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20 Take a Brain Like You By Timothy Mead
eBook (PDF): $20.07
Take a brain like you down to New Orleans, dress her in a dress of ... gumbo? All our brains are the same. Almost all our models of the brain and how it works are the same. Almost all of them are... More > WRONG in very significant ways. Will THIS one have time to put things right? Probably not ...< Less
19 Threatened Unspecified Reprisals By Timothy Mead
eBook (PDF): $19.67
Sometimes I wonder if any of these titles have much to do with the contents of the book. Mostly they are phrases that popped out at me for some reason, from inside or outside my head. But it doesn't... More > matter, does it? The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are INSIDE, and if they had given us the picture on the box I wouldn't have to do this in the first place.< Less
22 Looking Down On Creation By Timothy Mead
eBook (PDF): $20.07
Well, everyone loves CREATION. There was a time when I believed that the simple logic of evolution, along with a willingness to THINK about things, would take care of ‘creationism’ and a... More > lot of other stuff as well, without me having to struggle to help it along. NOT SO! We seem to be going firmly and rapidly in the OTHER direction, and that makes me a little sad. We took all this trouble to evolve a BRAIN, and now we flatly refuse to listen to what it has to say. And this volume has absolutely NOTHING to do with creation or creationism … I just like the song. And anyway all that nonsense was dispensed with in the first book of all, which maybe should have been in THIS series; the one with the catchy title “The Mind Of The Pedophile”. Which either IS or WILL BE available at< Less
23: Creation But Not That Creation By Timothy Mead
eBook (PDF): $20.54
Notice the category ... Self-Improvement. Of which the human organism is barely capable, but what the heck, it's something to do while I'm here. The suggested improvement is to open the box, the one... More > labeled "Jigsaw Puzzle: What We Can Know Just By THINKING"; shake out some pieces; turn them face-up; see what kind of a picture they make. It will be PROVISIONAL, DRY, LITERAL, and INCORRECT. You will think that is an admission of DOUBT. Maybe I am WRONG. Maybe the world IS 9,000 years old and there was never any REAL Tyrannosaurus, only fake bones planted by the Cosmic Jokester, 'god'. But it's not. It's a path to THE BEST WE CAN DO, and, what a surprise, it consists of things WE HAVE NOT YET DONE. What is in THIS piece of the puzzle ... well, I can't remember, so I tell myself that one of these days I'm going to read all these myself. When I have nothing BETTER left to do. Like solving the one little mystery that remains: what 'consciousness' IS MADE OF. Stay tuned, if you must ...< Less
24 My Unlived Life By Timothy Mead
eBook (PDF): $20.54
I seem to remember this starts with a bunch of whining and complaining, but even for me that got old fast, and PERHAPS most of it fits into the sequence HERE. If not, hey ho! life's full of... More > surprises, and the stuff that doesn't fit won't stick. Of course, the stuff that DOES fit won't stick either. How's YOUR limbic system doing? Not to mention your superstitious and delusional right hemisphere (or, yes, for the minority, your LEFT). Can you feel the Tyrannosaurus growling in anger and planning my speedy destruction? Hey, I can almost hear it from HERE ...< Less
31: The Logistics of Consciousness By Timothy Mead
eBook (PDF): $19.66
Finally, an image that needs no explanation. And yet the weird thing is, every race of beings, human or alien, will 'see' the world in the same way: three dimensions of 'space', one of 'time'. It's... More > to do with hyperspheres and whatever those lines are called. A Universe observing itself does a neat trick ... it divides the number of dimensions BY the number of dimensions, and ends up with a 'flat', EUCLIDIAN 'reality'. Maybe that's why they haven't got here yet ... and if they ever get the calculations (and the SCALE) right, they'll probably be madder than princesses on their wedding day when they get here ... Geodesics. THAT’s what they’re called …< Less
30 Intrusion of the Real By Timothy Mead
eBook (PDF): $20.53
I changed the picture to avoid any misunderstanding. 'Intrusion Of The Real' could suggest that there IS such a thing, AND it is available to our consciousness. Not so! And this is a twofer, because... More > although the Winter Solstice is. kinda, MATHEMATICALLY real, all the nonsense around Christmas and Spirits and the Dark World (or whatever else people seem to invoke on the darkest day of the year) is as far from 'reality' as you can get. Well, apart from our self-enclosed world, of course. But at least our record of survival-so-far suggests that, in practical terms, the brain and Mother Nature between them are pretty good GUESSERS ...< Less
29 Vatting a Thousand By Timothy Mead
eBook (PDF): $20.06
Another silly title. Except ... batting a thousand means a hit every swing. No-one can do that, and please don't mention the BlueJays, thank you! But in a vat we are, and if there was such a thing as... More > a thousand percent of the time, we'd hit our mark every time. As I will bother to prove one of these days ... unless I did already. Somewhere in all this is a beautiful amethyst geode. THAT's the model ...< Less
27 So I Tapped It Back By Timothy Mead
eBook (PDF): $19.66
The only question worth bothering with (because it’s entirely USELESS and is not even INTENDED to serve any actual purpose) is still there, bright as a button and twice as snagged; what IS... More > ‘consciousness’? When, if, whenever you get to the end of THIS stage of purgatory, you will know as much as I do about what is what and whether pigs have wings; you’ll know that consciousness, otherwise known as ‘subjectivity’ although that’s not QUITE the same thing, is a VERY NEAT TRICK. A SMALL, LOCAL, TRICKY little trick that takes ‘point contact with something’ and parlays it into EVERYTHING WE HAVE. And no spoilers here; keep reading, keep turning over the pieces, keep making THE BEST PICTURE WE CAN. It’s there, if you keep going: a version of the world that embodies all the things we wish it wouldn’t: accidentalism, pure solipsism, absolute lack of meaning or significance, mindlessness, SPIRITLESSNESS, the inexorable progress of Time towards Oblivion. What’s not to look forward to? What’s not to LOVE? …< Less
26: A Way of Life By Timothy Mead
eBook (PDF): $20.06
This part of the sequence may be a little OUT of. Maybe ‘a way of life’ is to do with a suggested ALTERNATIVE way of life, in which the limbic system is ‘re-educated’ first to... More > TOLERATE, and then to SEEK OUT, ‘difference’; in which our inborn prejudices (eat or be eaten, as first default, for instance; or, as Tom would have it, STOMP OR BE STOMPED) allow themselves to be MODERATED a little (not that there’s anything WRONG with still being ALIVE at the end of the day. It’s just that THOSE occasions, at least in THIS part of the world, are RARE … ), and suddenly there is a little QUIET inside the head, a little ROOM, a little, dare I say it?, PEACE for once; and, yes, I dare say … it … a little peace and quiet and room for a THOUGHT or two, as opposed to a REACTION OR FIVE. Room for a little WONDERING, a little SENSE; even, since I’m being so daring, a little LOGIC …< Less

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