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Quantitative Exposure Assessment By Stephen Rappaport, Lawrence Kupper
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Long-term exposures to toxic chemicals can pose risks to human health. In order to properly assess and minimize such risks, it is necessary to measure chemical levels in the air or other... More > environmental media. Since exposure levels vary across groups, between persons (in a given group), and within persons (over time), appropriate statistical analysis of exposure data typically requires the use of linear mixed effects models. This book applies such statistical models to exposure data, with emphasis upon airborne chemical exposures in the workplace and in the ambient environment.< Less
Chemical Warfare with special reference to Nerve gas By Arin Bhattacharya
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agents are the chemical warfare agent used from the ancient times. This work focuses on the all aspects of nerve agents starting from its history, chemistry, exposure effects and treatment strategies
Toxic Assault Environmental Awareness By Mandy Moore Johnson
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Toxins are lurking not only in the air we breathe; they are also in the food we eat. Sickbuildings and chemical exposures can cause allergic reactions, illness and even death. Saftey precautions... More > should be taken to consume toxin free foods, to live and work in healthier enviroments.< Less
Toxic Assault (environmental awareness) By Mandy Moore Johnson
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Avoidance of environmental triggers is extremely important in the management of environmental illness Being aware of your surroundings is detrimental for your health
Make It Green By Marinda Lloyd
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The make it green book is a pocket guide to making eco-friendly and non-toxic products at home. Learn how to make everything from shampoo to sunscreen. In a world so full of chemicals, it is nice to... More > know just how easy it can be to limit the exposure to yourself, and your family.< Less
The Plastic Epidemic By David Lefavor
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There is a growing epidemic of toxic plastic chemicals. There is also an alien in your kitchen, it is called Bisphenol-A (BPA) and it will kill you. This is the story of how plastics have come to be... More > a threat to your wellbeing as a result of the toxic marriage of Chemicals and Food Containers. This is a clear and plastic danger to your health. While BPA has been regarded as safe for decades, recent research using sophisticated analytic techniques clearly show that accumulated and prolonged exposure to BPA can interfere with our endocrine system and cause a range of ill health consequences, including reproductive problems and cancer.< Less
Principles of Toxicology By Dr. Paul Héroux, PhD.
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Toxicology studies the injurious effects of chemical and physical agents (including energy) on living organisms, observed as alterations in structure and function. The variety of injurious effects... More > becomes apparent if we examine the major causes of death (Fl .I). Many of these diseases are caused or accelerated by exposure to toxic substances. Toxicity data from various bio-medical sciences document the effects of exposure to natural• or artificial agents. Textbook Contents 1. Scope of Toxicology 2. Risk Assessment 3. Targets and Bio-Transformation 4. Toxicokinetics 5. Hemato- and Vascular Toxicity 6. Dermatotoxicity 7. Neurotoxicity 8. Hepatotoxicity 9. Nephrotoxicity 10. Techniques In Vivo & In Vitro 11 . Pulmonary Toxicity 12. Reproductive Toxicity 13. Geno toxicity 14. Carcinogenicity For free PDF version< Less
CBRNe, Terrorism, Medical and Major Incident Management By Chris Breen
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A guide to medical and major incident management. Roles and responsibility of staff setting up the command and control systems of the emergency services are detailed. Including the gold, silver and... More > bronze structure. The process of triage is explored with exercises and details of commonly used triage aids. Medical management of environmental issues, traumatic injuries are all covered. Tactical injuries caused by explosions and firearms are also covered including techniques for dealing with catastrophic haemorrhage and amputations. With recent events in mind epidemics and pandemics are explored, as well as exposure and treatment of biological, chemical including Nerve Agents and radiation releases. Equipment for CBRN protection and detection is covered in addition to the roles of the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) and the Special Operation Response Team (SORT) and the Mass Casualty Vehicles. Hazmat incidents including transportation of dangerous goods and chemical suicides are also covered.< Less
Studies on the Effect of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) on the Oxidative Stress, in Certain Tissues of Adult Mice By Kuldip Singh
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Nutritional toxicology is becoming one of the most sought after science, due to advance in food technology and new manufacturing processes. Which have created the possibilities for increased or... More > decreased exposure to some essential nutrients, which can affect an appreciate fraction of the population especially in underdeveloped and developing countries like cancer, diabetes and atherosclerosis etc. All chemicals deliberately added to foods must be subjected to vigorous testing to establish their safely unless they are "generally regarded as safe (GRAS)". The GRAS listed chemicals are reasonably safe as used, but still evidence of hazard turns up from time to time. Approximately, 3000 different substances are added internationally to foods during their manufacture or processing (Shibamota and Leonard, 1993). Each person in United States ingests over 1 Kg of additives every year, on average.< Less
Airborne Enterobacteriaceae In Community Environment By Dr. Apurva K. Pathak
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The work related or occupational disease are those diseases, which arise out of the factors at work or related to working conditions that either cause or contribute to disease or result in the... More > deviation from normal health. During work, the workers exposed to toxic hazards of different chemicals, fumes, gases; physical factors like noise, vibration, radiation, heat and other micro climatic conditions; biological factors like viruses, bacteria, parasites, and mould; mineral dust like silica, asbestos, coal, manganese, cadmium etc. and ergonomic hazards. It is a much known and unpleasant truth that since the time of Hippocrates, silicosis is a still the most widespread occupational disease. Until today, 350 chemical substances have identified as occupational carcinogens. Exposure to thousands of allergic agents including vegetable dust is a growing cause of work related illnesses of skin and respiratory system (particularly occupational asthma).< Less