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Cast Iron Skillet Recipes Vegetarian By Anis Khan
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Teresa Farney, a friend and food editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette, asks: “Do you really need to dish out hundreds of dollars for designer-label, high-end cookware when there’s good... More > old cast-iron around? Durable, functional, and relatively inexpensive, cast-iron has so much going for it, it’s a wonder more cooks don’t use it. Maybe it’s because cast-iron seems so old-fashioned compared to all the modern-looking $300-plus industrial cookware sets.” “Among its strengths is that the heavy metal retains heat well, which helps food cook quickly and evenly,” Farney adds. The reason many people say that they buy a large black skillet in the first place is because they remember their mom or grandmother using it to make the best fried chicken and wonderfully crusty loaves of breads. As a result of that weight—the cookware’s only major drawback—the pans take longer to heat up than, say, stainless steel or aluminum.< Less
Dutch Oven Cookbook By Adam K Randle
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Dutch oven cooking lends a special flavor to foods that comes only through cooking using seasoned iron. You can cook almost anything in a Dutch oven that you can cook in a conventional oven. If you... More > are not cooking in the great outdoors, you can still use your Dutch oven in your regular kitchen oven. Anything you can cook in your oven or crock pot, you can cook in a Dutch oven. Whether you want a meal of chicken and rice, pot roast and potatoes, chili or even pizza, a Dutch oven does a great job! All you need to do is practice and have confidence. Using a Dutch oven at home is also very popular since the food gets cooked at a constant, all-around temperature. There's nothing better than a wonderful Dutch oven meal served for friends at home. Here are some sample recipes from this cookbook: Apple Cider Pot Roast, Baked Spinach with Cheese, Beef and Lentil Stew, Braised Red Cabbage, Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Smothered Round Steak, Veal Breast with Herb Stuffing, White Lasagna and many more recipes…< Less
Livinig Uncle Charlie's Dream By William McMillan
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Uncle Charlie: Charles S. Goodson was 1 of 12 children - my mother's youngest brother. Charlie was a confirmed bachelor who kept reappearing in my life especially during my childhood. He was happy go... More > lucky - never saw him down. He had a fabulous sense of humor and was a great storyteller. It was only after I was grown and had some experience of the world that I came to realize that he was also a pathological liar albeit a harmless one. Many of the stories he told in first person were stories that had become a legend in the Military. His life was interesting enough without embellishing it. Still I have known several people that had the same problem. Uncle Charlie had been a molder by trade until his skill became obsolete when steel mills became mechanized. He built hand molds for making such things as cast iron stoves, pans etc - pouring the molten iron by hand. He was a hobo for years then later he hitchhiked everywhere.< Less

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