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Child Bride By Rita Michaels
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Aisha is a young girl forcefully married to a wealthy forty-year-old man. The poverty in her family is heightened by the drought in her country. Daily, she visits her mother’s dry farmland,... More > praying for rain to fall and moisten the soil. She knows all hope is lost. Having sustained her family for as long as he could, after her father’s sudden disappearance, her uncle decides the marriage is their last resort. She must marry her old suitor, or bear the responsibility should her mother and younger ones perish in poverty. Aisha weighs her options and decides to marry, with a hidden agenda that might ruin her younger sister in the long haul.< Less
The Bride By Measha Stone
eBook (PDF): $1.00
England early 1500's. Ian is a powerful Earl who has finally taken a wife. He plans to live peacefully now that his warring days are behind him, and raise a family. Arabella, a spoiled only child,... More > finds Ian's people to be lacking and wishes nothing to do with them. The couple must find a way to live peacefully. Thankfully, Ian knows the way to his woman's heart and does not hesitate to bring about the kind gentle woman he knows she can be.< Less
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The Man-child & Bride Prophecy By David Eells
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The Man-Child and Bride Prophecy is an in depth look at the prophetic shadows and types concealed within the book of Esther. Discover how a Sovereign God masterfully designed the events of history to... More > depict His plan for the Church and Bride of Christ in the end of days< Less
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This is a book of poetry and aphorisms that deal with early marriage, mother daughter relationships, and a host of relationships that are common to the human experience. The poems and aphorisms have... More > been created over many years by someone who has dedicated her life to family and her creative art.< Less
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madrigal - volume four: the jilted bride an abandoned child By a woman in love
Paperback: $19.99
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Time to cry Not time to try You cannot dry my tears For I cry not for you I cry for my Mother My Sister My Daughters two My Best Friend My Aunt And My Nana too But not for you Another Man Another... More > spear Into my burning heart of tears< Less
Honor Killings In America - Child Bride to Die By Minister K Hezekiah Scipio,M.Th.BCMT,LMT
eBook (ePub): $8.99
HONOR KILLINGS COME TO AMERICA: Child Bride To Die "Honor Killing is a practice by which a woman or a girl believed to have dishonored her family name is punished by assassination. "Most... More > honor killings occur in countries where the concept of a woman as a vessel of family reputation predominates," said Marsha Freemen, director of International Women's Right Action Watch at the University of Minnesota. Surprisingly, honor killings are sneaking into America and Canada. In this book, you will read of two sisters, .Sarah and Amina Said, ages 17 and 18 shot dead in a Texas cab by their own father.Noor Faleh Almalaki, 20, Phoenix, Az college student gunned dead in a car by an angry father, Fathima Rifqa Bary, 17, fled Ohio from dad fearing honor killing for blasphemy because she decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back. But Aqsa Parvez, 16, Mississauga, Ontario, could not escape her murder . Her father Mohammed Parvez and brother Waqas Parvez were charged with honor killing.< Less
Evana, the Bride, and the Bear By Brandon A. English
Hardcover: $20.20
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The story of a bear that loses his family and hopes to get them back.
Helping the Sick Child to Renew Her Life: A Mail Order Bride Romance By Doreen Milstead
eBook (ePub): $2.99
A widower is left with a traumatized daughter who cannot see, hear or speak. After watching her mother die from a random gunshot wound, the little girl withdrew into a world of her own, leaving her... More > father unable to cope or understand how he can save her. He decides to advertise for a mail order bride -- not one to marry but a teacher to help his daughter get better. A life-changing and emotional event concludes the story.< Less