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Horrible Children's Cook Book By Uncle Jimbo
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THE HORRIBLE CHILDREN’S COOKBOOK Beautifully illustrated throughout by a bloke who does the stills for a Bloke, his Dog and a sheep, off the telly. Photographs of real children, close to... More > knives, ovens and hobs, ideal really. Instructions so simple, even a Big Person could follow them. Written by James Martin, known for having knocked out a recipe or two in the past, (up and coming chef* Sheffield Star 1981). Environmentally friendly, printed using the latest “on-Demand” technologies, every tree used is replanted with at least 2 others. In fact if you have read this far, you should be on the way to the check out. Cook using your own Children! If they are good, cows, sheep, pigs and other animals may be substituted!! A selection of delicious recipes, many of which can be eaten everyday which involve your children (HORRIBLE or NOT). Your spawn will really enjoy these recipes. No E numbers or additives. Your children will eat the HORRIBLE things, like vegetables, if they help to cook it themselves.< Less
The Children Healthy By Mickey Cook
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Your child's health includes physical, mental and social well-being. Most parents know the basics of keeping children healthy, like offering them healthy foods
Cooking for Kids - Recipes and Tips for Feeding Small Children By Robert Grubbs
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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“Nothing can be more important than ensuring the health and safety of our kids. As parents, we must do everything that we possibly can to help our children grow into strong and healthy... More > adults”. Author has done extensive research on the subject and consulted with friends and family for their input and ideas. “Cooking For Kids” was written as a guide to assist parents in meal preparation and to better understand the importance of good nutrition.< Less
Cooking with Maddy By by Madison Ontiveros
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Having fun, cooking with Maddie after school.
The Magic Cook By Valerie Kneefel
eBook (PDF): $4.50
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This is a story about a young girl who finds a little "magic" in the kitchen. This short story includes easy to follow recipes in the back for kids of all ages to cook!
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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Calling All Moms! Dads too, if you are inclined to prepare food for your children on occasion. Have you ever had the dubious honor of feeding a toddler something that they really don't like? Hmmm,... More > chances are that you ended up like most of us. Wearing strained peas or some other one of the horrible concoctions that pass for "baby food" these days. There really is a great alternative to those awful tasteless jars full of stuff that looks like something we'd put down the garbage disposal. Besides, whatever the advertising might tell you, they are still "processed food." And, we all know what that means. Again, there is an alternative to this "stuff." Do yourself and your children a favor. It’s really easy to get started. You just need to click the order button and you will have your copy in minutes. Once you have your own copy of "Cooking for Kids"you are armed and ready to get started.< Less
cooking for kids By Robert Grubbs
eBook (ePub): $8.80
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If a child does not receive the proper nutrition for the first three years of life, there is a grave danger of retarded growth and mental development. In order to make children enthusiastic about... More > discovering new foods, you must first be able to understand the kinds and amounts of food that your child needs for a balanced diet. My ebook will show you how to plan more nutritious meals and also how to determine if your child is getting all the vitamins and iron they need to grow on. The resource section at the end of this book contains material and information that will assist you in planning your meals. You will also find a variety of recipes for soups, salads, desserts, sandwiches and delicious drinks to choose from. I suggest that you read the entire guide and then dip into it again for good recipes to use or adapt with your own family’s meals when you are planning them. I hope that your entire family choose some of them as their favorites like so many others already have.< Less
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One of God's True Believin' Children: Raymond Cook's Story By Ruth Johnson
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One of God’s True Believin’ Children is a true story from the rich tapestry of American history. Told in the first person by Raymond Cook, it begins on a subsistence farm in the Deep... More > South not long after the end of slavery. It takes us through the trenches of World War I. Then crisscrosses the United States during the heyday of passenger train travel, with glimpses of Hollywood stars like Theda Bera and Gloria Swanson. As an African-American, Mr. Cook wrestled with the legacy of slavery, lynching and racism, even in his own family. His grandmothers were born into slavery. His father, the son of a white slave owner, disowned Raymond Cook because he “came black.” But the Black American culture of his youth offered Raymond Cook the love, spiritual strength and sense of worth that sustained him. One of its gifts, “that old time religion,” became the cornerstone of his life. Don’t miss this chance to get to know Raymond Cook. He led an ordinary life of extraordinary love, faith, and integrity.< Less
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