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The Border Legion: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Jim Cleve has been deemed, "a good guy" all of his life and it agitates him to no end. Even his girlfriend, Joan Randle has scorned him for this "weakness" shouting, "You... More > haven't it in you even to be BAD!" Dejected and hurt, Jim abandons the life he has known for the gold mining camps along Alder Gulch in southern Montana. It is here, among the thieves and murderers, that he must make a new name for himself. Meanwhile, Joan realizes the danger that she has put Jim in and rushes off to save him. However, when she stumbles across the ruthless desperado gang leader, Jack Kells, it is soon Joan who is in need of rescue. When Kells tries to rape her, Joan grabs his gun and shoots him. But something keeps Joan from leaving him to die. In the face of Joan's loving spirit, Kells experiences his own change of heart. But it is too late, Kells outlaw gang arrives and keeps Joan hostage.< Less
Cabin Fever: Classic American Western Novel By B.M. Bower
eBook (ePub): $1.99
There is a certain malady of the mind induced by too much of one thing. Just as the body fed too long upon meat becomes a prey to that horrid disease called scurvy, so the mind fed too long upon... More > monotony succumbs to the insidious mental ailment which the West calls "cabin fever." True, it parades under different names, according to circumstances and caste. You may be afflicted in a palace and call it ennui, and it may drive you to commit peccadillos and indiscretions of various sorts. You may be attacked in a middle-class apartment house, and call it various names, and it may drive you to cafe life and affinities and alimony. You may have it wherever you are shunted into a backwater of life, and lose the sense of being borne along in the full current of progress. Be sure that it will make you abnormally sensitive to little things; irritable where once you were amiable; glum where once you went whistling about your work and your play.< Less
Rim O’ the World: Classic American Western Novel By B.M. Bower
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Excerpt from Chapter 4 On the grassy expanse known locally as Injun Creek, fifteen hundred head of cattle were milling restlessly in a close-held herd over which gray dust hovered and settled and... More > rose again. Toward it other cattle came lowing, trotting now and then when the riders pressed close, essaying a retreat when the way seemed clear. From Devil’s Tooth they came, and from Lava Bed way, and from the rough sandstone ridges of Mill Creek. Two by two the riders, mere moving dots at first against a monotone of the rangeland, took form as they neared the common center. Red cattle, black cattle, spotted and dingy white, with bandy-legged, flat-bodied calves keeping close to their mothers, kicking up their heels in sheer joy of their new life when the pace slowed a little, seeking a light lunch whenever the cows stopped to cast a wary glance back at their pursuer.< Less
The Young Forester: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Sample character names include Hal, Ken, Dick, Ward, Smith, Jim, and an unscrupulous for-hire Latino generally referred to as "the Greaser." Lovely, just lovely. Societally-acceptable... More > racism aside, it's a quick and engaging, if moderately insulting, read (for, among other things, the suspension of disbelief required at frequent intervals, mostly corresponding to the practically metaphysical knowledge of forestry and government regulations that escapes our teen-aged hero's lips during long rides in the saddle in-between plot twists). And yet, it's an entertaining romp in the finest pulp tradition. Plus, I was referred to this fictionalized account of a zealous "Pinchot progressive" in the highly recommended telling of the 1910 Bitterroot Mountains fire "The Big Burn" by Timothy Egan. Yes, go read that fine book first, and then come back to consume this one.< Less
Ride Proud, Rebel!: Classic American Western Novel By Andre Norton
eBook (ePub): $1.99
A man scuttles out of the brush -- and Drew only half sees the figure snapping a gunshot at him . . . Feeling the sickening impact of the bullet in his middle, suddenly Drew cannot pull any air into... More > his straining lungs. The reins fall from his hands -- but he clings to the saddle as the mule leaps braying ahead. Abruptly from beneath the mule's hoofs the ground gives way -- tumbling both of them into the icy stream! Drew plunges into instant blackness, shutting out the terrible agony shaking him. ". . . dead," says someone above the boy. Famed storyteller Andre Norton, in Ride Proud, Rebel!, relates the gripping tale of a boy thrust at too young an age into the bloody battles of the Civil War, riding under General Morgan.< Less
Good Indian: Classic American Western Novel By B.M. Bower
eBook (ePub): $1.99
An American Western Classic! It was somewhere in the seventies when old Peaceful Hart woke to a realization that gold-hunting and lumbago do not take kindly to one another, and the fact that his pipe... More > and dim-eyed meditation appealed to him more keenly than did his prospector's pick and shovel and pan, seemed to imply that he was growing old. B.M Bower had a gift for writing Westerns, weaving tales of adventure, intrigue, mystery, and romance - often with surprise endings. They are historical reminiscences of pioneers among the sage and bush, clearing the way for a new America. She knew and loved the tireless young men who worked their hearts out in the only way they knew how to. She captured in authentic detail and charm, the spirit and lives of the men and women of her times who fought so hard for justice and honor among the harsh reality of the American frontier. Add this exciting American classic to your Western library today!< Less
The Romance of Lust (1873): A Classic Victorian Erotic Novel By Anonymous
eBook (PDF): $3.99
The Romance of Lust, or Early Experiences is a Victorian erotic novel published anonymously in four volumes during the years 1873–1876 by William Lazenby. Henry Spencer Ashbee discusses this... More > novel in one of his bibliographies of erotic literature. In addition the compilers of British Museum General Catalogue of Printed Books list this book.< Less
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Best of Classic Novels By Mark Twain
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Tom Sawyer, a boy growing up in a Mississippi River town in the early 19th century. The reteller includes the most memorable adventures: from Tom's sly trickery with the whitewashed fence, cleverly... More > manipulating everyone to do his work for him, to his and Huck Finn's grave-robbing episode, and Becky and Tom's scary night lost in the cave. The most memorable characters are here, too, from Aunt Polly to Injun Joe. This nicely realized adaptation manages to retain the flavor of the original without the old-fashioned style of expression. Quality is retained: the story is not Disney-fied and doesn't feel dumbed down. Pen-and-ink illustrations help interpret the action.< Less
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Best of Classic Novels By Mark Twain
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Climb aboard the raft with Huck and Jim and drift away from the "sivilized" life and into a world of adventure, excitement, danger, and self-discovery. Huck's shrewd and humorous narrative... More > is complemented by lyrical descriptions of the Mississippi valley and a sparkling cast of memorable characters.< Less
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