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Driver's Safety First By Zahid Ameer
eBook (PDF): $2.25
Discover the wonders of alternative fuel and how you can save money using it! Many people in this world are not aware of the fact that the use of alternate fuels will be the best answer to the... More > needs of those drivers who want to maintain the good performance of their vehicles while prioritizing their safety and the protection of their passengers. These fuels are made of excellent substances that are not capable of producing harmful gases that can destroy the atmosphere of Earth. These fuels will be the best answer to the negative effects of climate change and greenhouse effects that were actually caused by air pollution and global warming. Inside this eBook, you are about to learn the following information: + The Basics about Alternative Fuels + Vehicles That Use Alternative Fuels + About Biodiesel + About Electric Fuels + About Ethanol + About Hydrogen + About Natural Gas + About Propane + Autos That Use Alternative Fuels + The benefits of Using Alternative Fuels + And so much more...< Less
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Primitive people have realized the miraculous healing effects of the plants. They called them as 'wonder herbs' due to their healing properties. Today herbs have come back in health scenario and... More > their importance is once again blooming throughout the world. Due to the side effects of synthetic drugs now people going back to the nature with the hope of safety and security.< Less
The Solution By Mik Aidt
Paperback: $16.44
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The solution is clear: cheaper and renewable energy in a fossil fuel free world. To become part of that solution we must educate ourselves – along with those who are dear to us – so we... More > can make the right choices. This is a personal journey which begins with making up our minds. We can ripe economic benefits from it, but individual action will not have much effect on the climate unless we are able to inspire others to step into action as well. This booklet contains inspiration and ideas as to how we get started on the collective journey. An increasing number of individuals, businesses and organisations have already started to invest wholeheartedly in clean energy and energy efficiency. They are showing the way, creating a people-powered ‘energy democracy’ reform from the ground up. 

We must continue relentlessly to pursue and implement non-polluting solutions until that day when the world again is a safe place to live for all living things and beings on this planet.< Less
Transformational School Culture By Scott Martzloff
Paperback: $19.96
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This book is an excellent resource for administrators, school resource officers, and other school personnel who are involved in creating a safe school environment and a positive school culture.
Make The Way By Kathymarie Bridges
Paperback: $20.00
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This book glimpses US evacuations and the impact on many lives. It shows how close we all are to lifestyle upheaval and changes at a rapid pace. It all takes place around a few close family, friends... More > and business partners but the effects are national. In the midst of it all, they work hard to keep a sense of some normalcy; but they're mostly concerned with survival, safety and privacy in a rapidly changing world and the survival of as many others as possible.< Less
The Hiker's Field Manual: A Complete Guide to Hiking By Todd Hecht
eBook (PDF): $0.99
The Hiker's Field Manual covers basic hiking skills, the ten essentials, backpack construction, hiking gear, safety tips, and bringing the right equipment for a successful hike. Novice and expert... More > hikers will find this guide essential for trip planning, dealing with adverse weather, wildlife precautions, navigation, preventing injuries, and learning about survival basics. HIKING TIPS: Practical lessons and knowledge learned from many years of hiking experience. GEAR RECOMMENDATIONS: Deciding which gear is appropriate for specific terrain, climate, and trails. This is the only hiking manual you will ever need when hiking any trail, anytime with total confidence.< Less
The Adventures of Buck Rogers By Philip Francis Nowlan
Hardcover: List Price: $37.00 $29.60 | You Save: 20%
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THE ORIGINAL "BUCK ROGERS" SF CLASSIC! By Philip Francis Nowlan. “Armageddon - 2419 A.D.” - Buck, a victim of accidental suspended animation, awakens five hundred years later... More > to discover America groaning under the tyranny of the villainous Han, ruling from the safety of their armored machine-cities. Falling in love with one of America's new warrior-women, Wilma Deering, Rogers soon become a central figure in using newly-developed scientific weapons - disintegrators, jumping belts, inertron, and paralysis rays - to revolt against the Han. “Airlords of Han” - He and beloved, warrior-woman Wilma Deering, must lead a desperate a battle to the finish against a superior foe - using futuristic weapons such as disintegrators, jumping belts, inertron, paralysis rays, and atomic torpedoes. The climatic conflict features a special effects battle of ships and rays that would challenge even today's greatest filmmakers to reproduce successfully on film.< Less
Outlasting the Storm: A Guide to Annuities and Safe Retirement Strategies By Phillip Wasserman
eBook (ePub): $7.99
Phillip Wasserman's book has been used to train over 8000 annuity salespeople and representatives. Amidst this precarious economic climate, investors are more uncertain than ever on the right avenues... More > through which to allocate their retirement portfolios. Phillip Wasserman, one of the leading annuity experts in the country, has written this easy, practical guide for the everyday investor to understand annuities, a retirement income planning tool based on safety and security but often misunderstood. This guide provides the basics for retirees to approach their financial advisors while feeling secure in their understanding about the products. Many financial advisors have capitalized on the fact that their clients have either been uninformed or at least believed that the "experts" should make their investment choices for them. To the contrary, the reader should walk away from this guide feeling informed and empowered, with a greater degree of control over their own retirement.< Less
FM 21-76 Surivival Manual By US Army
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Foremost among the many problems that can compromise a survivor's ability to return to safety are medical problems resulting from parachute descent and landing, extreme climates, ground combat,... More > evasion, and illnesses contracted in captivity. Many evaders and survivors have reported difficulty in treating injuries and illness due to the lack of training and medical supplies. For some, this led to capture or surrender. Survivors have related feeling of apathy and helplessness because they could not treat themselves in this environment. The ability to treat themselves increased their morale and cohesion and aided in their survival and eventual return to friendly forces. One man with a fair amount of basic medical knowledge can make a difference in the lives of many. Without qualified medical personnel available, it is you who must know what to do to stay alive.< Less
upvc winodws By upvc windows
eBook (PDF): $8.99 PRIME uPVC Doors & Windows offers world-class uPVC doors & windows to its customers by giving superior protection to their homes and offices. The product possesses an... More > inherent ability to conserve energy throughout their lifetime right from their raw material stage to in-use stage. The energy efficiency property gives them the Green & Eco-friendly recognition. Our uPVC Doors & Windows are available in various sizes, shapes and colours. Designed to withstand the Indian climate, the product complies with worldwide norms and safety & quality parameters. PRIME uPVC Doors & Windows offers world-class uPVC doors & windows to its customers by giving superior protection to their homes and offices. The management is committed at all times to bring best quality profiles at affordable prices into the market. The uPVC profiles are marketed as PRIME uPVC Doors & Windows.< Less

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