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Letters From The Cockpit are the Aviation Stories of Cornelius Cosentino
Find your way into flight simulator cockpit construction By Herman W. Lenferink
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You can do it, it's no rocket science: While you are spending hours behind your flight simulator flying long legs, hopping from field to field or flying thrilling missions, you sometimes imagine... More > yourself sitting in your own cockpit. With a deep sigh and a pull on your joystick or yoke you try to get back to reality. You consider this one of those illusions out of reach: too difficult, too expensive, no time ... Well in this book and on you will find out that there is a flight simulator cockpit in every size, most likely also in a size that fits you.< Less
Bringing the Lines from the Mast to the Cockpit on a Shipman 28 By Ned Blurock
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This is a description of my renovations of a Shipman 28 to bring the lines from the mast to cockpit. There are short descriptions of the solutions I used with pictures of (most of) the individual... More > steps.< Less
Tales of Old London Town The Cockpit Tavern By A. S. Pollard
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This fascinating booklet explores the history of the Cockpit Tavern and its surrounding streets, lanes, courts, alleyways, cul-de-sacs, churches and buildings. It will tell you a history of the... More > people of Blackfriars, lead you to long forgotten castles, and tell you remarkable tales from centuries past.< Less
Christ in My Cockpit (REPRINT 01 April 2016) By Hal Shook
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Gutsy flying and innovative leadership techniques alone did not save Hal Shook’s life a dozen times from Normandy’s beaches in 1944 to the Pentagon and Joint Chiefs of Staff during the... More > wars in Korea and Vietnam. Steadfast morals and the guiding hand of God inspired his survival and subsequent success as a civilian life management coach and author. CHRIST IN MY COCKPIT freely intermingles the secular topics of war and career choices with spiritual discoveries and attributions. Readers from all backgrounds and faiths are presented with a two-fold challenge: To look back on their own life and perhaps re-examine influences beyond what we believe we control, and to look ahead to re-create an America whose progress and success are based on caring leadership and restoration of the values practiced by our founding fathers.< Less
Crew / Cockpit Resource Management, (CRM) A Guide for Professional Pilots By Rexford Penn, Craig Randall
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Crew Resource Management (CRM) a guide for professional pilots, is intended to be a refresher course in the latest techniques of CRM. It is intended for Professional aircrew,corporate pilots, but can... More > benefit anyone.< Less
Crew / Cockpit Resource Management, (CRM) A Guide for Professional Pilots By Craig Randall, Rexford Penn
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Crew Resource Management (CRM) a guide for professional pilots, is intended to be a refresher course in the latest techniques of CRM. It is intended for professional aircrew, especially corporate... More > pilots, but can benefit all pilots. Updated to meet FAA, EASA, and ICAO requirements including recent FAA Part 135 crew training, and single pilot training for CRM.< Less
Torpedo Squadron Four - A Cockpit View of World War II By Gerald W. Thomas
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An historical account of World War II as seen from the cockpit of an Avenger, the US Navy's most famous torpedo bomber. Serving on the aircraft carriers USS RANGER, USS BUNKER HILL, and USS ESSEX,... More > Torpedo Four was the only squadron that fought in both the Pacific and Atlantic Theaters. In an air attack on Bodø, Norway, Thomas' plane was heavily damaged by AA fire. In spite of an oil leak that covered the cockpit canopy and reduced visibility to almost zero, he was able to crash-land on the carrier, saving himself and his two crewmen. In the Pacific, he participated in air attacks on Manilla, Mindoro, Luzon, Saigon, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and Japan. He had just returned to the USS ESSEX after a strike on Luzon when the carrier was hit by a Kamikaze, killing 16. Thomas was awarded 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 2 Air Medals, and 2 Presidential Citations for his combat actions in WWII.< Less
Air Crash Investigations - Chaos In the Cockpit - The Crash of Northwest Airlines Flight 255 By Dirk Barreveld, Editor
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About 2046 eastern daylight time on August 16, 1987, Northwest Airlines flight 255, a McDonnell Douglas DC-9-82, a regularly scheduled passenger flight en route to Phoenix, Arizona, crashed shortly... More > after taking off at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Romulus, Michigan. The airplane collided with obstacles northeast of the runway when the left wing struck a light pole located 2,760 feet beyond the end of the runway. The airplane broke up as it slid across the ground and postimpact fires erupted along the wreckage path. Of the 155 people on board passengers only a 4-year-old child, survived.. On the ground, two persons were killed. The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the accident was the flight-crew’s failure to use the taxi checklist to ensure that the flaps and slats were extended for takeoff. Contributing to the accident was the absence of electrical power to the airplane takeoff warning system.< Less
Boeing's First Monoplane Pursuit By peter dancey
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Boeing's first all-metal airplane was also its first monoplane fighter (Pursuit) and was used by the USAAC. It was also the last Boeing airplane to feature a fixed undercarriage and open cockpit