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Colour-Ring By Christo Nicolle
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Effect: The performer asks for any ring to be borrowed and attaches the ring to one of five coloured strings - the audience does not know which one. The performer displays the five coloured pieces... More > of string, each with a coloured card attached. Four spectators cleanly and freely choose one of the five colours, which is shown to be an empty loop. The final colour dangling is pulled free, by the performer, or the spectator, and is shown to have the ring attached to the can be examined. The string is cut, and the ring and its owner are once again reunited. Consider the following: No gimmicked ring – The ring can be genuinely borrowed. No 'loose' knots - The string is genuinely tied into a loop (with whichever knots you feel are needed). No P.A.T.E.O or Equivoque – Each spectator genuinely has a free choice over their colour choice. No sleights, switches or duplicates. A detailed 13-page E-book containing method, presentation, tips and ideas.< Less
Patterns to Colour In By Dandi Palmer
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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Original patterns for adults and children to colour in. 62 X A4 pages to print out. File size 45.2 MB
Pictures to Colour In By Dandi Palmer
eBook (PDF): $0.00
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An assortment of line pictures to colour in. For children and adults. 42 x A4 pages to print out. File size 25.8 MB
The Colours Of The Bay By David Michael Ross
Paperback: $15.00
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Over 20 pages of colour photographs of New Zealand along with poems to suit. Evocative and inspiring, orignal and new. An excellent gift from the Pacific country of New Zealand.
Colouring Book By Charlie Hughes
Paperback: $10.00
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32 page coloring book by a disabled artist from the Dallas, TX area created for kids or adults. The art incorporated creates imaginable experiences for both young and old.
Colour For Calm By Anna Primrose
Paperback: $14.11
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Colour for Calm is a notebook style colouring book designed especially for women; with a practical spiral bound spine, the pages within are ready for colouring in. The images themselves have been... More > mindfully selected and arranged to move between ease and intensity.< Less
Pieces of Colour By Mal Earl
eBook (PDF): $3.14
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97 pages. Full color. As a precursor to Mal Earls return to the field of graphics... take a look back on over 15 years of digital colour art, from one of the most unique and diverse creative talents... More > in graphics today, with some of the best images from 1996 - 2011. From "Warrior" to "Bulletproof Nylon" - PIECES OF COLOUR presents a 96 page portfolio which includes the first reprinting of the acclaimed 'Gwendoline' in almost a decade. Mal Earl is back, to stamp his own stylistic thumbprint on the field of modern illustration. Paper copies available from:< Less
The Colour Papers By Ross Lawhead, Russell Thompson
Paperback: $8.39
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Here at last is the first volume of letters and poems from the great poets Horace Greene and David White. Since being catapulted to fame by their mysterious disappearances, the poets have been much... More > written of, but never in their own words. These men were unheard of in their own lifetimes, but they are not unheard of now. They are de-unheard of. With notes and an introduction by G. Gary Gray, this edition 'promises much, but delivers little... disappointment' (New York Financial Times). Contained in these pages are White's earliest attempt at his WWI epic, Greene's lost Sir Fortinbra chapter, the first recorded mention of 'Fradultes', and the initial grains of what would become known as 'The Middlesborough Cycle'.< Less
Colour me Whimsy By cristie yager
eBook (PDF): $12.50
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A beautifully intricate colouring book full of interesting, whimsical and nature inspired colouring pictures. Designed for both children and parents, it is both addictive and inspiring to... More > colour. The images were created with art in mind and are perfect for children or adults to print, colour and then frame as artistic decorator pieces. Excellent for use with both felt tips and pencils. This colouring book features elephants, lions, bunnies, birds, turtles, peacocks and giraffes. Exquisite flowers and blooms and many others forms of creative flora and fauna. (25% of proceeds from this colouring book are donated to charities that feed children and families in need, this is the reason it was created.)< Less
The Science of Colours - Cosmic and Human Colour Rays By Joseph Majdalani Translated by Hassan Issa
eBook (PDF): $15.00
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In truth, very few have written on the subject of the science of colours, the role colours play in man's self-knowledge, their influence on his personality, inquiring into their relationship and... More > effect on his daily life, or investigating their role in his self-evolution. The book unveils the significance of colours in the human psyche, their symbols, their relation to the Cosmic rays and life vibrations, all of which are reflected in the aura, that electro-magnetic field surrounding man's physical body. How do the colour rays interact in this field? How do they affect and are in turn affected by man's behaviour? All that is revealed in the aura's colour undulations. For, colours are the language of the esoteric side in man and its nutrition, alike the food as nourishment for the body.(240 Pages with 22 Diagrams in Colours)< Less