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DREAMKEEPER By Holly Catanzarita
eBook (PDF): $7.48
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A strange force is wiping out the people in Taft Georgia, one by one, in increasingly horrific ways. Like a spooky carnival ride through a house of horrors, it's all done with mirrors. Literally.... More > The sight in the corner of one's eye of a formless shadow of death looming back at them through the looking glass is a harbinger of doom. The story surrounds Antonio Valenti, a police detective whose dreams of a quiet little life on the force in a small town are shattered when numerous sightings occur of a mysterious and ghastly presence haunting and stalking through all the town's mirrors. With the assistance of a town reporter looking for the one scoop that will make his career, Valenti joins with a down-on-his-luck ex-gambler and a young man with a sixth sense in hot pursuit of an inter-dimensional demon of death summoned out of an uderground room of mirrors to kill and to steal dreams.< Less
Tied Up in Good Company (Lesbian BDSM Threesome) By Leona D. Reish
eBook (ePub): $2.99
When Erica and Daniel (from Shoes of Glass) met the Mistress and pet couple Jessica and Kimberly (from Hot, Wet & Tied Up) at the elusive fetish party held in a remote countryside mansion, they... More > hadn't expected to end up dancing in the palm of Jessica's hand. Having left the main hall with Kim's leash in hand to guide her, that's exactly what's happening. With Daniel ushered out of the picture, Jessica can enjoy the rest of the night to the fullest – behind a closed door with her cuddly lesbian lover and the new girl she's tempted into submitting to the wilder side of pleasure. What began as sensual temptation, kisses and questions in A Carnival of Phantasms develops now into an intense night of shared pleasure the couple will ensure Erica never forgets.< Less
Shoot it Black, Shoot it Blue By Angry Warhol
Paperback: $14.97
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In New York, they call it ‘Tin Pan Alley’, where the steel-bands practiced on Clarkson Avenue, before the Labor Day Carnival started. I walked pass them with my rifle broken down in parts... More > inside a 36 inch army duffle bag. It was calypso time in Brooklyn. The smell of curried goat and the flash of glittery gold and yellow costumes ran up and down Eastern Parkway. I had scoped the area out a week in advance and I had found an abandoned building around the corner just two tenements inside the block. It was a small view with just enough of a window’s peek to the avenue that I needed to hit my mark. After re-assembling the rifle, I stood in the dirty window with its broken glass and its dusty sill, waiting for mayor Mussolini’s float to pass. I was weak and my nerves kept jumping as I peeked through the scope of my Bushmaster .223 rifle, every time a new float came into view. I was in the final chapter of my life and this would be the exclamation point.< Less

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