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The socio-historical analysis of fundamental factors of the current global economy.
CIVIL CHANGES: Civil Service in Louisiana By Ann Brewster Dobie
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This book is the story of the struggle to achieve the civil service system that is in place today in Louisiana. It has its villains and its heroes, its times of crisis and times of triumph. Civil... More > Changes ends its chronicle with the approach of the second decade of the 21st century, but the story is ongoing, as the Department of State Civil Service, the Civil Service Commission, and the Louisiana Civil Service League carry on their work to devise and implement more efficient and effective means of serving the citizens of the state.< Less
Inner Civilization Redeveloping Black Culture And Civilization in America By Alan Dixon
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Inner Civilization is an historical essay and guide for the future development of Black America. Inner Civilization represents the development of a culture among African Americans that draws from... More > their own heritage, intellect and imagination. The author does not assume that black Americans are one people simply because of their racial make-up. He seeks to establish the need for finding shared traditions, organizing principles, and values beyond those based in slavery and discrimination. And unlike the typical afro-centric approach, Inner Civilization includes elements of culture from Asia and the Ancient Middle East that black people have also originated. Finally, Inner Civilization shows how forging a single overarching ideal lends itself to a greater sense of direction, commitment, increased creativity, economic efficiency and a more realistic environment for mutual goodwill.< Less
Reminiscences of the Civil War: With Photographs of the American Civil War By J. Mitchell & Cora Mitchel
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My father, Thomas Leeds Mitchel, of Groton, Connecticut, was a cotton merchant in Apalachicola, Florida, a small but important city at the mouth of the Chattahoochie River. As there were few... More > railroads, all the cotton raised in the interior was shipped down the river to be compressed and taken down the bay, where steamers and sailing vessels were waiting to carry it to England or the Northern States. Father was one of the earliest settlers, and held important positions of trust in city and church. His wife, Sophia Brownell, of Providence, Rhode Island, a woman of strong character, was well fitted to stand by his side and help him establish a home in an almost new country. The society of Apalachicola was unusually good. A number of Northern families who had been drawn there as my father had, and families from Virginia and other Southern States, brought together elements of culture and refinement unusual in so small and primitive a town.< Less
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Our present civilization is the 5th civilization of our era and the first civilization of this era was approximately 100 thousand years ago. I was recently privileged to see actual human beings... More > from the first civilization through the fourth civilization as archangels and an Elohim took on human forms from these civilizations for me to see. An era consists of ten civilizations and at the end of the 10th civilization a new era begins as the first civilization. Hence there has been many eras going back into millions of years. To begin with, I will clarify that human beings did not evolve from apes, neither did human beings evolve for tadpoles from the sea. I have seen with my own eyes human forms from over 100 thousand years ago< Less
Objective Civil Engineering By Capt (Dr.) Nitin P. Sonaje
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Objective Civil Engineering Since time immemorial, human beings have been busy in constructing something. From mud huts, in the course of time, human beings have moved on to erect houses, palaces,... More > canals, dams, highways, and so on. From huts made of wood and mud to the World’s top wonder Taj Mahal of Agra, we have achieved a lot in civil engineering. Amongst all branches of engineering, the variety and scope of civil engineering is the wide and larger. It is one of the oldest engineering disciplines. It deals with the built environment and can be dated to the first time someone placed a roof over his or her head or laid a tree trunk across a river to make it easier to get across. The credit of creating entire infrastructural framework of a modern nation goes to civil engineers.< Less
Itinerari del codice civile By
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Itinerari del codice civile
Choose Your Own Civilization By Gary and Anneli Robinaugh
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Choose your own civilization
Choose Your Own Civilization By Gary and Anneli Robinaugh
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Choose your own civilization
The American Civil War By Adam O. Harmon
Hardcover: $30.78
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A Book on the American Civil War

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