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The Chief That Was By Mary Gonzalez, Joan Brickley
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Jessica and Matthew are twins who go on a holiday to America with their parents. While they are there enjoying their holiday they are suddenly whisked back in time by a magical doll called Miranda.... More > They find themselves living in the nineteeth century where they meet Sitting Bull the Indian chief. They have an adventure with the Indians before they are whisked back once more to the present century.< Less
CHIEFS By Matt West
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These five-ish pages contain the rules and basic concepts for the 1st edition of the CHIEFS storygame:- Collaborative Hippy-Indie Eco-Friendly Storytelling. This game uses lots of twelve-sided dice.... More > It's NOT a roleplaying game. Despite what some may think. But it may involve roleplaying.< Less
The Indian Chief By Debbie Lacy
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A sweet little 6-year-old girl befriends with an old Indian Chief statue.
The White Chief By Captain Mayne Reid
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Deep in the interior of the American Continent--more than a thousand miles from the shores of any sea--lies our scene. Thus begins Captain Mayne Reid's story. It is a story of hardship, love,... More > glory, and also of vengeance. His story of an "American" born in the northern Mexico, in what is now part of southern New Mexico, is thought to be one of the first novels of the Western genre. It is a tale of fierce love, pride and devotion, and ultimately of vengeance, developed from a tale told to Mayne Reid by someone intimately involved in the original events.< Less
The Chiefs Investigate By Ed Pahnke
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Follow the two protagonists, Charlie and Jimmy Chief, two mainstream Native American private detectives, while they crack cozy mysteries and smiles. If you expect clues and red herrings and action in... More > your mysteries, you’ll get all these in The Chiefs Investigate. There will also be a twist, starting with the first story in this collection of fifteen mysteries, continuing through each of the succeeding stories. Jimmy and Charlie Chief vie to solve mysteries and out quip each other. They end each one of the suspenseful stories with anticlimactic "jest for pun" banter, making the story more than merely a mystery. It’s a clues and quips mystery.< Less
The Scottish Chiefs By JANE PORTER
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JANE PORTER The Scottish Chiefs Jane Porter was born at Durham in 1776, but at the age of four she went to Edinburgh with her family, was brought up in Scotland, and had the privilege of knowing Sir... More > Walter Scott. Her first romance, "Thaddeus of Warsaw," was published in 1803, soon after she had removed from Edinburgh to London. Her next romance, "The Scottish Chiefs," did not appear until 1810. It won an immediate popularity, which survived even the formidable rivalry of the "Waverley Novels," and the book remained a favourite, especially in Scotland, during most of the last century. The story abounds in historical inaccuracies, and the characters are addicted to conversing in the dialect of melodrama-but these blemishes did not abate the vogue of this exciting and spirited work with the reading public. Miss Porter remained a prominent figure in London literary society until her death on May 24, 1850.< Less
The War Chief By Edgar Rice Burroughs
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This is one of the most impressive Indian stories that has been written in recent years. Differing from the usual Burroughs tales of weird fantasy, it not only has thrills and excitement galore but... More > it shows us the beauty and grandeur of the life of the red man when he crossed the plains. The hero of the story is Shoz-Dijiji, the Black Bear, whose father and mother, Jerry and Annie McDuff, Scotch immigrants, were killed by a tribe of Apaches while crossing the plains to California. The infant was adopted by the chief of the tribe and raised as an Indian. Ironically, he was taught a hatred of the whites, which he bore with fanatical intensity. In the background of this vivid tale of the Indian is a romance, different than romance as we know it. Nevertheless, love is love in any language with every people, in all climes, and THE WAR CHIEF is a magnificent picture of Indian love. Written by America’s great versatile author, Edgar Rice Burroughs, it is another book that has that intangible something—personality.< Less
The War Chief By Edgar Rice Burroughs
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A white baby named Andy MacDuff is captured in a raid by the great Apache chief, Geronimo, adopted by the Indian leader, and raised by his youngest wife. The boy grows up such an expert hunter that... More > he kills a black bear when he is only ten years old, and receives the name of Shoz-Dijiji, the Black Bear. As he grows to young manhood, he becomes an expert fighter, and falls in love with a beautiful Indian maiden named Ish-kay-nay.< Less
Hailing Chiefs By John Martin Somers
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The American people have spoken by rejecting the incumbent president, Martin Brookes and electing his opponent Paul Roberts and his running mate Barnie Martinez. Brookes responds by fulfilling an... More > election pledge to shoot himself on a White House toilet in the event of his defeat and this leaves his vice-president Neil “Jock” Honeyman as president until the inauguration of the new president. Come inauguration day, President Honeyman suddenly dies. Not wishing to be outdone, President-elect Roberts also becomes unexpectedly deceased. This sets in motion a truly bizarre train of events involving deception, corruption and murder in the highest of places plus sexual misdoings ranging from wife-swapping to alleged perverted deeds upon mountain goats in the European Alps. Can American democracy survive this truly historic inauguration? Delve into the incredible and the totally unlikely as Washington undertakes a manic game of “Who’s the President?” on a day when it really does hail chiefs.< Less
Chief No Officer By Bendrix Bailey
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What would happen if you forbade everyone in your company from ever saying "no," to a customer? What if you posted your contact information on the company's public website and required all... More > of your executives and department managers to do the same? What if you turned cash planning from a financial exercise into an operational priority where the VP of Finance was the last to weigh in? What if you paid your customers to read your advertisements? What would happen if you took a huge pay cut rather than lay off employees? In The Chief No Officer Bendrix Bailey explains what happened with each of the perplexing questions above, and more. Each chapter will surprise you with an unconventional response to a common business problem.< Less

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Left to Die Left to Die By Wes Rand
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