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Listening to the Voices of the Past (Reader) By William Walter
Paperback: $29.95
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When used in tandem with a study of English history, this reader will encourage the student to observe the influences of history upon literature and to recognize the importance of having a basic... More > knowledge of history in understanding the content of many classic works. It is also hoped that the literature presented in this chronological survey will serve as a sort of window in which to view the people and cultures of England’s past. The text is divided into six sections from the Briton to Victorian period—from the landing of Julius Caesar on the English isle to the time in which the English Empire reached its height. These divisions were made roughly to match the changes in the style, types, and tastes of literature, changes in the English language, and changes in control of state. The selections in this reader are accompanied by a companion study guide that exercises the student’s knowledge or skills in vocabulary, reading comprehension, and poetics.< Less
Holy War By Bunyan John
eBook (ePub): $2.99
While John Bunyan is most famously known for writing Pilgrim's Progress, his works of Christian literature extend well beyond just one novel. Indeed, Bunyan was a prolific writer and preacher,... More > authoring over fifty books and tracts during his lifetime. Like Pilgrim's Progress, The Holy War is an allegorical novel which illustrates the Christian's spiritual journey. The Holy War is the story of "Mansoul" a perfect town built for the glory of its benevolent creator and leader, King Shaddai. After being deceived by the wicked ruler Diabolus, the town rejects the rule of King Shaddai and falls deep into the mires of sin and despair. As battles rage between good and evil, the redemption of Mansoul is only possible through the victory of Shaddai's son, Prince Emmanuel. Bunyan's allegory is full of clever characters and captivating drama. This Christian classic is both educational and entertaining, so it is a great book for leisure reading or Bible study. -Emmalon Davis, CCEL Staff Writer< Less
Learned Discourse on Justification By Richard Hooker
eBook (ePub): $2.99
James Kiefer's introduction to this work explains its premise well. Richard Hooker said once in a sermon, "I doubt not but God was merciful to save thousands of our fathers living in popish... More > superstitions, inasmuch as they sinned ignorantly." Keifer explains that "This sentence, which today would be fiercely attacked by those who thought it arrogant, narrow, and bigoted, was at the time attacked on opposite grounds. Walter Travers...said that since the adherents of the Pope did not believe in justification by faith, they could not be justified by faith, which meant that they could not be justified at all, which meant that they were certainly damned, with no exceptions. Hooker, he claimed, had sold out to the enemy." In response to Travers' objections, Hooker crafted a masterful sermon on justification. This work is a practical application of Hooker's educated, logical, and authoritative theology. -Abby Zwart, CCEL Staff Writer< Less
Résumé: Practice Book for the Twelve Chapters in High Mysticism By Emma Curtis Hopkins
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American writer, educator, theologian, and feminist pioneer EMMA CURTIS HOPKINS (1849-1925) may well be the most important woman in the history of religion in the United States. Influenced by Mary... More > Baker Eddy and her "Christian Science," Hopkins developed the more metaphysical philosophy of New Thought, an early "New Age" outlook that encouraged its adherents to tap the latent powers of their potent minds. Known as "the teacher of teachers," Hopkins inspired her students, many of whom went on to become influential leaders of the New Thought movement, to give full expression to their creative genius.< Less
Ramakrishna: His Life and Sayings By Friedrich Max Müller
eBook (ePub): $9.36
Ramakrishna was a Bengali Hindu sage. Although theoretically a high-caste Brahamin by birth, he came from a poor, low-caste village and had little or no education. He did not know a word of Sanskrit... More > and his knowledge of the Vedas, Puranas, and Hindu Epics was obtained orally (in the Bengali language). In spite of this, he managed to convey in his aphorisms the essence of the Hindu religion. Ramakrishna also worshipped with Muslims and Christians, and propounded a simple approach to religious tolerance: "Creeds and sects matter nothing. Let every one perform with faith the devotions and practices of his creed. Faith is the only clue to get to God." (#200). His often earthy sayings and short fables are immediately comprehensible to everyone, using vivid metaphors which employ everyday objects and settings to express deep Hindu philosophical concepts. This collection of sayings was collected by his followers after his death and translated by Max Muller.< Less
Getting at the Inner Man and Fifty Years on the Lecture Platform By Russell Herman Conwell & Robert Shackleton
eBook (ePub): $4.66
That Conwell is not primarily a minister-that he is a minister because he is a sincere Christian, but that he is first of all an Abou Ben Adhem, a man who loves his fellow-men, becomes more and more... More > apparent as the scope of his life-work is recognized. One almost comes to think that his pastorate of a great church is even a minor matter beside the combined importance of his educational work, his lecture work, his hospital work, his work in general as a helper to those who need help.For my own part, I should say that he is like some of the old-time prophets, the strong ones who found a great deal to attend to in addition to matters of religion. The power, the ruggedness, the physical and mental strength, the positive grandeur of the man-all these are like the general conceptions of the big Old Testament prophets.< Less
Images From a Creation Myth By Shannon Roquemore
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In this memoir of a teacher's education and spiritual awakening, Classical educator Shannon Roquemore takes the reader on a journey from her childhood conversion to Christianity through her... More > graduate work in the "Great Books" and beyond, bringing to light the essence of what education is meant to be: an illumination of God and his dance with humanity, and an invitation to the soul to awaken. Ultimately, Roquemore's story becomes her primary teaching tool as she examines her own courtship with God and applies it to the individuals in her classroom. For all those who have resisted divorcing their formal education from their identity as a soul, Images From a Creation Myth restores the soul to its rightful place as the beneficiary of education.< Less
I Tell, I Speak, I Write By William Walter
Paperback: $29.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This anthology contains classic essays, speeches, narrative poems and dramatic monologues. Authors include such essayists as Charles Lamb, Charles Dickens, Christopher Morley, Robert Benchley, and... More > Stephen Leacock; orators and leaders, such as Demosthenes, Patrick Henry, Frederick Douglass, Ronald Reagan, and John F. Kennedy; and poets, such as Alfred Tennyson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, William Wordsworth, and Robert Browning.< Less
Lord Teach Us To Pray By Alexander Whyte
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Lord Teach Us to Pray brings together twenty-three sermons by Scottish theologian and preacher, Alexander Whyte. Divided into three parts, this collection of sermons describes the general features of... More > prayer, certain important qualities of prayer, and a variety of examples of prayer from biblical characters. The title of the book is taken from Luke 11:1, and the sermons from several prayer series Whyte delivered from 1895 to 1906. Possessing a strong education, Whyte often incorporates the work of theologians, philosophers, poets, and scientists in his well-crafted sermons. His sermons, though originally delivered over one hundred years ago, retain their power of conviction and spiritual aptitude. Enriched with spiritual insight, Whyte's sermons demonstrate how the Lord can teach us how to pray. - Tim Perrine, CCEL Staff Writer< Less
Harmony Hill By Laurie Brown
Paperback: $14.99
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A group of animals live together peacefully in a meadow known as Harmony Hill under the watch-care of Paraclet the eagle. Meanwhile, in a wooded area nearby, an evil wolf and a wily fox devise a... More > plan to convince them to leave their home, enabling the co-conspirators to take possession of the meadow. Through a series of unfortunate events that occur after the animals leave Harmony Hill, Paraclet’s followers realize the folly of making any decision that causes them to stray from the protection of their guardian. Harmony Hill is a delightful allegory that teaches children about the unconditional love and redemptive power of the Lord Jesus Christ.< Less

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