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Why Am I So Tired? - The Ebook Guide to Combat Fatigue By M Osterhoudt
eBook (ePub): $1.35
Tired of feeling run down and sluggish all of the time? This Ebook will guide through the steps to rid yourself of lingering fatigue and renew your energy. Learn how simple changes to your diet and... More > lifestyle can increase energy, promote alertness and get rid of the “blahs”. Also, learn the many medical symptoms that can cause symptoms of long term fatigue. Start today and get back to feeling like “you” again!< Less
Yoga for Vibrant Living By Christine Fadley
eBook (PDF): $10.74
This book is for those who want to learn how to be healthier through the timeless wisdom of yoga. However taking into account the modern world we inhabit, this information has been updated to... More > reflect changes in the environment, diet and lifestyle. Christine Fadley, professional Therapist and Yoga teacher, combines these two areas of expertise to bring you information on how to combat 'modern' diseases such as allergies, food intolerances, insomnia, stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, and more. Stress is a major problem these days. The book includes some simple but powerful meditations to help the reader to be mentally stronger and calmer whatever their situation. In order to have truly holistic health we also need to address our nature as spiritual beings. Christine includes information on the yoga code of living to help navigate through the minefield that is modern living.< Less
C'est La Guerre (That's War) By Ron Hamby
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Combat fatigued Captain Jeffrey Hampton kills two Me-109’s before being hit and bailing out of his burning P-47. An escape line, mostly of beautiful women, moves him toward Spain at night. He... More > and the last girl fall in love, and, as D-Day occurs, he joins resistance fighters until the invasion of Southern France frees him. After a mandatory leave to the States, He returns to France for a second tour in order to find his beloved.< Less
My Balancing Act By Patty Jacobs
Paperback: $12.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
At forty-one, after a few 
nagging clues, Patty Jacobs’s 
lifestyle got into a tussle with her central nervous system. 
The attack of Multiple Sclerosis on her body had a... More > sudden and staggering onset. She tried to muster optimism, perseverance, and assertiveness to combat the fatigue, grief, and privation she felt on loosing her physically active, former way of life. Pacing herself, trying to connect her body and brain, are her ongoing trials, as she 
approaches living with MS as a challenge rather 
than an obstacle. My Balancing Act centers on managing illness without being consumed by it. These essays tell of the early adjustments the author made, her quest 
for self-reliance, and how she avoids defeat by seeking out new experiences and associations.< Less
The Life and Letters of St. Francis Xavier By Rev. Henry James Coleridge S.J.
Paperback: $45.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is the classic life of the great Saint Francis Xavier who renewed the labours and the miracles of the Apostles in the sixteenth century. Weaving his text around 124 full-length original letters... More > written by the saint, Father Coleridge brings him to life and allows us to know him intimately: the arm fatigued by so many baptisms, the gentle voice that converted, the heart that loved and was loved, the eye that penetrated the soul and the future : the miraculous cures, resurrections, deliverance from impending disaster, the bilocations, the gift of tongues, the burning zeal to spread the kingdom of Christ, the tender charity for every misfortune, the daily combat to rescue souls from damnation, the faith that saw the truths of the catechism as clearly as we see material objects, the terrible anathemas thundered against those who obstruct the Church’s mission – and finally the death, alone, at Chan, yearning to win China but summoned to glory at just 46.< Less
Three Years in the Confederate Horse Artillery (selections) By George M. Neese
Paperback: $7.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Historical narrative. Charlottesville, war-torn, one hundred forty years ago. The motives of those who wore gray. A Private, a common soldier. Yet eloquent and captivating prose of home and friends... More > and family, of defining sense of duty, and of mortal combat. Private Neese’s memoirs shine light on Charlottesville’s rich history. Snapshots of the buildings, the streets, the mountainsides, and the people who lived here, and who fought and died here. Neese felt no animosity for the enemy, no glee in bloodshed. A warrior poet, he experienced homesickness, melancholy, happiness, satisfaction, mournfulness, hunger, aggravation, camaraderie and fatigue. In these memoirs he forged a bridge across time to leave in today’s reader a new and appreciably different perspective of Charlottesville. —Michael Waitz, USAF. by George M. Neese, introduced by Henry D. Molumphy, former officer of the United Nations< Less
Fight Cancer By Charles G. Spender
eBook (ePub): $0.00
This booklet describes several experimental treatments of cancer. You can use these interventions in addition to your conventional treatment plan. The first one serves to enhance an antitumor immune... More > response and to improve quality of life: adapted cold shower. The improvement includes better mood and a reduction in fatigue, nausea, and pain. This approach should improve the chances of survival. The treatment is free and safe, so it would be reasonable to try it. Research shows that physical exercise affects the numbers and activities of the types of immune cells that are primarily responsible for combating cancer. Accordingly, extreme cardio exercise is proposed that offers the maximal benefit with the least time and effort. The current state of technology allows us to kill virtually all bacteria and parasites while keeping meat raw or almost raw. One chapter describes several benefits of safe raw meat for cancer patients. The fourth treatment is a lifestyle that includes many types of hormesis.< Less
Avec vous, des petits pas dans la nuit By Marie de Ramecourt
Paperback: $10.76
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lorsque je poussai la porte de la maison de retraite pour aller faire la connaissance de ses habitants et leur proposer de chanter, je ne savais pas que j'allais découvrir tant de richesses... More > derrière ces visages fatigués. J'allais découvrir combien chacun est précieux, énigmatique, libre dans son combat pour se tenir digne jusqu'au bout de son existence. Nous nous sommes évadés, traversant le temps avec toutes nos chansons, partageant tour à tour nostalgie, poésie et humour.< Less
Et pourtant je veux vivre By Catherine Transler
Paperback: $20.13
Prints in 3-5 business days
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En été 2011, on m’a annoncé que je souffrais d’un cancer de l’ovaire. Il s’était développé silencieusement et métastasé... More > dans mon abdomen. Combien de temps me restait-il à vivre ? Comment allais-je l’annoncer à mon jeune fils ? Que pouvais-je faire pour augmenter mes chances de survie ? Pourquoi avais-je développé un tel cancer ? Comment réduire mon angoisse ? Où trouver le courage de lutter ? Pendant que les médecins m’aidaient à lutter physiquement, un combat mental commençait : il s’agissait de continuer à profiter de la vie malgré les incertitudes, la souffrance et la fatigue qui accompagnaient cette maladie capricieuse avec ses traitements interminables et douloureux... Ce livre retrace les deux premières années de mon parcours médical et mental, du diagnostique à la rémission. J’espère qu’il aidera les femmes qui traversent la même épreuve, leurs proches, ou les personnes qui souhaitent mieux comprendre cette maladie.< Less
Capture Song Book Number 50de27ca14478d46cf629b37 By Capture
Hardcover: $25.46
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ses yeux imaginent des combats elle veut renaître je ne veux pas me sentir aimé Si tu promets des choses et t'en vas exploser les murs Dès que la nuit tombe, t'es... More > dans mes rêves Qui dit fatigue dit réveil encore sourd de la veille Toutes les nuits moi je rêve de nous elle elle abomine beaucoup la réalité Qui dit crise dit monde famine tiers-monde exploser les murs Moi j'ai trop lutté contre mes sentiments Lutte contre le cyclone Jamais j'n'aurais cru dire ça mais il ya bien longtemps que Charlotte Ne raconte plus ses rêves Moi je suis un anxieux Je laisse mon esprit rôderdans des rabouillères de blessures imprévisible exploser les murs Tu pries pour que ça s'arrête Ne pas< Less

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