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Alpha Cas By Nick Jenkins
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Is there only one possible outcome for the evolution of mankind? When two cultures light years apart follow different evolutionary paths, that question could be answered. And many more could be... More > raised. In the twenty-second century, Earth was dying. World population was more than twenty billion, the global environment was in ruins, and living conditions were intolerable everywhere on the planet. Many people thought the only hope for mankind lay in colonizing space. And so giant ships were built to carry brave volunteers who would settle the planets of nearby stars. Many years later, the colonists returned. The Earth they found was a far different place than the Earth of their distant ancestors. And they were not welcome.< Less
Christopher Nicholas By Cas Erchamion
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The tiny ripple began in Jerusalem, two thousand years ago. It resonated in the rage of an ancient being, returned from exile and seeking to quench an insatiable hunger. It rose to a wave, echoing... More > off the cries of a child orphaned in the wilderness. Rising in tidal strength, the wave lapped against the walls of an ancient sanctum, heralding both a threat and a blessing. Tall, strong and singular in purpose, the once tiny ripple grew into a great tsunami. It rolled quietly across the ocean, like an rogue asteroid into a peaceful star system. Unheeded, unexpected, the mighty wave collided against the will of an indomitable foe. Despite the devastation left in its wake, legends were born from that once, tiny ripple...and many, many cookies were eaten.< Less
Chimwala By Cas Sigers
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Chimwala is a young Malawi woman who is given the charge to protect her impoverished family. This obligation takes her on a series of dramatic twists involving an arranged marriage, a murder and a... More > trek across countries that eventually lands her in America. What Chimwala thought would be a wonderful opportunity to provide for her family turns out to be a web of horrors. Headstrong Chimwala, now a mother of three, is desperate to get back home to her family, but she’s a woman with no identification in a Western world where she knows no one. What Chimwala thinks is irony is actually fate leading her to a much bigger cause than her original mission. Through facing her fears and challenging God, Chimwala discovers that her hardships were only stepping stones for her life’s true legacy. Chimwala will take readers on an impassioned life-changing pilgrimage as they question how much can the human spirit take before breaking, and how much sacrifice and satisfaction comes with fulfilling your destiny.< Less
Oki and Harlo, fairytale friends By Cas Mesterom
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Oki, a little orphaned goat meets Harlo, a shooting star, who falls to earth and ends up in the field where Oki is asleep. They become instant best friends and together they go on a quest to find... More > Oki's momma. On their adventure, the little friends encounter wise old, Mr. Owl, Wobbly, the chicken, and a little girl named Ellie and her family. Enter a world where children can safely go and learn about making friends, being honest, and believing in dreams, as well as healthy eating and the REAL purpose of rainbows! "Oki and Harlo, fairytale friends" is the first ever draw freely e-book. The story invites the readers to make their own illustrations. There are free-draw pages that have clear instructions on what to draw. "Oki and Harlo, fairytale friends" is written for children aged 5 to 10 years, but is suitable for older children and adult kids too! It is a fun fairytale to read to your children and it is equally fun for children who are discovering the world of reading and imagination.< Less
Just Conversations By Cas Erchamion
eBook (PDF): $3.99
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As the title implies, this book is just about conversations. I wrote it to give my students ample material for speaking practice. An educator can discuss with students and/or dissect the dialogues... More > contained in this book, as only he or she can do. There are a loads of idioms, phrasal verbs and colloquial expressions for a wide variety of situations and topics. The vocabulary in each dialogue is challenging but not unfamiliar or unusual. If you are a student, the idea is to get used to collocations and colloquialism. Practice, Practice, practice! In addition, the dialogues were composed for Jr. High School ~ Freshman University level students. In other words, the grammar found within the dialogues doesn't stray too far from levels most students are used to seeing in their respective school exams. After 17 years teaching university level ESL classes, I've found that practice, practice, and practice are the top three methods of improving speaking ability.< Less
They Called Him Cas By George Dames
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They Called Him Cas In an era of multi-million dollar coaching contracts and violations in recruiting, academics and financial dealings, Cas ran a squeaky clean program, and his salary did not... More > exceed $25,000. His players loved, feared, and respected him, and continued to model their lives after him long after they left the football field. Their guiding principle in later years centered on a simple question: "What would Cas do?" This is the story of Len Casanova, his teams, and his enduring influence.< Less
Cas Building Strategies By Jamister Manalu
eBook (ePub): $10.00
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Cash Building Strategies How to Earn a Solid Income Online. We live in an uncertain world, but there is one thing we do know that is certain… and that is that times are tough. Inflation is... More > rising on pretty much all fronts. You’re busting your tail to make ends meet, but just when you think you’re making some head way; Life throws a curve ball at you that strikes you out at home plate. Bills are piling up, the cost of necessities is rising and gas prices continue to fluctuate. You have met a time in your life that working for a living seems to be shoving you further in a hole you can’t dig out of. Take a Deep Breath… Relax … and review the following report as this will help you realize there is an answer to this maddening situation you have found yourself in. You can earn a living that doesn’t bury you like an avalanche. You can rise up and see the soul-warming sunshine that others have seen. Take comfort in knowing that inner peace is at your grasp....< Less
Čas Ljubezni By Jeton Kelmendi
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JETON KELMENDI, pesnik, dramatik, publicist, prevaja- lec, založnik ter univerzitetni profesor in akademik. Rojen v mestu Peja, Kosovo (1978), končal osnovno šolo v rojstnem kraju.... More > Kasneje nadaljeval študij na Prištin- ski univerzi in diplomiral iz množuičnih komunikacij. Po- diplomsko izobraževanje je končal na Svobodni univerzi v Bruslju, kjer se je specializiral v mednarodnih in varst- venih študijah. Drugi magisterij je pridobil iz diplomaci- je. Kelmendi je naredil doktorat iz “vpliva medijev na politično varnostna vprašanja EU”. Trenutno je profesor na AAB univerzi. Je aktiven član Evropske Akademije znanosti in umetnosti v Salzburgu v Austriji. Trenutno živi in dela v Bruslju v Belgiji in v Prištini na Kosovu.< Less
Writing By Fordham CAS Writers
Paperback: $6.37
Prints in 3-5 business days
A collection of both memoir and fiction narratives from the writers attending Fordham University's College at Sixty writing workshop
Cas9 Stable Cell Lines By Lauren George
eBook (PDF): $8.99
CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) / Cas9 (CRISPR associated protein 9) system is adapted from a naturally occurring bacterial immune system which can protect bacteria... More > from damage caused by phage infection. As an unimagined tool for genome engineering, CRISPR/Cas9 is now commonly used. Compared with ZFNs and TALENs, CRISPR/Cas9 employs sgRNA (single guide RNA) to specify editing which makes the system more precise, time/cost-saving and quite valuable for high-throughput genome editing. So far, a large number of published papers have involved the use of CRISPR/Cas9 technology.< Less

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