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Skiffle Songbook - 50 Classic Songs for Guitar - 2nd Edition By Jez Quayle
Paperback: $14.09
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In the late 1950s there was a skiffle craze in Great Britain. With its strong beat and fast tempos, skiffle music challenged the emerging rock ‘n’ roll. Estimates suggest that at the... More > height of the craze there were upwards of 30,000 skiffle groups in the country. This book contains the full lyrics and guitar chords for 50 skiffle songs made famous by the likes of: the Vipers, Chas McDevitt, Lonnie Donegan, Ken Colyer, and the City Ramblers skiffle groups. Songs include: ‘Rock Island Line’; ‘Midnight Special’; ‘Putting On The Style’; ‘Maggie May’; ‘Freight Train’; ‘Don’t You Rock Me Daddy-O’; ‘Pick a Bale of Cotton’ ... and many other classics from the repertoires of professional and amateur skiffle groups of the era. Each song is presented over a double-page spread with chords above the lyrics. There is also instruction in how to strum the guitar when playing skiffle songs, and a valuable explanation of the ‘three chord trick’. All profits from this book are donated to Save the Children.< Less
Eleos Music - Foundations Course in Guitar By Alexander Tseitlin
Hardcover: $45.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The foundations course is most simply described as a course for intermediate players. It is designed for a student who has an introductory knowledge of music (described above) and develops... More > instrumental technique, musicianship, and history in preparation for the study of concert repertoire: - Instrumental: This area develops the skills to play a 3-piece (60-minute) recital program of contrasting pieces (a requirement for most regional competitions). The course avoids concert repertoire and develops the technique necessary to begin studying it. - Musicianship: This area includes an exhaustive study of rhythm, an introductory study of harmony, an introductory study of composition and orchestration, and an introductory study of modern music technology. - History: This area includes a more detailed survey of the last 400 years of music, as well as an introduction on early and modern music. This course is ideally begun at ages 7 to 11 and takes 2 to 5 years to complete.< Less
Ergonomic guitar technique - Second edition By Joakim Zelmerloow
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The method "Ergonomic guitar technique" takes the individual behind the instrument as its starting point, thus creating a technique that makes the best use of the human resources. The... More > method deals not only with the guitar technique, but also discusses the playing in relation to physical and psychological well-being. This is a translated and revised edition that, among other supplements such as the right and left hand exercises by Mauro Giuliani, also features the collection of caprices "Capricci Dinamarca op 7".< Less
Honoring Those That Went Before, Classical & World Music Piano Scores By Teo Barry Vincent
Paperback: $14.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
To honor my grandmother Claudia Ruddock-Vincent the concert pianist, her grandfather Theodore Dehon Ruddock the music professor, and my many other musical influences, I offer this book to do my part... More > to keep the music alive. The Italian performance instructions all have English translations included, and are organized into a helpful glossary at the end of the book that includes page numbers of uses of the terms. Piano techniques are the main focus of this work, but chords, guitar notation, percussion and vocal arrangements have been added to allow for small ensembles. Play with your friends and family! If grandma taps along, show her the percussion diagram maybe! Still, all pieces stand alone perfectly well as solo performances.< Less
Beginning Ensembles for the Next Generation of Guitarists By Darin Au
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This book was written to develop musicianship in beginning guitarists. Teachers and students should use this book as a supplement to their current reading book. The original concept for this... More > collection was a series of etudes for guitar ensemble. It soon evolved into a series of pieces that not only reinforced musical and technical concepts, but it also became a collection of likable recital pieces for young performers. The pieces are written in varying styles so students learn to interpret the pitches and rhythms according to context and style. A page of instructional notes accompanies each piece. The notes teach theoretical and historical concepts about the piece. In addition, six pieces have an extra worksheet for students to gain a little insight into how the piece was composed. For example, students can compose an accompaniment to one of the pieces and perform their version of the composition.< Less
Principles of Music By Bryan Baker
Paperback: $24.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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After years of teaching and performing clinics, masterclasses, lectures, and seminars throughout the US and Europe to enthusiastic and captivated audiences, guitarist Bryan Baker has compiled his... More > philosophy, concepts, inspirations, and innovative approaches to composition, improvisation, and the musical experience in this, his first catalog of ideas. Titled “Principles Of Music”, the book delves deeply into truly original and thought provoking methods of improvising and composing, as well as his philosophical look at the totality of a musical experience. Featuring musical examples, as well as a detailed outline of musical “assignments” designed to create the highest level of productivity and development from the reader, “Principles Of Music” makes available to the reader the material and concepts that have made Bryan Baker one of the most respected, admired and innovative guitarists of his generation.< Less
The Genius Of Giuliani By Harry George Pellegrin
Paperback: $7.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The 120 Right hand Studies of Mauro Giuliani, edited and anotated by Harry George Pellegrin. These landmark instructional studies/warm-up exercises have been overlooked by many pedagogues over the... More > past two or three decades. It is time to rediscover their benefits. Includes a new edition of the works as well as a facsimile of the Artaria second edition. Included is a systematic examination of how the exercises are structured and how they should be practiced. A must-have for the classical guitarist's library.< Less
Secrets of Chord Substitutions Revealed By Rick Roseberry
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Secrets of Chord Substitutions Revealed Chord subs make a progression sound hip, retro, cool, consonant, dissonant, melodic, disjointed, flowing, surprising, leading or humorous. They are used in... More > most styles of music, especially jazz, fusion, blues, pop, and show tunes. Tired of writing just II-V-I or I-IV-V? I'll show you 104 ways to do it differently. Great for teachers or players of any instrument, including guitar, bass, keys, piano, reeds, horns, winds, strings, vibes, as well as composers and arrangers. Only $10, it's the cost of half of a 1/2 hour lesson for information that will last you a lifetime. Download it in PDF format for you to print on your own printer. That cuts the costs and I pass the savings on to you. Learn what your teacher learns.< Less
Cancionero del Palacio Volume Two By Philip Rosoff-Horne
Paperback: $40.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Cancionero del Palacio is an early 16th century manuscript of Spanish songs from all over the Iberian Peninsula, written by some of the most popular composers of their day, many of whom were... More > attached to the court of Isabel and Ferdinand. This modern edition contains 457 songs arranged in French tablature for Vihuela/Lute and voice. Volume One of the Cancionero del Palacio contains 247 songs that were written by a scribe in the late 1400th and early 1500th centuries. Volume One will soon be available from Lulu. This book Volume Two, contains the 210 songs that were written by many other scribes during the subsequent 20 years in the margins and empty spaces of the pages of the original manuscript. This modern edition is appropriate for performers of early music and is also suitable for modern classical guitarists. The introduction includes instructions which will help moder guitarists translate from French tablature to the modern guitar.< Less

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