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Cheating On The Man Your Cheating With By Sarah Smith
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Sheena smiled at the last message she received. It was from Denny. They had stolen moments where they could still communicate. Sheena worked away from home where she had left a daughter with her... More > abusive husband. She had decided to work in another city because of the things that happen when she was at home. She and her husband Leonard had been married for seven years and during the course of that marriage a lot of things have happened. Standing prominently among them was the fact that she was a battered wife. She would be beaten by him sometimes for no apparent reason. Over time she developed battered wife syndrome. She dreamt her life would get better with him, She just needed to find out what else she could give him. She deluded herself over and over and over again that in time, she actually believed that all those incidents were her fault. She fell in love with her husband again, sort of.< Less
Cheats Prosper By Dennis Mews
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Tim may not have been the sharpest pencil in the classroom, but he knew they were cheating the system. And as soon as he started to make a fuss, his whole world began to fall apart.
Cheats Collaborator By Zahid Ameer
eBook (PDF): $1.99
An Inside Look At Gaming Cheats! The way games are evolving is likely contributing to the fact that the number of people who play video games keeps increasing. For some people, playing video games... More > is their favorite thing to do. At the same time, their favorite game can become their worst enemy. If you are a gamer, you surely understand how this can happen. Sometimes you come across challenges so difficult in games that completing them seems impossible. After hours and hours of attempts you will most likely just give up and not play that game anymore. There is another answer, why not try using some cheats? If you are interested in learning more about cheat codes and how they can help you with the challenges in your games, this ebook is perfect for you. Inside this eBook: + Gaming Cheat Basics + PC Game Cheats + Console Game Cheats + Are There Gambling Cheats + Where to Find Cheat Codes + What to Stay Away From When it comes to Cheats + And so much more...< Less
The Cheating Ways By Jeannette Bryant
Paperback: $10.99
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A first good impression is all it takes to have a better understanding of the person one is dealing with; but Marco's presence entices Lucille to break all boundaries love and marriages have. He then... More > pushes her to make a drastic life changing decision; the one decision that will create commotion, leaving lots of people hurt…. Jeannette Bryant shows wit once more into this thrilling title: the Cheating ways. She stirs controversies as she brings down both men and women's affairs into light. She is not scared to stand by what she believes right and wrong is….. The Cheating Ways  is a testament that love can sometimes be entangled with immorality, infidelity and lust. That, it is not a rule of who does what, or who cheat, but how we get there in the first place…< Less
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Cheat Sheets By Edward O'Dwyer
Paperback: $12.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
108 stories of infidelity "Disturbingly knowing and knowingly disturbing, Edward O’Dwyer comes at his delicate subject matter with a playful and razor eye. These are shards that insist on... More > being read, and then read again." ~ Alan McMonagle, author of 'Psychotic Episodes' and 'Ithaca' "Cheat Sheets (is) an astonishing collection of vignettes about life, love, lust and relationships, which are jaw-droppingly hilarious, tender, strange, potent and weirdly charming––all at the same time. I laughed out loud in public too many times, the laughs often interrupted with sharp intakes of breath, as stories took outrageously i-didn’t-see-that-coming turns. If I have any advice for readers when they sit down with this collection, it is this: pace yourself. Like a packet of Nestlé’s Rolos or a family size packet of salt & vinegar crisps, you won’t want these stories to end." ~ Ali Whitelock, author of 'and my heart crumples like a coke can' and 'Poking seaweed with a stick and running away from the smell'< Less
Xbox Cheats By Ryan King
eBook (PDF): $12.93
A huge ebook on every Xbox cheat out there.
Chelsey Cheats By D. Gabrielle Jensen
eBook (ePub): $2.00
Consoling a friend who has caught his girlfriend cheating.
Cheating on Someone By Ame Ai
eBook (PDF): $2.00
This book is about a relationship between the one who makes goals and the one who makes holes. Two loves who grew up in the sheltered, imaginative, and far-off world of college moved in together,... More > never realizing how different things would be, never realizing the difficulties of staying in love. This book is also about the romance and tragedies that come along with an age-gap relationship. A Vietnam War veteran and a black adoptee meet in Indiana, and they take a liking to each other. They are not just ships passing each other in the sea of life; they actually hook-up despite doubts that the relationship will work. The feelings between them are intense, making each day, each week, each month more intense than the last. But they become separated by distance. And more doubts emerge as to the longevity of the relationship. The question: How long can they last in their own little world until they start to see the world around them?< Less