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The Back Pain Avenger: Heal Chronic Back Pain and Destroy It Forever By Joe Chiappetta
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The Back Pain Avenger is a non-medicated memoir of rehabilitation. Discover how one eccentric leader in the disability community finally overcomes his own back injury and no longer suffers from... More > chronic back pain. Find out if the unorthodox methods he uses in healing back pain will work for you. This hard to believe, funny, yet true story is written and illustrated by award winning author Joe Chiappetta. Disability advocates, people with disabilities, their family members, as well as healthcare professionals and businesses who employ people with disabilities will be aching with laughs, insight, and the awareness that brings healing in this lighthearted yet powerful journey. Alternative medicine meets cartoon humor and the Bible. The book also includes Disability in Comics: a chronological index of major characters with disabilities featured in the history of comic books and strips. Contains 25,000 words and 78 Silly Daddy comics and illustrations.< Less
The Proven Treatment to Heal Your Chronic Back Pain By Edgar Ortega M.
eBook (ePub): $8.89
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The Proven Treatment to Heal Your Chronic Back Pain Is a guide for people with spinal injuries and back pain. This guide is based on the firm belief that if pain is a disease that affects all... More > aspects of life. You will learn to understand the pain and how to treat it effectively according to the specific cause. You learn: how back pain starts. How to Manage Slip Discs in Back Pain. Back Pain and Fractures. How the Skeletal Muscles cause Back Pain. Back Pain Interventions. Back Pain and Diagnosis. The Diagnosis behind Back Pain Continue. The Outline of the Spine Defining Back Pain. Sacroiliac Bones and Back Pain. Brief History of Osteoarthritis and Back Pain. Associating Back Pain and Multiple Sclerosis. Muscles and Nerves in Back Pain. Ligaments and Tendons Causing Back Pain. Herniated Disk and Back Pain. Joints and Connective Tissues Causing Back Pain. Musculoskeletal Disorders and Back Pain. Methods for Treating Common Back Pain. And Much More...< Less
Back Pain Revealed By Jack Moore
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The pain of it all, what do you know about back pain until you feel it yourself. Injuries are not the only cause of back pain, rather few medical conditions, including multiple sclerosis can cause... More > back pain. Learn more about the diseases that ache, the back. When considering back pain one must ask what its cause is. How can one control the pain? What self-care prevention strategies can one use to ease back pain? What treatments are available to me? The fact is back pain can occur from feet conditions, such as swelling, heel pain, burning soles, battered ligaments, and so on. Sport injuries, car accidents, inappropriate bending, and lifting are all related to back pain. With the many variants related to back pain, one must educate you on how the spine is structured and what happens if that structure is interrupted. Let’s get started and learn what we can about back pain, and how we can eliminate such stress in our lives.< Less
Stop Your Back Pain By Janice Knox
eBook (PDF): $27.95
Chronic and crippling back pain effects millions of people world wide. This chronic pain is a leading cause of loss of income and job absenteeism. Chronic pain patients are taking more and more... More > drugs, leading to dependency that in itself is a source of pain and econmomic loss. Do any of this apply to you? If so, this book is written especially for you. How to stop your back pain will take your through the basics of understanding back pain, treatments and the most commonly used drugs. More importantly, this ebook will show you how to cure your pain without the use of drugs or surgery. Do you want to find out why your MD may not be in the best position to cure your pain? This ebook will get you that information and give you all the alternatives that will let you get rid of the pain, get back to a life free of back pain and allow you to do the many things that you have always wanted to do. Easy to read and informative. If you want to stop your chronic back pain, this book is a must read.< Less
Back Pain Solution By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Are you suffering from backache, or chronic back pain? This can be dangerous. It's not a laughing matter. This ebook compiles lots of information about what back pain really is, and different types... More > of pain. Most importantly, how you can cure your back pain either naturally, or with doctor's help. Read through this ebook, make notes and understand what stage you are in. Do you need a surgery? All answers can be found inside. Don't suffer in pain anymore. Get this ebook right now!< Less
