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Your Dreams and the Interpretations By Peter O Adenmosun
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This book contains vital inspiration that can help the Christian who genuinely needs a breakthrough in life as it deals with one of the mysteries of the Christian faith i.e. dreams and it includes... More > over 500 types of dreams and their possible interpretations. Dreams are vital instruments which God uses to correct us as believers, unveil His program for our lives and more importantly reveal His will in our lives. Beloved, the key to your tomorrow is sometimes wrapped up in your dreams.< Less
Your Dream Interpretation Guide By The Dream Interpretation Guide
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Find out the meaning of your dreams is in this Ebook. Learn how to interpret your own dreams. Includes Dreams Dictionary and bonus material.
Dream Interpretation - Deciphering Your Dreams By Jack Moore
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Dreams are easily molded by elements in your life and spirit, and these influences produce "categories" that are nearly infinite. We do widely categorize them in terms like "prophetic,... More > regular, physical and nightmare" (to name simply a few). A lot of things may be gained from dreams, better wellness (mental and physical), amusement and even financial gain! Dreams, in Sigmund Freud's view, are all configurations of "wish fulfillment" — endeavors by the unconscious mind to settle a conflict of some kind, whether something recent or something from the corners of the past. Because the data in the unconscious mind is in an ungovernable and frequently disturbing form, a "censor" in the preconscious won't allow it to pass unchanged into the conscious ! This powerful ebook will provide you with everything you need to know to learn all about the basics of the world of dreams.< Less
The International Codes For Dream Interpretation By Emanuel Asante
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Dreams have profound meanings so don't live your life not knowing what they mean. All humans possess the natural ability to dream and every day people all over the world have an abundance of clear... More > meaningful dreams. Most dreams are coded and therefore of no good to us unless they can be accurately interpreted. Throughout our history there had always been the need for standardized codes that would simplify the process of dream interpretation. There are numerous dream books available but most are not accurate or consistent with their definitions and therefore impractical for use by the general public. Dream codes can only be effective if they are understood and acceptable by people and the many sources from which dreams originate.< Less
( The Spirit Of Belteshazzar - Dream Revelation and Interpretation ) By Mary Shrum
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This is a proactive book on how to interpret your own prophetic dreams.
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Fire of Elijah Prophetic Training Manual 2- Interpreting Dreams and Visions By Johnny Ova
Paperback: $14.99
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Welcome to the Fire of Elijah Prophetic Training Manual Course Two on “Interpreting Dreams and Visions”. The information in this course is used during our advanced activation... More > workshops. The contents are designed to bring revelation, understanding, training and activation of prophetic dreams and visions. Through this advanced teaching, workshop participants will be encouraged to become more aware of God speaking to them in dreams and visions. Upon completion of this workshop each student will be able to identify what type of dream or vision they have experienced by correctly interpreting the types and symbols used to portray the dream or vision. We feel honored and blessed to share this time with you. We know God will stretch us all during this time. We believe that the training in this manual will strengthen what you have developed in Course One, “The foundations of the Prophetic”. May God continue to bless you as He develops a strong prophetic flow in your life< Less
Dreams: Guidance from Within...A Christian Perspective By Michael G. Dougherty
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How to understand dreams as a form of guidance for everyday living. This book provides the necessary tools for the reader to understand the origin of dreams and how they are unconscious... More > communications from God.< Less
Dead and Dreaming By Sam Heimer
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This tome collects the work from the 'Dead and Dreaming' exhibition at Paradigm Gallery, Philadelphia, showcasing twenty artists interpreting the work of H.P. Lovecraft. Includes art by Jay Bevenour,... More > Christine Larsen, Eric Braddock, Anthony Pedro, Christian Patchell, Mike Bukowski, Mike Wohlberg, Rog Petersen, Jeffro Kilpatrick, Paul Romano, Sam Heimer, Rachel Harper, Kirsten Harper, Jen Gin, Joseph Querio, German Orozco, Paul Palcko, Eamon Dougherty, Tim Durning, and Alex Eckman-Lawn. Curated by Sam Heimer.< Less
What Every Dream Means By Scott Shafer
eBook (PDF): $24.95
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This book is written to inspire confidence that you can come to know the truth of the meaning of your dreams and symbolism.