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A Naturalist’s Voyage Round the World By Charles Darwin, M.A. F.R.S.
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The nature of the following work will be best understood by a brief account of how it came to be written. During many years I collected notes on the origin or descent of man, without any intention of... More > publishing on the subject, but rather with the determination not to publish, as I thought that I should thus only add to the prejudices against my views. It seemed to me sufficient to indicate, in the first edition of my 'Origin of Species,' that by this work "light would be thrown on the origin of man and his history;" and this implies that man must be included with other organic beings in any general conclusion respecting his manner of appearance on this earth. Now the case wears a wholly different aspect.< Less
El origen de las especies By Charles Robert Darwin
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Este libro introdujo la teoría científica de que las poblaciones evolucionan durante el transcurso de las generaciones mediante un proceso conocido como selección natural. Para... More > el efecto, Darwin presentó las pruebas que reunió en su expedición en el viaje del Beagle en la década de 1830, mediante las cuales propuso que la diversidad de la vida surgió de la descendencia común a través de un patrón.< Less
Darwin and Velikovsky : Cataclysmic Metamorphic Evolution a Materialist Theory of Evolution Based on New Principles and Evidence By Charles Ginenthal
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The basis of evolutionary change, according to Ginenthal, is master genes that have been conserved from the time of the Cambrian explosion to the present. By following these master genes and using... More > the fossil record as the true evidence of evolution, is it shown why no new phyla have developed since the Cambrian explosion and why the chronology for dating evolution is in serious error. Ginenthal then outlines the evolution of the vertebrates from their earliest appearance to the present via saltations that morph and metamorph new species at the times of Velikovskian global cataclysms. Throughout the book, Ginenthal elucidates how the master genes operate to do this and also presents new evidence connecting this process to physics. Those who read this volume will have an entirely new understanding of evolution and may never think about it in the same way.< Less
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Il 27 dicembre 1831 un brigantino inglese, la Beagle, salpa da Devonport, al comando del capitano Fitz Roy, con a bordo il ventiduenne Charles Darwin. Originariamente la durata della spedizione fu... More > prevista per due anni ma in realtà ne durò quasi cinque, infatti non fecero ritorno fino al 2 ottobre 1836. L'esperienza permise a Darwin di accumulare un enorme quantità di materiale e di dati che saranno alla base di una delle tappe fondamentali del suo pensiero e di uno dei più importanti contributi scientifici di tutti i tempi.< Less
The Christian Teachings of Charles Kingsley By Charles Muller
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The moral purpose of Charles Kingsley’s novels is pronounced because he was a preacher, and more specifically, a teacher. He was above all a preacher of stirring didactic sermons. It is the... More > didactic content of his writings—in his sermons, his novels, and his essays on natural theology—which is the study of this work. One forgets that Kingsley was not, in the first instance, a social and political reformer. As a preacher, and as a writer, he was pre-eminently a teacher. He was not an evangelical preacher, yet the Christian gospel was at the heart of his teachings and his moral exhortations. This work attempts to look at the Christian message that was the inspiration behind his socio-religious gospel. Writing at the time of Charles Darwin, Kingsley saw no reason to lose his sound Christian faith with the emergence of Darwin’s theory of evolution. Instead, he could accept it as a means to a divine end, another example of how Providence might bring about the Kingdom of God on earth.< Less
Darwin und die Evolutions Theorie By Dr.D. Selzer-McKenzie
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Darwin und die Evolutions-Theorie Buch von Selzer_McKenzie SelMcKenzie „Darwin und die Evolutions-Theorie“ von D.Selzer_McKenzie mit kompletten Notenbuch der Operette „The Origin... More > of Species“ komponiert von D.Selzer-McKenzie Sowie dem Originalbüchern aus dem Jahre 1859 „The Origin of Species“ „The Voyage of the Beagle“ Ein Titelsatz für diese Publikation ist bei der Deutschen Staatsbibliothek hinterlegt. Originalausgabe ®Darwin und die Evolutions-Theorie ® 2015 by D.Selzer_McKenzie (Dr.of Molekularbiology and Genetics) published by SelMcKenzie Media Publishing auch als Hörbuch und eBook (ePUB) ISBN 978_1_326_20658_1 €uro 9,80 mit 2898 Seiten Alle Rechte, insbesondere das Recht der Vervielfältigung und Verbreitung vorbehalten. Kein Teil des Werkes darf in irgendeiner Form (durch Fotokopie,Microfilm oder ein anderes Verfahren) ohne Genehmigung des Authors und Verlages reproduziert oder unter Verwendung elektronischer Systeme gespeichert,verarbeitet, vervielfältigt oder verbreitet werden.< Less
Zoonomia; Or, the Laws of Organic Life, Vol. I By Erasmus Darwin
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Erasmus Darwin (12 December 1731 – 18 April 1802) was... More > an English physician. One of the key thinkers of the Midlands Enlightenment, he was also a natural philosopher, physiologist, slave-trade abolitionist, inventor and poet. His poems included much natural history, including a statement of evolution and the relatedness of all forms of life. He was a member of the Darwin–Wedgwood family, which includes his grandsons Charles Darwin and Francis Galton. Darwin was also a founding member of the Lunar Society of Birmingham, a discussion group of pioneering industrialists and natural philosophers. He turned down George III's invitation to be a physician to the King.Erasmus Darwin House, his home in Lichfield, is now a museum dedicated to Erasmus Darwin and his life's work. Excerpt from:< Less
The Water Babies By Charles Kingsley
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The Water-Babies, A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby is a children's novel by the Reverend Charles Kingsley. Written in 1862–63 as a serial for Macmillan's Magazine, it was first published in its... More > entirety in 1863. It was written as part satire in support of Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species. The book was extremely popular in England, and was a mainstay of British children's literature for many decades, but eventually fell out of favour in part due to its prejudices against Irish, Jews and Americans.< Less
Mythical Monsters : Dragons, Unicorns, and Other Animals From Mythology By Charles Gould
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1884. This book was written approximately twenty-five years after Darwin published "Origin of the Species." Gould attempts to examine the connection between animals of various lands, ages... More > and cultures, as well as the actual evidence of their existence. Contents: On some remarkable animal forms; Extinction of species; Antiquity of man; Deluge not a myth; On the translation of myths between the Old and New World; The dragon; Chinese dragon; Japanese dragon; Sea serpent; Unicorn; Chinese phoenix. Illustrated.< Less
Hereward, the Last of the English By Charles Kingsley
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Charles Kingsley (12 June 1819 – 23 January 1875) was a... More > broad church priest of the Church of England, a university professor, historian and novelist. He is particularly associated with the West Country and northeast Hampshire. He was a friend and correspondent with Charles Darwin.Kingsley was born in Holne, Devon, the elder of two sons of the Reverend Charles Kingsley and his wife Mary Lucas Kingsley. His brother, Henry Kingsley, also became a novelist. He spent his childhood in Clovelly, Devon, where his father was Curate 1826–1832 and Rector 1832–1836, and at Barnack, Northamptonshire and was educated at Bristol Grammar School and Helston Grammar School before studying at King's College London, and the University of Cambridge. Excerpt from:< Less

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