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captivated By aliza latta
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A collection of poetry, essays, short stories and theatre.
Captive By Darren G. Burton
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After working late one night, Ruby misses her bus home. Taking a shortcut through town down a dark alleyway, she is abducted and taken to a remote location where she is held captive by her kidnapper.... More > Ruby must find a way to escape before she becomes a serial killer's next victim.< Less
Captive By Johnathan Bishop
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Serene, a young college student, out past her curfew, finds herself face to face with a dark assailant. Her innocents about to be taken, he changes his plans and decides she would be better used... More > elsewhere. How will she respond to her captor and his new plans for her?< Less
Captivated By M.S. Dressler
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Mature Theme 18+ Bryce has finally had enough and decides to run away from her abusive husband. While on the run she meets a dark and mysterious man on the plane and has one intense encounter. In... More > fact, the most intense encounter of her life. She wants him desperately but deep down she knows she’s has too many secrets she can’t and won’t reveal, one being that she’s still technically married. Nash can’t seem to get the girl who rocked his world out of his head. Ten months after their “encounter” on the plane he runs into her again, however this time he’s not going to let her get away that easily. Her mouth says she wants nothing to do with him, but her body says a whole other story. She wants him but can he handle the lies she’s been telling him all along? Will he be able to protect her from her husband or will her husband actually win in the end? Will Bryce finally allow her barriers to break down or will she continue to push him away? Is his love enough to keep her Captivated?< Less
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The Captivating By C.C. Russell
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Author C.C. Russell invites you on a fascinating journey of the heart in the first book the unexpected. Lydia Smallwood agrees to be a surrogate mother for close friends, but she soon discovers her... More > life will never be the same again. The responsibilities and the risks are overwhelming as unexpected things start to happen. Lydia is about to make unforgettable discoveries about life, love and friendship as she opens the door to a world of unbelievable things. Join her as she finds her path and passions and teaches us some important truths about life and living as she faces: The Unexpected.< Less
Captive By Lydia Brown
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A young girl Charisse is taken from her home and she does not know why. Eventually she escapes to find out why.
The Captive By Margaret O'Connor
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This is part of my book I'm still working on the rest but it's about an princess from India and she is captured. it's a romantic thriller
Captive By Ariel Fletcher
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There was a storm brewing on the island, but something worse was infusing in Cole’s mind. It was by more than chance that he and Jade had ended up at the same vacation resort, and things seem... More > to fall into place when she asked for a morning sail on his boat, pushing them into a raging storm and stranding them on an island. Cole’s jail term was the price he paid for his crimes against her, and he came out a changed man. He knew Jade had become engaged while he was in prison, and he assumed she was now married to another man. He had her in his heart, but he promised himself he’d leave her be. Jade’s life however, had taken a turn for the worst. A damaging relationship, and a lack of money, threw her and her young son into the streets, ultimately leading her into the dark world of a bad drug addiction. Cole became her rescuer when he found her on the beach, taking her into his home, and it seemed like a safe haven, but it proved not to be so safe after all.< Less
Captive By Rin Sparrow
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As a young freedom fighter, Gage risked everything for the cause he believed in. When he is finally caught and imprisoned, however, can his spirit - and heart - survive against the interrogator... More > determined to force him into submission...? Delve into this and two bonus stories from the world of! Warning: dark themes, some bdsm< Less