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Cats By Georgia Eason
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Four kinds of wild cats decide to embark on a quest to bring back something that was lost long ago
the cat By zachary wesner
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all procedes go to st. judes children hospital
Black Cat White Cat By David Porter
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Aspros and Mavro are brother cats. They are special because they have extra toes. They have lots of personality too. This photo book details some of their lives and adventures.
Cat, cat and kitten By Digital Word
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Are you a dog person or a cat person? It’s likely that you align yourself with one of these labels, and research shows that your preference for one animal or the other reveals a bit about... More > your personality. Studies show that we tend to gravitate toward the animals with which we were raised, and factors like age and living space also play a role in pet ownership. Parents with young children are more inclined to have dogs that kids can take outside, while older people and singles are more likely to have lower-maintenance animals like cats. And people in the suburbs are more likely to adopt large dogs, while apartment dwellers are likely to have cats or small dogs. Still, research shows that there are differences between cat people and dog people. Those with a preference for felines, on the other hand, are more creative, adventurous and prone to neuroticism or anxiety. Both types of people talk to animals, consider themselves close to nature, and are generally optimists.< Less
The Cat That Could By Kendra Girard, Amanda Rogers, Megan Powers
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This book was written by 3 middle school students for elementary students and deals with friendship.
THE CATS OF HARTH By madeline macdonald
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A story of the cats of a small village at around the time when Queen Victoria was a little girl. Their ruler, Broomrider, believes he can restore the ancient magical powers of cats. The army... More > commander, Hagshadow, is more practical and trains the cats to fight when the village is attacked by the Rats from the East, while Spellbinder, the female leader, has a gift of healing and is a peacemaker. Most cats are loyal followers of Broomrider but he has opponents, especially Juno, the attractive young newcomer who scoffs at the limits he sets for the females. Her power of attraction inspires devotion yet creates conflict in the village. The story tells how cats balance their domestic lives and their secret, free adventures. As the ever-perceptive Miss Braithwaite says, "One must never pry into the private life of a cat."< Less
THE FAT CAT By Omeed Ouhadi
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A small kids book about a lazy cat. I have ryhme words, trying to make it easier for beginner readers. I do use several hard words that a parent would have to read. Can't gnawt be spelled like... More > nawt. Remeber to do a MEDIA MAIL option. I have ordered with LULU before and it can take several weeks to get processed.< Less
The Castle Cat By Lorna Anderson
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When we are sad and unhappy, our lives can be changed.
Zen of the Cat By C. Link
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Zen through a cat's eyes.
Zen of the Cat By Cheryl Link
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Zen is explored in a cat's life in this book of drawings.