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The Oldest Code of Laws in the World (Illustrated) By King of Babylonia Hammurabi
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The Code of Hammurabi is one of the most important monuments in the history of the human race. Containing as it does the laws which were enacted by a king of Babylonia in the third millennium B.C.,... More > whose rule extended over the whole of Mesopotamia from the mouths of the rivers Tigris and Euphrates to the Mediterranean coast, we must regard it with interest. But when we reflect that the ancient Hebrew tradition ascribed the migration of Abraham from Ur of the Chaldees to this very period, and clearly means to represent their tribe father as triumphing over this very same Hammurabi, we can hardly doubt that these very laws were part of that tradition. At any rate, they must have served to mould and fix the ideas of right throughout that great empire, and so form the state of society in Canaan when, five hundred years later, the Hebrews began to dominate that region.< Less
Ur By D E Austin
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Set in antiquity, the Biblical ‘Ur' of the Chaldees, a reluctant king coping with the amorous attention of wives, concubines, daughters, temple mistresses, etc. etc.. Areshen of Isin (loosely... More > based on the historical Ishbi-Erra of Isin) would rather maintain the facade that he is nothing more than the lowly and insignificant military governor of a provincial city in the north of Sumer. It gradually becomes apparent to all, however, that the king of Ur has become little more than a figurehead, Areshen of Isin, as much he might regret it, wielding the actual power. Areshen must then contend with the multitudinous pantheon of Sumerian deities and their entrenched priesthood about which he knows very little. “The patron gods of my childhood farm,” he explains to his lieutenants, “were a constant nuisance - feed them morning and night and hope they stay off your back.”< Less
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Situé a deux mille mètres d´altitude, au sud de la péninsule d‘Arabie, dans la région du Yémen actuel, Saba était connu comme « le pays des... More > mille parfums et le pays de l‘arôme doré » car as richesse venait des résines des arbres à myrrhe, à baume et à encens,dont l‘intense parfum pouvait être senti par les navigateurs qui passaient près de la côte du pays. Le récit captivant de Roselis von Sass fait ressurgir pour nous la personnalité de Biltis, dont l‘histoire n‘a jamais cessé d‘être source de questionnements et de légendes surtout en raison de son célèbre voyage au cours duquel elle rendit visite au roi juif, Salomon. Dans ce récit, on découvre la liaison des Sabéens avec la Nature, leur médecine, leurs cérémonies religieuses, la conduite politique de leur pays. L´ancien peuple sabéen aspirait à la sagesse spirituelle. Le roi Balak avec ses précieux papyrus nous fait revivre les enseignements des sages de la Chaldée, lesquels étaient liés à la construction de la Grande Pyramide d´Egypte.< Less

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