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Coal By David von Beck
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Coal starts at the bottom—in the basement of an old Seattle house—where Ken, a 42-year-old bachelor, stumbles across a box of letters that his sister Cole kept over the years. The... More > discovery brings Ken back to the day Cole died eight years ago. Emotions come like a flood, and suddenly Ken—having moved back to the empty family home after years of bouncing through relationships and life in general—has a plan. But Ken is unprepared for Carol, the seemingly upright nurse who turns out to be a little more on the wild side than first appears. And as he learns more about Carol, and himself, and his sister’s past, he pokes determinedly at the smoldering coals of spirit that push us to hope and live and to make hurtful mistakes. It is here, in the lessons learned from the aging of wood and wine and the fragile unpredictability of life that Ken realizes where real beauty resides. And so, despite having spent years stumbling through many relationships, he is intent on finding real love and a peaceful life. Sort of.< Less
I Remember! By Robyn Coal
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Inside this book are poems from the heart. The poems are written moments of joy, love, and loss. The passages are to be shared to inspire others with the endurance of the human spirit. We are all... More > capable of growth, and have been in a place where an individual cannot predict their future. May all people find the courage to be the person the universe always intended them to be. Enjoy the journey ahead.< Less
Coal and the Environment By Stephen Greb & Cortland Elbe
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Coal and the Environment covers issues related to coal mining and combustion, as well as the methods, technology, and regulation currently in use, or planned for the future, to meet our nation's... More > energy needs, while caring for the environment around us. Coal is our most important domestic fuel resource. It accounts for nearly 25% of our country's total primary energy production and produces half of our electric power. The objective in writing about coal is to relate the mining and use of this vital energy resource to the environmental concerns that affect our society.< Less
Coals to Newcastle By David Danskin
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Coals to Newcastle discusses in some detail the history of coal mining in Newburn Parish and outlines the development of adjacent mines in the surrounding area. The book briefly documents technical... More > developments in the industry, the expansion of mining away from the River Tyne, and touches on wages, conditions of employment and disasters in Northumberland. Also considered are the latter years of mining leading to nationalization, mine closures, and the final collapse of the coal mining industry. The author has included some insights into the normal working life of a miner based on his own personal experience working underground at several Northumberland coal mines in the 1960s.< Less
THE COAL DIGGER By Allan Ishmael Young
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When sixteen-year-old coal digger Andy Stewart decides on his first day at work that there must be better and safer ways of knockin’ the black out (a euphemism for extracting more coal from the... More > earth), he sets about learning and developing technology to do so. But his lifelong friend and neighbor, Nick Rakos, takes a different route, through unionization, and they become bitter enemies. Both make marriages of convenience, but learn to love their wives with great passion. Caught up in the turmoil of the changes in the coalfields in the middle of the twentieth century, Andy reaches a high-level management position, while Nick becomes an efficient union organizer. After more than two decades of personal and professional antagonism, they cement their friendship again when they are hopelessly trapped in a mine cave-in. Based on real-life experiences, this is the story of coal camp people, their lives, their fears, their triumphs, their loves, their hates, and, yes, even their deaths.< Less
The Coming of Coal By Robert W. (Robert Walter) Bruere
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Kentucky Coal By Willard Rouse Jillson
Hardcover: $26.94
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History of the discovery and development of a coal industry in Kentucky. 10 photographs from the early 1920s. Indexed.
COAL CAMP By Allan Cannon
Paperback: $24.50
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COAL CAMP When two young friends are caught up in the turmoil of changes in the coalfields in the middle of the twentieth century, they take extremely different routes to improving means of... More > extracting coal from the earth—one through mechanization and the other through unionization—and become bitter enemies. But after years of conflicts, getting married and raising children, their friendship is rekindled when they are hopelessly trapped in a mine cave-in. This is the story of coal miners—their lives, loves, hopes, dreams and deaths.< Less
Burning Coals By Ben & Naomi Levell
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Not too long ago nor too far away, a man and his wife wrote a book to their beloved children, entitled "Seven Flames", hoping to teach these little ones everything they had learned about... More > the God of all nations; a simple little book sharing their faith, values and life with their children. And for this, their family was bitterly punished. Like a warm flickering campfire feared by predators of the night, this family was stamped out and scattered. Burning Coals is what remains. Herein are four open letters addressed to the broken children, touching on such intimate things as marriage, sex, heaven, and the resurrection of us all. ("Burning Coals" is a sequel to "Seven Flames")< Less
Coal & Cotton By John Hall
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Coal & Cotton describes the working origin of my fathers northern ancestry in which every generation in some way was linked to these two products.I have spent countless hours to create the study... More > of our past that is now before you. I sincerely hope that it gives you as much pleasure in reading it as it has given me in the research of it. I have tried to paint a picture of each age in which our ancestors lived and what their lives must have been like. I truly feel that during the writing of Coal & Cotton I have stood alongside our ancestors and in a strange way now feel closer to these people, whose genes I share.< Less

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