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GAAK By Darryl Hughes
eBook (PDF): $5.95
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What is GAAK? It's like ET--With teeth. It's like The Gremlins if they came from outer space and had great comic timing. GAAK is what you get when you mix Steven Spielberg's "The Goonies"... More > with equal parts of classic 50's style creature feature movies like "The Invaders from Mars". When aliens from outer space invade a small suburban town and hatch a fiendish plot to take over the earth and meet the original cast of "Star Trek", four misfit kids named Zach, Jemmy, Plato, and Chubs set out to save the world--And all before bedtime. After all, tonight's a school night. Story by Darryl Hughes, art by Monique MacNaughton< Less
my life27 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $2.01
my life27 My new psychiatrist seems cool. My passion, writing, he knows. I use my experiences for stuff to write about. As I waited at the doctor, it hit me why God called me from rejecters. Now I... More > can focus better on Christ. I see my psychiatrist every three months. My psychiatrist knows now I want a double wide in a double wide trailer park. He said keep hoping for it. I want my bills as low as possible. That's to have the most money to advertise my books with. Ebooks. Writing is my favorite activity. I want to keep doing that for the Lord. Wind used to bother me, so I am exposing myself to more wind. Today I had a Cowboy burger at Applebees. Mom and I left Sheila on the couch as she texted je. Sheila and Jeff could be coming in. Chubs is barking. The condition of the world shows the Lord Almighty is very, very near< Less
deez- commentary45 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Chubs sunbathing. I was watching the dog take it easy. I had to take note of it. Rest is a commandment. Dying of a worn out body, working 60+ hours a week, Papa was always moaning. I lived with... More > Granny a Papa. He ran circles around his employees, working much harder than them. Every time he stood up from a rested position he'd wail in agony. T was catchy. Got arthritis after my traumatic brain injury. Now I often moan when I stand from a seated position. I know that's a learned behavior. Dad very often had a beer in his hand. Every weekend, so did I 16-17 years old. Then my traumatic brain injury & 10 years of rehab altered my lifestyle; altered my friend choosing. Birds of a feather flock together. My flock of 4 buddies went through Pile Hills Golf Course light pole. Walking distance from the road my aunt died on. A Russel town road. The 1st girl, when I was 13, turned me down. That Russel, Richard B. Russel, was her step dad. I asked the next girl out 4 years< Less
Daniel Blue Tales By Daniel Blue
eBook (ePub): $29.99
This bumper collection of my work comprises over 300 stories and 600 000 words. It consists of a very large percentage of my entire output of erotic stories up to July 2013 and is packed with hot men... More > and juicy erotic action. All it needs are your hungry eyes. The content of the following books will be found in 'Daniel Blue Tales': Man Lust X2/First Time Tales/Somewhere in Between/First Time with A Fisherman/Quickies/Gianni Gets It Good/Erotic Blue/First Touch of a Man's Hand/Sex at Work Fantasies/Very Quick Throbs/Bear and Chub Tales/Bisexual Bedside Tales/Plus the poetry and limerick collections. If you purchase this book you won't need any of the above mentioned. If you like my writing style and characters then I invite you to lose yourself for a week or two and slip into a world of fantasy where ordinary, everyday men just like you are the heroes and the star attraction. Unleash your inner sensuality and dive into Daniel Blue Tales!< Less

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