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The Miracle in The Cell Membrane By Harun Yahya
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The 100 trillion or so cells that make up the human body perform countless activities, without ever stopping, growing tired or needing a rest. In the same way that every living thing needs... More > energy—and therefore, food—to survive, so the cell also needs various nutrients in order to perform its countless functions. In the same way that raw materials to be used in production are carried inside a factory and stored until needed, and waste products are later sent out of the factory later, so a very complex production, storage and waste-disposal system operates within the cell.< Less
Action Potential and the Polarization of Membrane Potential. By Homework Help Classof1
eBook (PDF): $5.99
"1. Explain BRIEFLY what it means when a nerve cell is RESTING. 2. Describe sodium-potassium pump. 3. Assume that a membrane is at resting potential and a stimulus is received thereby triggering... More > an impulse. Describe BRIEFLY what would (or would not) happen if the passive Na+ channels were blocked and only the passive K+ channels remained open. 4. Define the term ACTION POTENTIAL "< Less
Bacterial Membranes: Structural and Molecular Biology By Han Remaut
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-908230-27-0 EAN 9781908230270 Written by specialists in the field, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the structural and molecular biology of cellular processes that... More > occur at or near bacterial membranes. The authors present and discuss recent progress on the function and involvement of membranes in bacterial physiology enabling a greater understanding of the molecular details of the cell envelope, its biogenesis and function. This cutting-edge text will provide a valuable resource for all those working in this field and is recommended for all microbiology libraries.< Less
Immune Receptor Cell By Lauren George
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Immune receptors are protein molecules, usually expressed on the membrane of immune related cells. These receptors can interact with their corresponding ligands to further regulate immune responses.... More > Immune checkpoints and toll-like receptors are important molecules in the immune system.< Less
Membrane Lipid Signaling In Aging and Age-related Disease By Mark P. Mattson
eBook (PDF): $9.99
The lipids that comprise membranes of cells, be they phospholipids, sphingolipids, glycolipids or even cholesterol, serve many functions beyond their role in the structural organization of the... More > membranes. In response to stimulation by various agonists, and environmental insults such as oxidative stress, several different membrane lipids are cleaved either enzymatically or non-enzymatically. Products are thereby released that act as important signals mediating physiological responses to the stimuli. Among the most intensively studied signaling pathways is the inositol phospholipid signaling, which leads to the production of IP3 and diacylglycerol with consequent calcium release and protein kinase activation. Another example of a prominent signaling pathway involves sphingomyelin hydrolysis resulting in the production of ceramide, which acts as an important signal in both physiological and pathophysiological settings.< Less
The Cell Biology of Cyanobacteria By Enrique Flores & Antonia Herrero
Hardcover: $281.59
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-908230-38-6 EAN 9781908230386 In this book, leading senior scientists and young researchers review the current key topics in cyanobacterial cell biology to provide a timely... More > overview. Topics covered include: historical background; cell division; the cell envelope; the thylakoid membrane; protein targeting, transport and translocation; chromatic acclimation; the carboxysome; glycogen as a dynamic storage of photosynthetically fixed carbon; cyanophycin; gas vesicles; motility in unicellular and filamentous cyanobacteria; cellular differentiation in filamentous cyanobacteria; and cell-cell joining proteins in heterocyst-forming cyanobacteria. This cutting-edge text will provide a valuable resource for all those working in this field and is recommended for all microbiology libraries.< Less
Misura elettrochimica della permeabilità dello iodio attraverso membrane polimeriche. By Alfonso Pozio
eBook (PDF): $6.52
Scopo del presente lavoro è quello di verificare il grado di permeabilità di membrane di Nafion 1100 da utilizzare come elettrolita polimerico solido in celle a combustibile I2/H2. In... More > particolare è stata analizzato il comportamento di una membrana di Nafion posta a contatto di una soluzione concentrata di acido iodirico e satura di iodio. E’stato ricavato l’indice di permeabilità di tale membrana, l’influenza della permeazione sul potenziale anodico e la resistenza della membrana nelle condizioni ipotizzate in una cella reale.< Less
A Peek At the Acme of God’s Creation By Daniel Zimmermann
eBook (ePub): $1.99
God deserves the credit that the title of this article expresses. He not only created the human body, but He certainly must have helped me when I wrote these articles. The explanations are... More > exceptionally lucid, so much so that I myself am amazed as I proofread them. The first section studies a few bones of the body: the bones of the cranium, the bones of the hands and wrist, and the bones of the foot, with a special article on the calcaneus. The second section contains a single article: “A Journey through a Nephron.” The third section studies a few important physiological substances: hormones, lipids, amino acids, and hyaline cartilage. The fourth section studies a few cellular phenomena. The final section contains a single article entitled “A Hypothesis on the Formation of Junk DNA.” Admittedly, I cannot appeal to any authority, either religious or scientific, to support this hypothesis. It is my own brainchild, born of mature reflection. Moreover, it cannot be proved or disproved.< Less
Physical Chemistry Polarization Repolarization By Homework Help Classof1
eBook (PDF): $1.99
"1. When considering nerve impulse generation across a cell membrane, potassium ions (K+), sodium ions (Na+) and calcium ions (Ca++) are the ions most involved in this process. By definition... More > these ions are defined as follows: a. Potassium, K+, is a monovalent anion and is the major intracellular ion; Sodium, Na+, is a monovalent cation and is the major extracellular ion, and Calcium, Ca++, is a divalent cation found mainly outside of the cell. b. Potassium, K+, is a monovalent cation and is the major extracellular ion; Sodium, Na+, is a monovalent anion and is the major intracellular ion, and calcium, Ca++, is a divalent cation found mainly outside of the cell.< Less
The Truth about Cholesterol By Dewitt Gosnell
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Cholesterol is a lipidic (fatty), waxy alcohol found in the cell membranes and transported in the blood plasma of all animals. It is an essential component of mammalian cell membranes where it is... More > required to establish proper membrane permeability and fluidity. Cholesterol is the principal sterol synthesized by animals, but small quantities are synthesized in other eukaryotes, such as plants and fungi. It is almost completely absent among prokaryotes, which include bacteria. Cholesterol is classified as a sterol (a contraction of steroid and alcohol).< Less

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