Lower Back Pain Relief: Incorporating Lower Back Pain Exercises and Stretches for Back Pain Relief! By Brian Jeff
eBook (ePub): $4.99
A Couple of things are entirely as incapacitating as back pain. For the individuals who have never encountered a genuine spinal pain, the idea is unfathomable. We utilize our backs continually in... More > everything, from strolling to standing; each part of our day by day lives requires our backs to work rightfully and effortlessly. However, at the point when back pain strikes, the main thought in our heads is the way to dispose of it. In fact, and I dare say that ,if you have ever encountered the pain at any point in life, all you will be concerned with will be prevention! Therefore, I want you to take full advantage of your being on this page NOW! and get your copy of this book... Lower Back Pain Relief: Incorporating Lower Back Pain Exercises and Stretches for Back Pain Relief! Yes, and start getting the tips for your back pain relief....< Less
Healing Back Pain Quickly: Shocking Facts About Back Pain By Marie White
eBook (ePub): $2.99
10 Killer Secrets About Back Pain Back pain is often a short-term phenomenon and can be rectified by exercises or painkillers. However, back pain can also become chronic and recur by even a small... More > movement. Here's a preview of what you will learn: - Acute Edema and Back Pain - Associating Back Pain and Multiple Sclerosis - Back Pain and Backers - and More GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY!< Less
The Yoga for Back Pain Toolkit 'Lite' By Joy Anderson
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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The Yoga for Back Pain Toolkit 'Lite' is a tiny taster of the full version of the Yoga for Back Pain Toolkit This book will get you started on your journey to recovery. Joy recovered herself... More > from debilitating back pain using the exact same technique she teaches here. Her story will inspire anyone who suffers back pain and is still hoping to find a solution. Don't give up, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Based on 20 years teaching and now running a very successful Yoga for Back Pain Clinic in London, this might just be the answer you've been looking for. Joy feels yoga should be accessible to all and should not exclude anyone in terms of age, ability or injury. She suggests modifications for all levels, giving even the most chronic back pain sufferer a way in. Why not download the book today, it's FREE and you've got nothing to lose except your back pain!< Less
Work Hurt or Starve!! - Living With Chronic Pain/Illness By Fly TY Unchained
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Pain is terrible! Pain is awful! Pain is misery! But pain is also a lesson! Pain is also a teacher! Pain can be a blessing! Sometimes pain may make you get up and change something in your life to... More > bring back something better! We don’t realize a lot of times how pain can benefit us. Trust me I know, No one wants to deal with pain of any kind, whether physical, mental or spiritual. The thing is we need to learn how to grow to a level of patience that will allow nothing to bother us in a negative way in our lives until whatever problem we are dealing with subsides, and it will, whether now or later. It takes time though, believe me I’m going through it right now and it’s not easy! Over time though I have learned that many people are dealing with tremendous physical pain in their lives, and they have no choice but to try to get through it and live their lives to the best of their ability.< Less
Overcoming Back Pain: A Mind-Body Solution By Gary F. Zeolla
eBook (PDF): $1.35
I was a national champion powerlifter in college. In the 123 pound weight class, I was able to squat and deadlift over 400 pounds. But I had to cease competing due to low back pain that developed in... More > the fall of 1982. For the next thirteen years the pain or the fear of it severely limited what physical activities I could engage in. The pain worsened in the spring of 1994, and I was crippled by it for the next six years. I couldn’t lift more than two pounds without ending up in pain. I also had to spend the bulk of my day laying flat on my back. During these years, I tried just about every available traditional and alternative treatment. But nothing worked. However, I finally found complete relief in the spring of 2000. And since that time the pain has not returned in any significant degree. In fact, I am now powerlifting again and once again squatting and deadlifting over 400 pounds. This booklet describes the traditional and alternative treatments that I tried and what finally worked.< Less