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Candida Infections No More By V. T.
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Been suffering from Candida Albicans or Yeast Infection? It's too embarrassing for you to seek a doctor or family members? Don't worry. Candida is a common disease that will happen to many woman.... More > Some do not even realize they are affected. If it's controlling your life, you have to seek a solution. An easy way is to get your information from an ebook. This ebook consists tons of information and case studies of Candida, or yeast infections. You can download it into your smart phone and read it wherever you go, and it's private. Get it now!< Less
Candida: Holistic Solutions By Dr. Debbie McFarland, D.C., DiplMedAc
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Candida/Yeast issues are typically associated with vaginal infections yet, did you know that babies, MEN and women can have candida overgrowth? It may look like diaper rash, cradle cap, thrush, jock... More > itch, bloating, can't lose weight or make you say/think things like, "Why can't the doctors figure out what is wrong with me?". If you have any auto immune disease, gut issue, brain fog, fibromyalgia, diabetes or a weakened immune system there may be a huge Candida involvement. This book addresses what Candida looks like, the conditions that may be related, what causes it, how to avoid - including diet changes, and holistic solutions. As always my books are packed with information and easy to understand.< Less
Candida Cure: Essential Information By Jim Larsen
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Dietary Do's and Dont's Because candida loves sugar, it needs to be prevented in all its types (dextrose, sucrose, glucose, maltose, lactose, fructose). Say goodbye to all fruits, other than the low... More > sugar ones like strawberries, cherries, and papayas which can be eaten in rigorous moderation. Read the label of every foodstuff you buy to be sure there is no added sugar (a near impossible task nowadays!). Diet is your main tool against candida, however likewise the most aggravating as you will have to quit a lot of foods. Proposal farewell to: wheat, rye, milk, cheese, alcoholic or caffeinated drinks, potatoes, honey, mushrooms, and vinegar: all these foods promote yeast growth or can aggravate currently present yeast colonies.< Less
Your Aromatic Anti-Candida Program By Cécile Ellert
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A completely unique, natural and efficient aromatic approach. All you need to serve your physical and emotional balance for life, and protect yourself from candida induced chronicity. It... More > includes: Your grocery list, allowing you to properly manage the availability of your very own foods, Gourmet recipies from all over the world, to please the entire family as well as your guests, Anti-fungal and detoxifying supplements, Aromatic preparations to ready yourself for physical and em0tional detoxification, deep ground treatment as well as symptoms relief, Drug free alternatives to classic medicine used for candida related symptoms, Tips to help you get the most from the program and stay “clean”, Tools to help you identify the imbalances feeding your candidosis, Pages to help your customize the program to demanding situations such as Autism, ADHD, Sugar addiction, Pages to help you deal with your emotions using essential oils, Pages to help people with special needs : Autism, ADHD, IBS, vegetarians.< Less
Candidiasis(Candida) AKA Yeast Infection By Life Doctor
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This is an explanation of the pattern of imbalance and disease of yeast infection caused by candida albicans over growth,from a holistic and eastern medicine perspective.Includes health suggestions.
Candida Free Living: How to Do It the Easy Way Most People Overlook By Barbara Jennifer
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Do you know that 85% of us are walking around with overgrowth of candida albicans? If you have unexplained migraines, aches and pains that suddenly appears and gone, you're probably is suffering from... More > yeast intolerance What if I told you there is an easy approach to avoid all that? Hi, my name is Barbara Jennifer and I've been living a healthy and balanced diet for years We all know yeast is bad for the body Symptoms of yeast intolerance is endless From aches and pains, the twinges of arthritis to unexplained migraines Nowadays, in the era of civilization, fast food and processed food, it's really hard to avoid yeast all together We are surrounded by unhealthy and unbalanced food But what if I told you that the very answer to avoid these problem lies directly below your nose and it's actually not difficult at all to do it? That is the very reason I wrote this book That is to help you live a healthy and balanced diet just like what I've been doing all these years< Less
Beat Candida & I.B.S in Six Weeks By Dr. Karen Peeton
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Beat Candida & I.B.S in Six Weeks, through this extremely effective program. Beat Candida & I.B.S. within Six Weeks, using the most powerful recipes, and Anti-fungal oils combinations... More > Instantly in Six weeks Max! Shows you the most effective way for banishing those yeasty friends that corrupts are daily lives. Get your health back with these amazing secret Recipes/Juices/Oils.< Less
Recipes & Diet Advice for Endometriosis: Comprehensive Diet and Nutrition Advice to Help Reduce the Pain and Symptoms of Endometriosis (Updated) By Carolyn Levett
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By combining diet and natural treatments the author was able to rid herself of endometriosis, with proof of her recovery confirmed by her gynaecologist. This improved and updated version has over 260... More > recipes plus in-depth advice about the basis of the diet and additional digestive health issues. As well as being designed to help endometriosis, the recipes can help those with gluten and lactose intolerance and help address IBS and Candida. Advice is included about detox, balancing your hormones, diet and fertility, and how to support the immune system. The ultimate aim of the diet is to reduce the pain, inflammation and painful symptoms of endometriosis and testimonials are included of the successes from past readers. Every aspect of the endometriosis diet is covered - drinks, soups, mains, sweets, baking and sauces, all based on the best and healing nutrition but NOT compromising on flavour - the clearest and most detailed diet guide available to help sufferers of endometriosis.< Less
My Health is Your Wealth By Ravi Sahay
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In praise of Ravi Sahay's book: "Ravi has done an excellent job of stepping out of the box and looking at health and wellness through a > new perspective." - Mimi Guarneri, MD,... More > FACC "Ravi Sahay's infinite persistence in seeking a cure for his Candida, Sinusitis,Eczema and Urinary Tract Infections will be inspirational for fellow afflicted sufferers. The wisdom and experience of Integrated Holistic treatment approaches, including Ayurveda, Nutrition and Diet has enabled Mr Sahay to produce an eloquent and coherent plea for a more effective, rational and cost-effective Medical System. Will the Medical Establishment be listening? Best wishes" - Sandra Goodman, Ph.D.,Editor and Director, Positive Health Publications Ltd " Ravi, your book is excellent - a good introduction in natural health." - Frank Cuny, Executive Director, California Citizens for Health Freedom This book is an account of personal journeys of individuals towards health and vitality from many chronic and incurable diseases.< Less
Revealing the Physical Changes By Angela Stokes
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REVEALING THE PHYSICAL CHANGES: Will my stretched skin go back into place? How long is it going to take me to detox? What will happen if I go back to processed foods? How do I handle my... More > candida?... ...for people losing a lot of weight with a raw lifestyle, the same questions always arise. All these issues and more are covered in this unique new book, which was written to address these common queries and provide a comprehensive overview of the physical changes you can anticipate when losing weight with a raw lifestyle. Weight loss, detox, skin issues, candida infections, deficiencies, colon cleansing and more are all covered in this ground-breaking work. Written with honesty and clarity, the insightful guidance shared here is a combination of personal experience and extensive research into healthy raw living.< Less