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Iridology for the Dog and Cat Trilogy of Health By Mercedes Colburn
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Iridology helps us see and work on causes, imbalances, so that we are working with and supplementing the body healing and growing new healthy tissue, not just treating symptoms. In General herbs are... More > plants that are used for food, flavor or medicine. By feeding the right nutrition along with clean water and proper digestion the animal with his anate ability can heal itself. Body reflexology will release the healing power of the lymphatic system. Energy and circulation is slowed down when there is a blockage in the body. A tender spot in any part of your body indicates congestion in the energy lines. Which could mean trouble in some area that may be far removed from the tender location. With this book we cover all three iridology, herbology and reflexology.< Less
Dr. Scottie's Healthful Tips for Dogs and Cats By Scott L. Reynolds
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Cat Ventures By Gail Grayson
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Reflection and memoir of decades of rescuing feral, injured, or stray cats, nursing them back to health and placing them for adoption into forever homes. The author considers this to be her ministry... More > because of a love of God and His creatures.< Less
About Cats By Nicolae Sfetcu
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The cat, also called the domestic cat or house cat, is a small feline carnivorous mammal of the subspecies Felis silvestris catus. Its most immediate pre-domestication ancestor is the African wild... More > cat, Felis silvestris lybica. The cat has been living in close association with humans for at least 3,500 years; the Ancient Egyptians routinely used cats to keep mice and other rodents (mostly rats) away from their grain (and also believed that cats were sacred to the goddess Bastet). The history of the domestic cat may stretch back even further, as 8,000-year-old bones of humans and cats were found buried together on the island of Cyprus. A guide for the cat lovers about the cat behavior, cat attractants, cat breeds, cat health and food, type of cats, cats as pets, fictional cats, films about cats, historical cats. A book full with pictures of the most important cat breeds, tips and advice for cat behavior. cat diseases and how to take care of the cats.< Less
Cat Care By Shushmul Maheshwari
eBook (PDF): $10.00
To ensure the happiness and health of our dear cats and kittens, hundreds of dollars for vet exams may seem necessary. However any vet will tell you that a caring home is what ensures good health... More > more than any vet exam. Vets mostly give advice with prescriptions, which would have been able to prevent the illness to start with. It would be so much handier to have that advice before having to hear it from the vet. Not that vet care is not important for your pet. But the instructions in this ebook can help you keep at bay a host of expensive problems with a bit of awareness.< Less
Feed Your Cat the Natural Way : The Platform Upon Which to Build Health By Christopher Day
eBook (ePub): $12.50
The author has drawn on 43 years of veterinary experience to offer an accessible and practical guide to feeding cats with a fresh, wholesome, natural and species-suitable diet. Manufactured pet foods... More > are, in the author's opinion, not a healthy way to feed cats and many of the pitfalls are highlighted in this book. This relaxed approach to feeding domestic pets has brought health and welfare benefits to so many of the author's feline patients. 2nd Edition< Less
Astrology for Cats By Aeriel
eBook (ePub): $5.99
A book that provides an insight into your cats' personality traits, defined by Western and Eastern Astrology. Find your cats star sign and Chinese Year Sign and you may discover the reason your cat... More > sits in the bath or howls at the moon. A light hearted look at the way astrology influences the habits and personalities of the other members of your family, who they are best matched with, their likes, dislikes and health.< Less
Bengal Cat: Guide to Bengal Cat’s Care, Health Issues, Diet, Personality, Temperament, Information and Characteristics By Emma Willis
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Now Get Some Really Excellent Tips To Raise Bengal Cats... Are you a pet lover? And more than that are you a Bengal cat lover? Do you want to know how Bengals are different from other cats? Does it... More > bother you that you may not able to keep best care of your cat? Take A Quick Sneak At What Precisely This Book Offers You: • Where to get best Bengal kittens from • Useful tips to raise them • How to take care of them when you are away • Types of feed for your cat at different ages • Introducing exotic Bengals breed • Hybrid cat breed facts you should know • Precautions to take while raising them • Bengal kittens and common healthcare problems Learn about Bengal kitten's diet and due to their rare and distinct breed are prone to many healthcare problems. After reading this book keeping pets will no more be a responsibility rather they will be an ecstatic and unforgettable experience. So enjoy reading the book which is inclusive of ten special feature topics and let us help you with pet caring.< Less
Massaging for Health, a Shearin Health Group Approach By Deal Gilchrist
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Massaging is one of the best remedies for many of our illnesses. It is very relaxing, like sleeping as a little baby while mommy strokes you all over the sores of your tired body. Just the thought... More > that someone is there while you close your eyes and mind and lie down eases your mind like no other activity available on earth, except perhaps. . . . But what power does massage have that it provides so much healing benefits to humans? Even animals practice it instinctively as a means to heal themselves, as dogs and cats apparently do. Of course, we know that muscles need massaging in order to remove obstacles in our veins and to enhance blood circulation and breathing. It also removes unwanted dry skin and toxins within our bodies that other cleansing therapies may not totally remove. All in all, massage offers health benefits which are both physiological and emotional.< Less
Pamper Your Cat - 100 Cat Recipes By Stefanie
eBook (PDF): $3.00
100 Recipes for your Feline Friend Do you care enough for your cat? Do you want to pamper & make it feel happy? Would you like to prepare special meals for your cat which it would love? If you... More > answered yes to the questions then you may like this book very much. More than that - you cat may love the food she gets after you read this book. Show love for your dear feline friend. Make it happy with delicious and healthy recipes. Here's a short list of what you can learn 1. Beef and Veggie Broth 2. Cat Cookies 3. Cat Crackers 4. Cat Jelly 5. Chicken and Pasta Stew 6. Chicken Cheeseburger 7. Chicken Crunchies 8. Healthy Chicken Soup 9. Diarrhea Cure Recipe 10.Diet For Kidney problems 12. Fabulous Fishballs And More Remember this is just a short list. There are a total of 100 different recipes for the cat.< Less