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Candle Making As a Home Based Business By Julia Stewart, Malibu Publishing
eBook (ePub): $7.99
(2 Ratings)
Making candles can be great fun. Some people choose to take their love of this art and make money doing what they enjoy spending their time on. There are many areas of the candle making business you... More > need to consider before embarking on such an adventure. Knowing how to make quality candles isn’t enough. You need to educate yourself on ways to promote your candles, ordering supplies, offering customer service, and determining a price for your candles. We all know candles are a very popular item, so the market for such products is out there. However, that market can’t purchase your candles if they don’t know about it.< Less
Candle Making Mystery Revealed: Easy Candle Making At Home for Personal and Business By Carol Carter
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Do you want to know how to make your own beautiful candles? Are you interested to know everything there is you need to know about home made candles? If you answer yes to all those questions, this... More > book IS for you Here is what you'll learn in this candle making book: -three steps to prime your wicks -what you absolutely must not do -how to use different kinds of molds -how to choose the right wax -how to make different kinds of candles -three simple ways to use wick -excellent strategies for making different kinds of candles -expert candle maker's secret revealed -tips and tricks when it comes to selling your candles -and many more This candle making ebook is written in plain and simple English without any super complicated technical language which means ANYBODY can benefit from this ebook.< Less
B to B Candle Making By Albert Rayl
Paperback: $39.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
If you like Candles and want to know EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM and how to make them and have a profitable business This book is for YOU
A Beginners Guide to Candle Making By Barbara Zimmerman
eBook (ePub): $7.97
Flip a switch and turn on a light! If there is one thing about modern life we really take for granted, it is indoor electric lighting. Imagine, if you will, a home in the Middle Ages. It is night,... More > and the day's hard work is done. A single candle lights the interior of the room. This candle provides light for the family's night time activities. It occupies a distinguished position in human history. The candle is one of mankind's earliest inventions. The history of candle making is a long and interesting story. This book covers several aspects of candle making such as: - Candle Making Basics - Candle Making Supplies - Operating a Successful Candle Making Business - Making Votive Candles - Making Hand Dipped Candles - Making Unity Candles and much more! Scroll up... and click on "Buy Now" to deliver almost instantly to your iPad or other reading device.< Less
Candle Making at Home By Jonathon Tyson
eBook (ePub): $1.87
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Today candle making is a fun hobby or craft. For some, it is a very profitable business venture. Candle making provides you with the ability to create wonderful designs and crafts out of your... More > candles. There is no limit to the shapes, sizes, and colors you can make your candles in. The candle making process is easy to follow if you take your time and learn from your mistakes. Those who are impatient and take multitasking to an extreme will most likely not enjoy the art of candle making. However, it is very enjoyable by those who have plenty of time to take with the process and who enjoy creating things. I wrote this book for all those who have a passion for candles and how they are created. Throughout this book you will learn everything from the history and basics of candle making to the step-by-step procedures of creating many different types of candles.< Less
How To MAke Soy Wax Candles By Gregory Celestine
eBook (PDF): $5.00
This easy to follow ebook gives simple to follow direction on making soy candles.Let your creative genius loose as you perfect your skills to beautify your home or generate additional income. ... More > Planning to make it into a business or even a hobby?. Then downloaad now and get started on your new endeavour< Less
Make and Sell Candles - Make Gifts and Cash By Marcie Holden
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Some of the most powerful American corporations have subsidiaries in the candle business and the hobbyist numbers, including those who sell in small quantities are growing well. When people see... More > lovely hand-made candles, they want to know where they can they get some or how can they learn to make their own. I’ll show you how to make your own candles. Go through the steps a few times and then you will be ready to start creating your own designs sooner than you might believe right now! There are as many ways to make candles as there are types of candles to make. I’ll focus on the ones which I believe are most popular, starting with some that are really easy! I’ll give you some tips about making up your own designs. I’ll also give you some ideas for selling your candles if that’s what you want to do. I believe that almost any adult can make candles successfully with the help I provide here. And they can save money on gifts or even make extra dollars before too long.< Less
Homemade Candles Made Simple By Jennifer Stepanik
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Imagine being able to make your very own candles? Ideal as gifts, for home use and even as a business opportunity. This comprehensively illustrated candle making book runs you through each stage of... More > the candle making process in an easy step by step fashion. Homemade Candles Made Simple breaks up each candle making technique into beginner, intermediate and advanced making candle options. A section on Candle-making activities for children is also included. Here are just a handful of the candles that you'll be learning to make: tea-light candles, candle melts/tarts, votive candles, floating candles, container candles, gel candles, hand dipped, pillar candles, sand candles, chunk candles, ice candles, hurricane shells, hand rolled beeswax candles, rustic candles,recycled candles and much much more< Less
Candle Making Secrets Exposed - Learn How to Make Professional Candles at Home for Fun and Profit By Mark Smith
eBook (ePub): $3.99
You will learn how to make beautiful candles that not only look good but smell good. I include some candle recipes, my secret formulas, tips and tricks that helped make me tens of thousands of... More > dollars all from the comfort of my home. If you can make Ice cubes, then you can make candles. It really is that simple. Not only is it easy but it is fun and rewarding. Your hobby can become a lucrative business that can make you loads of money. If you have never created something then you are missing out on a great feeling of accomplishment. To be able to look at something and say “ I made that!” Is a very nice feeling. I have been making candles for over ten years. I will teach you the Candle "Lingo" that will keep you from making the mistakes that novice and advanced candle makers make everyday. People have been making candles for hundreds of years. What are you waiting for? Learn how to unleash your creativity and start making candles that can make you money with step by step recipes for success.< Less
Professional Looking Candles Made Easy By Christopher C Ejimofor
eBook (PDF): $16.00
Starting a new hobby in candle making is fun and exciting. But what happens when that hobby becomes a passion and starts looking more like a business than a "hobby?" This is where you... More > start looking at other candles in stores and start comparing their looks to yours. And more than likely you will say that theirs look more professional than yours. And that's ok. This should not scare you at all, as there are ways to make your candles look exceptional and smooth like the professionals.< Less