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Casino Carcosa By Mark McLaughlin, Michael Sheehan Jr.
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A tale of the King in Yellow! Includes interior illustrations by Dave Felton.
Lost Carcosa & The Yellow Sign By August Moldenhauer
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The Lost city of Carcosa, ancient and mysterious, is barely described in Ambrose Bierce's short story 'An Inhabitant of Carcosa' (1891). In Robert W Chambers 'Yellow Mythos' stories, and within the... More > apocryphal play 'The King in Yellow' the city is possibly a cursed place.The descriptions given of Carcosa and of the Yellow Sign seem to make it clear that it may be located on another planet, or possibly even in another universe. Editor August Moldenhauer presents this collection of stories and essays on Lost Carcosa and The Yellow Sign, with links to the medieval city of Carcassonne in southern France, whose Latin name was "Carcaso", the Catharism, and Manichaeism.< Less
Le Roi en Jaune (The King in Yellow) [Paperback] By Thomas De Castigne
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The cursed French play Le Roi en Jaune, the King in Yellow with a new English translation, introduction, essays, and notes. Includes an essay on the writing of the play and its place in art history.... More > (Paperback, hardback also available)< Less
The King In Yellow By Robert W Chambers
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The first four stories are loosely connected by three main devices: A fictional play in book form entitled The King in Yellow; A mysterious and malevolent supernatural entity known as The King in... More > Yellow; An eerie symbol called The Yellow Sign. These stories are macabre in tone, centering, in keeping with the other tales, on characters that are often artists or decadents. The first and fourth stories, "The Repairer of Reputations" and "The Yellow Sign", are set in an imagined future 1920s America, whereas the second and third stories, "The Mask" and "In the Court of the Dragon", are set in Paris. These stories are haunted by the theme: "Have you found the Yellow Sign?" The weird and macabre character gradually fades away during the remaining stories, and the last three are written in the romantic fiction style common to Chambers' later work. They are all linked to the preceding stories by their Parisian setting and artistic protagonists.< Less
The King In Yellow : A New Translation By Thomas De Castigne
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The original French Text of the Play Le Roi en Jaune (1893) together with a new English translation, introduction and essays.
Acting Strangely By DJ Tyrer
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From the author of THE YELLOW HOUSE. Carcosa! Carcosa! Read and don't become insane!
Le Roi en Jaune (The King in Yellow) By Thomas De Castigne
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A new English translation of the cursed French play 'Le Roi en Jaune' - The King in Yellow, with introduction, essays, and a history of the play as a work of art.
Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities By Henrik Sandbeck Harksen et al.
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What lurks in the damp recesses of urban existence? These new tales of weird fiction are a blend of urban horror, pulp noir and dark fantasy. Lovecraftian horrors and Cthulhu Mythos monsters have... More > never been this gritty. From haunted Kingsport across the globe to shadowy Berlin and the otherworldly music of Bangalore. From kind, sexy neighbors to cyberpunk paranoia an The King in Yellow. A journalist's search with unexpected results. What really happened to Walter Gilman, and what is the origin of the witch Keziah Mason? And witness humanity fail against the forces from beyond. From weird sounds to screams of madness. Entropy. Chaos. Disorder. Death. Beneath cities, on the outskirts of ruined, aeon-old cities and INSIDE cities. The stench, the decay, the hopelesness... it is everywhere. Welcome to URBAN CTHULHU: NIGHTMARE CITIES.< Less
The Yellow Sign and Others By Robert W. Chambers
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The Yellow Sign by Robert W. Chambers. When I first saw the watchman his back was toward me. I looked at him indifferently until he went into the church. Late in the afternoon, the day being warm, I... More > raised the window again and leaned out to get a sniff of air. A man was standing in the courtyard of the church, and I noticed him again with as little interest as I had that morning. As I turned, my listless glance included the man below in the churchyard. His face was toward me now, and with a perfectly involuntary movement I bent to see it. At the same moment he raised his head and looked at me. Instantly I thought of a coffn-worm. Whatever it was about the man that repelled me I did not know, but the impression of a plump white grave-worm was so intense and nauseating that I must have shown it in my expression, for he turned his puffy face away with a movement which made me think of a disturbed grub in a chestnut.< Less
The Pearls That Were His Eyes By Ian Andrews
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Cittàvecchio - the Old City. An Age of Reason, so the Lords of the City say, from behind their elegant masks. Superstition has no place in modern Cittàvecchio; we have moved beyond... More > our dark past. But in the flooded streets and narrow, fogbound alleyways of the old Imperial capital, a past both feared and secretly yearned for may not have given up its grip entirely - as dissent against the Duke spreads through the populace and bloody murders stir up the poor and dispossessed, the city is reminded once more that where there is superstition, there is usually good reason why - and that even in an Age of Reason, there are things in the dark which wait only for an opportunity to crawl once more into the light. As Cittàvecchio's festival week draws closer it becomes more and more obvious that those who plot in secret are themselves being manipulated and manoeuvered - and those doing the maniuplating might seek, not a new government, but a return to a much older one...< Less