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The Citadel beyond the North Wind By Xoth Publishing
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There is a land far to the north, past the black hills of Lamu and beyond the frozen moors of Tharag Thule; a dreary land of mist and thunder, where the white people of Yg have dwelt since ancient... More > times. The free men of Yg tremble when fools dare to utter the name of Arkanth Mal, witch-king of Galuga, for he is the greatest and oldest of the tyrants of this primeval land. And now, the drunken bards of Tartuun whisper, the witch-king of Galuga seeks a new queen. For his minions sweep across the borders of Tharag Thule and Lamu, slaying men and taking only young women as slaves back to Galuga, the Citadel beyond the North Wind! Sword and Sorcery Adventure for Character Levels 8-10< Less
Hardscrabble Hill By Jeff Davis
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Hardscrabble Hill is the story of Adele Susannah Abbott, a white colonial house perched on the bank of the Penobscot River, and the impact the house had on Adele’s life. It was a beacon of... More > hope in her childhood, a refuge from the storm of her adolescence, a citadel of her adult life, and a safe haven in her waning years. Set in the town of Jonasport, Maine, at the turn of the century, Hardscrabble Hill follows the lives of Adele and the inhabitants of Jonasport who reached out to one another while trying to conceal the dark secrets of their individual lives. It is the story of a people who lived in a time when “neighbors were friends and community mattered”< Less
More New Light On Movie Bests By John Howard Reid
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Award-winning movie critic, John Howard Reid, provides full details and expert reviews for over 80 classic films which he feels would qualify as some of the best that Hollywood and other national... More > studios have produced to date. Among these treasures are such movies as Beau Geste, Blues in the Night, Camille, Duck Soup, Fedora, The Great Gatsby, King Kong, The Shepherd of the Hills, Tales of Manhattan, Tom Jones, Trade Winds, Ace in the Hole/The Big Carnival, Bicycle Thieves, Trio, Crossfire, The Citadel, French Connection, Folly To Be Wise, Foreign Correspondent, Inherit the Wind, The Hound of the Baskervilles. (And the good news is that nearly all of the 80 are now available on DVD).< Less
Recovering The Lost World, Volume 2 By Jno Cook
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Volume two of “Recovering the Lost World” continues the sweeping concepts and specific dates of antiquity, with the identification of Jupiter as the midnight sun, the flood of Noah, an... More > event which will later be recalled as the Day of the Dead, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the Exodus of Moses. In the 8th and 7th century BC Mars repeatedly cause massive destruction in passing close by Earth. This is supported by archaeological sources of the eastern Mediterranean in addition to Mesoamerican data. Nearly 200 million people died, and hundreds of cities and hill-top citadels were destroyed and covered in yards of ashes. Then in 685 BC, Venus and Mercury (as Phaethon) blazed in the sky for 40 days, ending when a plasmoid from Jupiter landed at the Sun. This was witnessed and recorded by people worldwide. The tilt of the Earth changed from the Big Dipper to the Little Dipper. The Maya Chilam Balam list the exact dates. The equinox moved 15 days ahead.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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