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Answers Top Cognitive Behaviour Therapy FAQs By Elbert Moldenhauer
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What is cognitive behaviour therapy? What issues does cognitive therapy address? What are the basic principles of cognitive behaviour therapy? What are the benefits of cognitive behavioural... More > therapy? Who can go for therapy? What happens during therapy? What’s the role of the therapist? How long does therapy last? How will I know that therapy is working? Can I get medication as well? What can I do to supplement therapy? How much does therapy cost? Can my insurance cover cognitive behavioural therapy? I am unsure of therapy. What should I do? Where can I find a therapist?< Less
Success Behaviour Training By Mitch Anthony
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Success Behaviour Training (SBT) is the new, revolutionary, exciting and simple seven step strategy to achieve daily progressive success. SBT uniquely combines creative visualisation, symbolism,... More > cognitive psychology and business philosophy 'Kaizen' (which simply means ''change for better" by continuously improving all activities). Key To Achieve is the powerful SBT creative visualisation tool for achieving daily progressive success. Imagine the progressive success you could achieve today, tomorrow, in ten months and in ten years by using SBT - Just put your mind to it! 'Simply amazing. A friend recommended SBT so I gave it a go and it's changed my life!' Brett Sinclair< Less
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The purpose of this book is to fill a great public need regarding the subject of psychology, its many schools of ideas, and the terminology used in comprehending the study of human behaviour. The... More > contents of this book bring the authority and clarity of science and the light of reason to a field that has remained too long in the darkness of confusion, misunderstanding and false belief. In place of guesswork and legend that so often pass for ‘psychology’ this book makes available to everybody, the general reader, the verified findings and most challenging theories of the world’s great psychologist, philosophers and researchers. The depths of human behaviour need not remain perplexing and mysterious. So this book is based on the conceptual understanding of psychology and the comprehension of the terminology of the many schools of ideas. Of all the world’s mysteries, none is more baffling than man. As sciences advance, we re able to solve problems concerning nature, from astronomical to atomic problems.< Less
International Journal for Psychological and Complementary Therapies - September 2012 By Mikao Yamakuro
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As we can read in the many articles submitted to this edition, mood is an important issue that affects many people around the world. It can present itself in various forms and in different levels of... More > severity. Depression can and will be present in people who abuse substances, like alcohol or drugs, and can also be present in people who may have life-threatening diseases or with chronic health problems. Depression is still an epidemic, despite the many treatments available; like medication, cognitive-behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy, physical exercise, counselling, Reiki, crystal healing, meditation, and many other holistic and spiritual treatments. This edition covers many of these treatments and other aspects of recovery during depression. The most important lesson to learn is not to give up on becoming better, independently what type of depression we may have. There is always a way out, even if this takes longer than what we were initially expecting.< Less
My Journal 2018 - 2019 By Peter Tugwell
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An interesting log from a man given six months to live diagnosed with several life threatening conditions , refuses to have the operation and explores the alternative therapies whilst studying CBT... More > cognitive behavioural therapy , hypnotherapy to try to find some answer to his existing conditions, spending time in reflection and realisation, keeping a record of therapies, diet, appointments, routines and all else. Pete was diagnosed with cancer, deranged liver function tests, pancreatitis and coliothiasis (Gall stones), reflecting on life and readdressing influence and the consequence of adverse psychology and difficult environment. Has formed this journal for the benefit of all so people can gain insight and draw their own conclusions.< Less
OCD & Me - The Play By Ben Gander
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OCD & Me is the story of Mark and Tiana and their fight with obsessive compulsive disorder. Mark becomes consumed by the illness, fuelled by fear for their daughter, whilst Tiana struggles to... More > understand and is faced with difficult choices for their family's future, including putting Mark into hospital to get the help he needs. It is based on the author's own experience of OCD, cognitive behavioural therapy and ultimately defeating the illness.< Less
Inspire Now Journal (shorter version) By Jakub Tencl, Ph.D
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Even a few small words, a single thought, or a gentle reminder can motivate and change any mindset to a positive one. This a daily workbook crafted for mindfulness and positive affirmations to apply... More > to everyday life. Within this book, you will find pages of daily inspiration, affirmation, and ways to increase the positivity in your life. This journal also uses the principles and foundations of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to structure the daily exercises in such a way as to provide guidance in treating mental health issues as well as simply encouraging mindfulness. Additional benefits of mindfulness can include improved concentration, mental clarity, stress management, and objectivity in decision making. Start building positive new habits and thought patterns now with this journal's unique and reaffirming reminders.< Less
Heal Yourself With Psychotherapy By $2 Publishing House
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Learn about the Healing of Psychotherapy Table of Contents Foreword Chapter 1: Introduction To Psychotherapy Chapter 2: Types Of Psychotherapies Chapter 3: Psychoanalysis Chapter 4: Gestalt... More > Therapy Chapter 5: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Chapter 6: Expressive Therapy Chapter 7: Hypnotherapy< Less
Whole Body Mindfulness: New Pathways to Prosperity, Health and Wisdom By Alex Maunder
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Many people are carrying great emotional pain. Suffering is fine if it can lead to a growth in understanding but pointless and cruel if it merely results in repetitive patterns of behaviour. Whole... More > Body Mindfulness allows you to build new neural pathways in your brain, to escape from the limitations of purely cognitive thinking and reconnect with the intuitive wisdom of your living body. From this grounding in safety and the support from something much bigger, the nervous system is soothed and this allows you to step back and see the bigger picture. Then it is possible to take self-responsibility for the parts you can change and to connect with the new possibilities that are surrounding you all the time. For the first time it is possible to see the long-term improvements in brain function, the neuroplasticity that has resulted from WBM therapy.< Less
Sudoku - Volume 16 By PuzzleBooks Press
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Hours of Sudoku puzzles to enjoy! A bargain for anyone looking to stimulate their brain! Makes a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or just to relax. Enjoy these easy-to-read puzzles anytime,... More > anywhere! This book includes: 168 Easy Puzzles 168 Medium Puzzles 168 Hard Puzzles 168 Expert Puzzles Easy-to-read Solutions< Less

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