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Taking Up the Security Challenge of Climate Change By Rymn J. Parsons
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Climate change, in which man-made global warming is a major factor, will likely have dramatic and long lasting consequences with profound security implications, making it a challenge the United... More > States must urgently take up. The security implications will be most pronounced in places where the effects of climate change are greatest, particularly affecting weak states already especially vulnerable to environmental destabilization. Two things are vitally important: stemming the tide of climate change and adapting to its far-reaching consequences. This project examines the destabilizing effects of climate change and how the military could be used to mitigate global warming and to assist at-risk peoples and states to adapt to climate change, thereby promoting stability and sustainable security. Recommendations are made on the importance of U.S. leadership on the critical issue of global warming, on defining and dealing with the strategic dimensions of climate change, and, as a case in point...< Less
Mary the Kosher Vegetarian Impacting Climate Change By James C. Tibbetts
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The short list of effects to be caused by Climate Change includes: Crop loss and infertile soil will increase; famine, poverty and increased disease; mass human displacement and migrations; future... More > human conflicts and wars. Crop production will fall by 40%. Starvation mostly of the poor and underprivileged. Hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, wildfires and storms will increase. Smaller Governments will be destabilized, and much more. Global Warming is the most serious crisis that the Christian Church has ever faced. Global warming has many factors but they can be summarized into three main categories: 1. Industrial pollution, 2. Automobile pollution, and 3. Animal pollution. There are about 70 billion animals of various kinds that are raised and eaten as food every single year. This large number of animals creates a large carbon footprint and green-house gases, over 30% to as much as 51% in one study. The Virgin Mary is a model of someone who ate a plant-based diet as this research shows.< Less
The FrankeNOMICS POSTULATE: Dark Leviathan Rising By W. D. Raymondson
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As Civilization escalates toward infinite proportions, the problem of overpopulation looms like a dark shadow over Man's future world. Realistically, the Earth and it's Populations create a closed... More > container of expansion resources and opportunities…yet Mankind insists on aggressively indulging in unlimited expansionism. Will the competition for the last of the Planet’s diminishing resources end in a cascade collapse of national and world economies? Or will it end in Global nuclear war and the extinction of civilization? Or worse yet, will man’s lack of Wisdom and self restraint destabilize the '‘BioSphere’' and the 'Web of Life'… turning this lush and living Planet into just another dead rock in space? Read The 'FrankenWORLD' Papers and determine for yourself if 21st Century Man is destined to enjoy a grand and noble 22nd Century or suffer a tragic FrankenFUTURE.< Less
Conversations on Peace and Security By Joy Pople, Editor
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The global balance of power is shifting from the U.S. as the dominant superpower to an increasingly multi-polar world. The Universal Peace Federation's forums and conferences focus on volatile areas... More > of tension and conflict including in the Middle East, East Asia, South Asia, the Caucasus, the Americas, and Europe, and examine topics such as security, trade, human rights, global economics, energy resources, military build-ups, climate change. One of the missions of UPF is to work with scholars and policymakers to educate and alert public opinion, especially in the U.S. and industrialized democracies, of the dangers posed by conflict and other destabilizing forces to the international democratic system. The conclusions and deliberations of these forums have been compiled into this publication in the belief that an informed public opinion is the foundation of a democratic and free society in which stable and sustainable security can be established and lasting peace eventually achieved. Edited by Joy Pople< Less

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