee will have the chance to make 72-year-old James Reesor the new Governor in 2010. His 95-county grassroots campaign through fast-food restaurants and car lots includes publicizing... More > this "CAMPAIGN IDEAS" book! < Less
Campaign Consult Guide By Institute of Cultural Affairs in the USA
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Procedures and materials for the four consultation events that launch, implement, and evaluate one-year AIDS-Free Community Campaigns for African communities.
The Fantasy Sagas Campaign Atlas By Ruel Knudson
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The Campaign Atlas is a resource for both players and Game Masters to collect and compile information concerning the world they travel in. Each entry provides a map grid and statistics regarding the... More > region. Players can record information such as political alliances, religious affiliations, major characters, and more. As the campaign changes and areas react to player character actions Game Masters can maintain continuity and plots in an easy to use format. The Campaign Atlas is a companion to both the Character Journal and the Campaign Journal and offer a complete record keeping resource for maintaining dynamic worlds.< Less
Runaways - A Catalyst RPG Campaign By Cherry Picked Games
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(Note: This is a campaign requiring the Catalyst RPG system. Visit for the base game or to purchase a PDF of Runaways.) Over a year has passed since the... More > demons took Earth from humanity. Survivors cling to life outside of the demon-controlled cities, struggling to find food, warmth, and security. "Runaways" follows the players through this harsh reality as they escape a demon slave market and chase rumors of a safe haven across the Rocky Mountains. This guide aids game masters in directing a Catalyst campaign. "Runaways" takes 3-5 players through a short, 4-session campaign.< Less
Zodiacs Campaign Guide By Luke Green
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A description of a world setting which can be fit to any existing game system as per the desires of the players or game master. Includes: Six cultures, seven non-human races, six magical traditions... More > and an example campaign. The example campaign focuses around a wolf samurai, a tiger traveler, a snake pistoleer, a human fighter, a raccoon thief and a raven magician.< Less
Realms of Beltora Campaign Gazetteer By Red Dragon Tavern Games
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In a world of powerful wizards, fiendish foes, lost treasures,and evil beasts a new age is being forged. Only great heroes can shape its fate. Are you such a hero? If so, open this tome and discover... More > the lands of adventure as the Campaign Gazetteer takes you on a guided tour through the Realms of Beltora! Realms of Beltora Campaign Gazetteer is a must have companion to use with The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. It offers a whole new world of adventure for you to embark on quests for riches or rid the realms of vile beasts that stalk the innocent. A whole new fantasy world awaits! Realms of Beltora Campaign Gazetteer includes: * A complete detailed guide through the eleven Realms of Beltora including history, languages, currency, time and seasons, and statistical blocks to each city and town. * Beautifully detailed cartography maps of the Realms of Beltora. * Detailed backgrounds of forty-five new deities. * New player character races * And much more!< Less
Habitat for Humanity 06' Campaign By La Bouakham
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Habitat for Humanity 06 Campaign was created to promote awareness and increase donations towards funding of building news homes for low income families. Home improvement items can be donated to... More > support them in a way where they can be resold at the Habitat for Humanity Discount Store for charity.< Less
The Age of Shadow Campaign Guide By Kristian Richards
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This campaign guide is intended for use with The Age of Shadow Role-playing Game, and is presented in such a way as to quickly familiarise both players and GMs with the specifics of the setting, as... More > well as providing a starting point from which many tales and adventures may arise.< Less
Road Safety Campaigns in India By vinod kanumala
eBook (PDF): $8.99
#roadsafetycampaignsinindia For the safety of everyone, the age limit for a person to drive should be 118 and above failing, which the person is liable to penalty.Know more at... More >< Less
Campaign to Win - the 13 Commandments By Jay Herther
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CAMPAIGN TO WIN is designed for businesses that want to grow exponentially. It is written for organizations that are trying to Capture/Win large, complex highly competitive jobs. CAMPAIGN TO WIN... More > shares 13 Commandments to help dramatically increase your win rate. The author, Jay Herther, has been involved in countless proposals and he has directly lead over a dozen major Capture team pursuits. The results have been an outstanding 78% Win Rate on major Must Win jobs resulting in contract values exceeding $10Billion. Read this book to get you and your company into the Winner's Circle!< Less

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